February Round Up

There it goes again, another month has whizzed past us and we'll now be stepping into March tomorrow! I thought I would write a little summary post of how I got on in February as I also have my spending ban to tell you all about too.

As I'm sure you're aware, Valentines Day has been around and I just love my Grumpy Cat calendar - he says it how it is, I wish we could all be a bit more like him sometimes! I didn't get up to anything special on Valentines Day as we were going for a family meal the next evening so I counted that instead! As long as I get a card that's me happy and I also got some roses too, so that kept me quiet! I discovered a new restaurant called Vesuvius which is an Italian and the food was beautiful. I wish I had taken photos of the food as the portions were so huge! The waiter brought over free bread for starters and I tried a salted bread which was delicious, I could have eaten them until I burst! I had a lasagne for my main course which was pretty pricey but it was such a big portion there was no way I could have finished it all! A big thing (for me anyway!) that you may have seen me mention on my blog is that I joined a gym. I am really pleased that I managed to find the confidence to go and do it alone and now I don't have any qualms about it at all - I'm on a mission!
February saw the start of my spending ban. Now, before I go any further I have a confession to make. I received a text from my friend asking if I wanted to see Lady Gaga in October and stay in a hotel overnight, I agreed and to which I had to splash out £140. Ouch - you better be good Gaga! I'm trying not to see that as a massive fail as I only bought one beauty product and I didn't pay for it as I had enough Boots points. Yes that's right, I haven't paid for a single beauty product this month - woohoo! Obviously I have had to pay out for the more boring things such as petrol, insurance and food etc, so it hasn't been a spend free month. I'm pleased that I haven't bought any beauty products though and I'm planning on keeping it this way for a long time! (Yeah right!)
How was February for you? x
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  1. I feel like February just came and went! I am moving in less than four weeks so I could have really used a few extra days this month

  2. I have that calendar, great taste! December is my fave :)
    Concert tickets and a hotel don't really count, do they... xx

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life