Florida Wishlist

In three months time, I will have been and gone to Florida - yikes! I can't quite believe how quickly it's coming round and I'm really getting excited now. All I have left to do is choose my attraction tickets, get my spending money together and I'm good to go! As I've been thinking about my holiday lately, I thought a little Florida Wishlist would be a good idea, also for me to keep in check what I am hoping for. After writing this post, I now realise I need lots of spending money!! If you've ever been to Florida, please get in touch as I'd love some advice!

Food, glorious food, hot sausage and mustard! (Yuck!) I'm such a foodie and I could eat until the cows come home. I'm one of those people who will eat a meal and wonder what the next meal will be and what snacks I can have too. Like a woman possessed its pretty safe to say I shall be enjoying tasty food while I'm away on my holiday! I'll try not to eat too much fat as I always get a bad chest if I have too much in one day but I wont be counting calories that's for sure! I'm hoping to pick up treats such as Pop Tarts and Lucky Charms. How yummy do the cookies and crème pop tarts look, I need an extra suitcase to bring them back!
All Things Disney.
As I'm going to Disneyland, it's almost pretty certain that I will be returning home with a load of Disney goodies to my name! I can't wait to pick up little keepsakes, mugs, postcards and the famous Minnie Mouse ears. I promise the first thing I will do is pick up a pair of Minnie Mouse ears to wear the whole way through! There is also a souvenir store inside my hotel, so I'll be making a quick stop to pick up anything that catches my eye.

Scrapbook Material.
I have a big scrapbook ready to be filled with my Florida adventures. I'm planning on photographing my days, writing a quick diary and notes while I am out there and collecting any tickets and receipts. Along with all my photos I take, these can then all be mixed in between the scrapbooks pages. I'm planning on doing a scrapbook per day - such as what I got up to on day two and the photos to show. If this is something you would like to see, let me know!
I am obsessed with magazines. Lately, I have managed to cut it down as I was struggling to find the time to be reading them and finding that I wasn't even concentrating on what I was reading properly. Now and then, I order in Cosmopolitan USA as I love to keep up with it and also love having a nose at what beauty goodies they have before us! I'm hoping to pick up Allure magazine which I'm yet to try amongst lots of others too.
Beauty Goodies.
As I mentioned about Cosmopolitan USA, I often see adverts of new beauty products that aren't yet available in the UK. I love seeing this as it's like a sneak preview and gives me a heads up on what I can pick up in Florida. I've also been watching a lot of beauty tutorials in which Covergirl makeup has seemed to be a firm favourite. I really want to try out some of their mascaras, so I will definitely be treating myself.

Are you going on holiday this year? x
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  1. I made a wishlist before i went to Florida too! Check out my Florida Haul over on my blog - http://shimmerlashes-x.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/florida-haul.html

    Shimmer Lashes | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog!

  2. I'm so jealous! It's impossible to go to Florida and not buy anything Disney related and the Minnie mouse ears are a must.

    Grace x

  3. I'm going to Florida at the end of the year and this will be my 5th time! :) So if you need any advice please just send me a tweet or email and I'll be sure to give you all my Florida tips!
    It will be great to have someone to chat to about my favourite place!

    Ellis - Ellis Tuesday

  4. Hi I love Disney and Florida I have been 7 times :) going for the 8th time in July :) It is amazing!!!! you will have an amazing time. Btw its Disney World in Florida, Disney Land in Paris and Cali. If you call it that over there the die hard fans would go mad lol, big tip is don't buy anything in the parks until you check out the shops, usually you will find it in the shops for so much cheaper it's worth checking out first. If you havent already you should check out www.thedibb.co.uk It is amazing check out the forums. Everyone is so helpful and if you have any questions they will answer. ( I am kinda obsessed with this site). People do trip reports and 'pre-tripies' where they tell you about how there planning is going who is going and then what they are going to do. There is also planning tools on there like maps, restaurant reviews, busy day guides that gives you a rough idea of what the parks will be like on the days your there. If you have any questions please let me know I am a fanatic of Disney! And love talking about and helping people plan their trips :)
    Sophie xXx

  5. Hey i'm a huge florida junkie and went last may for my 10th time ! The dibb is the best site in the world fr tips and tricks but if you want any other info then drop me a tweet or an email .. Me and my mum put together plans for people going too so you can make time for everything. I love everything florida so just ask and i will tell all i know :).


  6. You will love Florida, I went for a week 2 years ago and I still get giddy thinking about it.
    Yes, I did buy some Minnie mouse ears.... you can't not!

    I'm going to the Disney in California this year and I've purchased a Minnie mouse back pack ready for it. I will never grow up!

    Sally x

  7. Im going to Walt Disney World Florida for the first time in June, excited to read your blogs about your adventures! xx