Minnie Mouse Nail Art


If you're anything like me, then I think you may just enjoy this post. (Blow my own trumpet, why don't I?) I'm a huge fan of all things Disney and Minnie Mouse in particular is my favourite. In preparation for my Disney holiday coming up in just under three months (eek!) it's the perfect time to get into the holiday spirit and showcase my gorgeous Minnie Mouse nail art kit. You may remember this kit when it first appeared in my 'Boxing Day Sales' bargains when I picked it up in Boots for just £5.00. Now, before I start anything I should probably point out that I think this was aimed at younger children, but when you're a Disney fan it's perfectly acceptable by my standards!
The set is called 'Minnie's Must Haves' and it includes three nail polishes, a nail file, a white nail art pen, toe separators and Minnie stickers. Everything is packaged so beautifully as you can see even the nail polishes are wrapped in cute black and white  Minnie polka dot  bows. The three shades are 'Bow-tiful' - a deep plum shade, 'Sweetheart' - a glossy red and 'Style Icon' - a dark turquoise shade. I apologise for my lack of being able to explain the shades, good job there's an image provided! What I love most about this set, is that you don't have to keep it simple. Rather than it being just three nail polishes, you are able to play around with the nail art pen and stickers to create new looks. As you can see in the third image, I have shown three different varieties - I really need to scrub up on my nail art skills! The Minnie stickers are a choice of red bows and black Minnie shapes which are easy to glide onto the nail after you have applied your chosen shade. I'm really glad I picked this up as a bargain and I'm now looking forward to getting some more Minnie on my nails! If you have a black and a white nail art pen, red polish handy then you can also create the typical Minnie style nails of black tips, red nails and white polka dots. Sadly, I've searched the internet but if you do a 'Minnie Mouse nails' search on ebay then you can find similar transfer stickers.
Do you love Disney? x
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  1. Oh my goodness, these are so cute! I love the bows especially.

    Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor Vintage

  2. I wish I had seen this in the sales, it's so cute! I absolutely love Disney:) X

  3. Wow sooo cute! I love the red with the bow xxx

  4. oh my gosh. that is soo cute! I am a huge disney fan, especially minnie. I have a minnie makeup bag and ipod case in my purse right now!

  5. Minnie Mouse is my favourite Disney character so this post is perfect for me! The nail varnish colours are beautiful x


  6. so cute ! the nail colours are gorgeous :)
    Melissa x theinkedblonde

  7. If I were the nail painting type, I'd be all over these. My house is Disney top to bottom!.
    Very cute.

    Best wishes,