How To Stop Wasting Money on Beauty Products

Quite a statement title isn't it? Surely I cant stop you from wasting your well earned cash on yet another lipstick - maybe I'll turn all Derren Brown on you and work some magic to save some extra pennies. This month as you may know I have been on a spending ban. We're currently 23 days into the spending ban and I have only bought one mascara. Ok, I shouldn't have bought a mascara, but it was only £2.99 in Boots and I didn't even have to open my purse as I luckily had some Boots points saved up. During this time, it has helped me realise that just because I see something I like, doesn't necessarily mean I am going to like it. I thought I would put together a little post on tips I have found handy when it comes to stop splashing out my cash every time a new beauty product comes out. It's just a few tips and I'd be a hypocrite if I told you what to do with your money! After all, you earn your money so spend as you wish!
Shop Your Stash.
This is the biggest tip for me. As I mentioned above I bought another mascara. Yet, if I had just 'shopped my stash' then I'd have realised quite how pointless that was. Currently I have four unopened mascaras all screaming to be discovered at the bottom of my makeup bag. Have a look through your makeup bag. Look through any spare makeup bags you may have (Or is that just me?) and through drawers and storage too. Chances are you will be surprised at just how many goodies you have, whether that be your enormous stash of lipsticks or nail polishes. Have a sift through, swatch a few and realise how lucky you are to have all these beauty products!
A mistake I always make is buying something on an impulse. Ooh look a brand new foundation, let's buy it. So I get it home and it's the wrong shade, the wrong coverage and there goes the money that I've wasted! Since I have learnt buying like this isn't always the way to go, I try to research more into what I want to buy and have a good think about it. Read lots of reviews, think about why you want it, what you expect from it and then if you still want it, then treat yourself. I read a really good tip from a popular blogger (I can't remember who it was!) who advises that if you still want the product in two weeks time, then go for it.

Bag a Freebie.
There's nothing I love more than grabbing a great freebie. You can save money when it comes to beauty products, by entering competitions, blog giveaways and also keeping an eye out for free samples and makeup goodies. I check out sites such as Magic Freebies and Free Stuff UK as they are updated throughout the week with all sorts of goodies.
High End Woes.
Another problem I have fallen for in the past. The packaging is so luxurious, it's out of my price range, it would look so beautiful sat in makeup bag - so why the heck not buy it then? I learnt this from buying my first ever YSL mascara, which didn't blow me away the way I expected due to the hefty price tag. Just because a product has a ridiculous price tag doesn't always promise that it will be perfect for you. I do appreciate how lovely it is to treat yourself to high end products and revel in their gorgeousness, but look out for possible dupes too.
Do you have any tips to share? x
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  1. The High End Woes is something I can totally relate to! Great Tips!
    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin'

  2. I definitely need to follow these tips, I spend way too much money buying pointless beauty products that I don't need x


  3. Great post x

  4. I always have a look at blog sales before I purchase something especially high end goodies, you can possibly get the product much cheaper & usually it's only been used once or not at all xx

  5. Really good post, I am so guilty of spending way too much on stuff i dont need. I try to research as much as i can thats why im so adament about writing honest reviews.

  6. This is such a good post! I don't buy too many beauty products but I definitely buy too much moisturiser...I need to use up my old ones first! xxx

  7. Lovely post and its funny how you mentioned spending lots on pretty/luxurious packaging and never liked the YSL as much as you thought because of the price tag! I had a great experience with mine but do agree the price tag is mega expensive as the maybelline falsies mascaras can be just as good and cheaper :) lovely tips here xx

  8. Definitely need to remember some of these tips as I'm starting onto a major spending ban!

    Lauren |

  9. Great tips!! If there's one thing I've learnt from my spending ban it's that yes I might really REALLY want something when I'm in the shop but then I go home after not buying it and think to myself I didn't need that at all, it wasn't even that great! Then I feel good I've saved myself the money and don't have even more unused items sat in my makeup bag. You're so right, these are great tips and well done you for sticking to your ban x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  10. Great post babe,

    loving your blog! Great layout and pictures.