Sleek 'Light' Face Contour Kit Review

Sleek's Contour kit is the perfect little tool you need if you're fancying delving into the ever so slightly complicated world of contouring. I first chose this 'Contour Kit' in shade 'light' as I have been enjoying using Benefit's Hoola bronzer, but with its hefty price tag at £24.50, I wanted a cheaper alternative. Enter Sleek with its affordable and stunning shades of contour and blush kits. I decided to go for the 'Face Contour' kit as apposed to the 'Face Form' kit as that includes a blush and I tend to stick more to bronzers recently. I was slightly apprehensive as to whether the lightest shade may even be slightly too dark for my skin tone as the bronzer does look a very dark matte shade when photographed.
Sleek Contour Kit - £6.49.
The 'Face Contour' kit comes beautifully packaged in Sleek's traditionally sophisticated black outer packaging, with the actual kit being a plain black compact mirror kit, perfect for popping in your handbag and topping up when you are out and about. Being a bad beauty blogger, I actually haven't got the outer packaging to photograph as I have been using this for a good few months now (and it's still going strong), so please accept my apologies for that! The Face Contour kit is a duo including exactly what you need for contouring (minus the brush!) - the kit includes a matte bronzing powder and a shimmering illuminating highlighter. If you're new to contouring, you may want to have a little look at a previous post I wrote here with  a few handy tips and tricks.
The bronzer is a warm brown matte shade which I absolutely love. As I mentioned, I was slightly concerned it may have been too dark for my skin tone, but it seems to be the perfect shade and blends in really easily. As much as I love the shade of the bronze, I do have to admit that Hoola does last a heck of a lot longer - but seeing as Sleek are a lot less cheaper, it's not much hardship to top up throughout the day if needs be. The highlighter itself is actually not as used by myself as it could be, as I tend to prefer to contour with a concealer. The highlighter is a pale shimmer highlight which blends easily and is you can see is very light on the skin - at first I was concerned it may be like wearing glitter on your face - but no worries there! All in all, I would definitely recommend this product to you! I would repurchase and I'm also looking forward to making a few other Sleek purchases too - oops!
Sleek's Face Contour kit is available in three shades of light, medium and dark and retails at a bargain price of £6.49!

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Who says you have to 'fit in'?

Today's post is back to lifestyle basics. I wanted to write a little post based along the lines of 'fitting in'. You know when you feel like you 'just don't fit in?' sometimes? (Surely it can't just be me!). I don't feel like it that often, but now and again if I am in a new crowd of people I don't know very well or even at all, then I will clam up and feel like I don't fit in and feel uncomfortable. I thought that I would make some small pointers of things where I feel happy not fitting in with what is said to be 'the norm' of social situations. Now, let me explain the Honey Boo Boo gifs and images - I love that family so much. Nothing cheers me up more than watching their episodes and I feel they are a classic example of not fitting into society - and all that matters is you can see how happy they are.

Alcohol - oh that dreaded word - it is a bit like marmite isn't it? You either love it or hate it. I wouldn't go as far as to say I hate it, but I certainly don't like it. I may sound like an old grump now, and I'm not saying I won't have a drink when I have a night out, but if I'm just going for a meal or a family party, I feel no need to drink whatsoever. This is where people can come in and say 'Why aren't you drinking?' and if you don't want to drink then don't let anybody tell you that you have to - you don't, it's your choice. Personally, give me a night in with a takeaway over a night out any day.
 Career. When I first left school, I had no idea what I wanted to do. Everybody else had firm dreams of becoming a teacher, a psychologist or what not and I didn't have the foggiest - but I turned out just fine. If you want to leave school and go straight to work, do it. If you want to study for years, then do it. Always do what you think is best for you, take others advice but never set yourself up to fail by doing something purely because you think that's what society wants. You don't necessarily need to go to university to be successful (I didn't) and if it's not what you want, follow your dreams and take a different path.
Looks/Diet. Never let anyone tell you that you need to be a specific size or shape. I know it is important to be healthy and I have been exercising more lately - but that's not for anybody else. It's for me to feel better about myself and prove that I can improve my fitness (I hated PE in school with a burning passion). You know those days when you really don't want to bother covering up in makeup and spending ages straightening your hair - then don't! Don't feel you have to look perfect at all times - it's not realistic!
In a nutshell, what I am trying to say is I have learned to accept who I am and I am happy with that. I don't ever pretend to be somebody that I'm not (I couldn't keep it up anyway), I like my own company and I wouldn't change anything about my life.
Do you ever feel pressured to fit in? x

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Models Own Latest Buys!

So, after venturing out to gift guides and lifestyle posts, I'm already back to beauty with todays post. You may remember a few weeks ago I reviewed Models Own scented nail polish and it wasn't hard to discover that I wasn't its biggest fan. However, I have always loved Models Own as a brand, so when their latest '6 for £20' offer popped up in my inbox, off I went and filled my basket! I was just about to tell you how well I have done since my spending ban in February, with this little haul being the first since but then I remembered my Superdrug haul too - oops!
So moving on to the goodies I picked up, my favourite part of the haul is the brand new Sticky Fingers range. As soon as I heard about this range, I knew I wanted to pick these up straight away as I love nail art. However, as much as I love nail art I've never been able to get the hang of it myself, so the new Sticky Fingers range is right up my street. The Sticky Fingers range has a total of seven different shades of polish which each come with unique stickers to customize your nails with. I picked out my three favourites by choosing 'Pastel Petals Lillac', 'Bows' and 'Pastel Petals Green'. You can view the full range of Sticky Fingers here.

Next up I treated myself to two Artistix Nail Polish duos. I had actually been eyeing these up in Boots a few days previously, so I was looking forward to receiving these. I chose the shade 'Blibble' as you can see in the middle and 'Pink Stuff'. I love the look of the added glitter I can play around with and I'm really looking forward to trying these out. Recently, I've really been loving Seventeen's lip crayons, so I decided to give the 'Colour lip-stix' in shade 'Beauty Blush' a try. It's a chunky crayon with the shade being a lot lighter than it photographs. I love how cutely packaged everything is and I also can't recommend Models Own online service enough. Although I do love a bit of free delivery which wasn't available, so that's my little grumble of the day. The delivery was super quick and I'm a happy customer. Models Own are also available at Boots and Superdrug, so look out for the famous 3 for 2 offers!
Would you like to see any reviews? x

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Mothers Day Gift Ideas: Under £10 & Under £20

As I'm sure you're aware, Mothers Day is fast approaching us! Last night I found myself wondering what on earth to get my mum for mothers day and I was surprised to find some really pretty goodies on Asda's websites. Sadly, I can't feature them in the collages as it wouldn't let me but I'm thinking of this cute makeup bag which is only £4.00 here. It's not often I put wish lists and gift guides together as they aren't my strongest point but I thought I would shake things up a little and make today's post a Mothers Day gift guide. I presume that most of us will be sticking to a budget so I've separated the two guides into under £10.00 and under £20.00.
Under £10.
Beautysets - Mothers Day
Between £10 and £20. 
Beautysets - mothers day

Do you spot anything you may buy? x
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Blogger Things You DON'T Have To Do


Today's post may bore you if you aren't a blogger yourself, so I do apologise! This post is just meant as a little guide to myself as I remember when I first started blogging, I thought I had to do all of these things. Nothing is meant to cause offence, for example if you spend a lot of money on a camera then I'm not bashing you by all means, I mean it all in jest and in case anybody feels they have to do something to 'fit in'. :)
Buy every single new beauty release in sight.
Oh, how tempting this is. Beauty blogger sees a brand new release, wants the new release so buys the new release. Imagine if we did that every single time a new product came out? Not only would we swamped with beauty products (Which we already are!) but we'd soon be feeling the pressure on our purses and to get everything reviewed fairly. By all means, if there is something you are lusting after, I'm all for treating ourselves! What I am trying to say is just because another blogger raves about it, that doesn't necessarily mean you will feel the same way. Also, remember there will always be another blogger reviewing it somewhere - it doesn't make you a bad blogger if you do not.
Spend £600 on a camera.
This is a biggie for me as I was really considering splashing out between £500 and £600 on a professional camera in order to get my blog photography looking better. I did decide against it, as not only is it quite a bit of money to spend, but I also have zero knowledge of cameras and probably wouldn't be able to use it to its full potential. I am in no way sating you shouldn't have a fabulous camera if you want one, but if you're are not too sure then there is no need. I currently use my ipad mini to take all my photos and there are lots of photo editing apps and websites available to keep your photos looking bright and interesting.
Advertising my blog on another blog is something I have done and paid for in the past. I am currently not advertising with anyone as I am trying to save myself money, so I'm just self promoting myself. Advertising on blogs can be super helpful or they may not make a massive difference - I cannot speak for anybody else's experiences. To promote your blog for free, join in with the Twitter chats, make some bloggy friends and there also facebook groups available to share your new posts.
Write about things you're not interested in.
So every blogger and their dog have been writing about Maybelline's Baby Lips (just an example) and you couldn't be less interested - so certainly don't write about it! Focus on what you are interested in, don't worry about what others write - by all means take inspiration, don't copy and only write what you would enjoy reading. A blog you may deem popular may have great reviews on their latest pair of shoes - but if you'd rather write about a cake you made on the weekend - then there's your answer.
Sponsored Posts/PR Samples.
You've recived an email - 'Hello xx, We'd love you to review a free carrot on your blog' - Ooh a freebie, of course we will accept, right? Wrong! If you're not interested and it doesn't fit in with your blog 'niche' (if you even have one) then you do not have to accept. Same goes for being asked to write about peas and green beans in exchange for a voucher - don't feel obliged even though it can be so exciting to have even be considered. If you're not sure you or your readers would benefit, then you know what to do. However, there's no right or wrong thing to do - just remember its your blog and nobody can tell you what to do. If you wish to accept a PR sample and sponsored post that you feel is relevant to your blog - then good for you!
Take FOTD's and OOTD'S.
I have been blogging for a year now and these kinds of post are non existent on my blog. No matter how much I would love to show you my new favourite dress or lipstick, I'd rather not show you whilst posing in front of the camera - it's just not me! I'm one of those who will run away from the camera whenever I can! If you feel similar to me and you don't feel comfortable to plastering your face all over your blog - then don't do it! On the other hand, if you're a fashion bunny and love a quick pose then go for it!

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Tanya Burr 'Afternoon Tea' Lip Gloss Review

Ok, ok I understand every beauty blogger and their cat has jumped on the bandwagon of Tanya Burr's new collection of lips and nails, but I thought I would add my thoughts in anyway! I haven't actually watched any of Tanya's videos or followed her blog until recently after seeing the latest releases. Here is a prime example of how reading blogs is bad for me - I see lots of posts about the new collection of lip glosses and nail polishes, I see a swatch I fancy, off I go and buy it! It really is as simple as that, I need to get some will power don't I?! Before I start anywhere, I need to tell you a truthful comment. Say the words 'lip gloss' to me and I'm instantly transformed back to being 11 again and trying on the new lip gloss that came free with Mizz magazine - leaving me with sticky lips and vowing never to use it again. Well that opinion was rather powerful as I've stuck to that until now! Ten years later, I finally seem to have broken that little habit and now I'm one of those girls who tops up their lip gloss on their lunch break!
A certain lip gloss that has always caught my eye is 'Afternoon Tea' which is my favourite colour - a gorgeous light pink shade. I'd love to be able to stray over to the dark side sometimes and go for a bolder shade, but for now I am happy staying inside my comfort zone! Before I go onto the lip gloss itself, I need to have my little say about the packaging. It may sound a bit harsh, but I don't like the outer packaging. I know I haven't pictured it on this review (naughty blogger!) but I just find it slightly off putting. The packaging of the lip gloss itself however is sleeker and more sophisticated. The gloss itself is a beautiful pale pink shade with a creamy texture and I absolutely love it. It doesn't stand out too much, but it gives a gorgeous glossy finish but feels invisible to my lips. I say that because when I have used lip glosses before, I get frustrated because it feels horrible and sticky on my lips with my hair getting stuck to my lips - but luckily with Tanya's range there's none of those problems! There was also an unexpected surprise too - the gloss smells beautiful! I had no idea there would be a scent to it, but it has a subtle sweet and fruity scent. This has had the power to magically transform me into a 'lip gloss kinda girl' - something I never would have thought I'd be saying! There are 12 shades in total of the lip glosses and ten nail polishes to choose from, both retailing at £6.99 for the glosses and £5.99 for the polishes. You can view the full range here.
Have you tried any of Tanya Burr's range? Does it interest you? x
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Blogging To Perfection?

Lately I have been thinking of how I sometimes pressurize myself too much to keep my blog fresh, updated and to continue growing. However, the more I seem to do this, the more I find myself worrying over little things which in actual fact really don't matter. When I look at the bigger picture and see awful things that happen on the news - and I'm sat there worrying that nobody wants to read my new post it certainly puts things into perspective. It is so easy to get caught up in the hype of blogging and the habit that I find myself doing a lot - that dreaded blogger envy feeling which I wrote in a previous post here. A favourite quote of mine when it comes to blogging is - 'Never compare your beginning to somebody else's middle.'  

Okay, so I'm not just beginning to blog as I have been writing for a whole year now, but I'm still learning lots of new things, I'm trying to improve my photography (very slowly!) and I'm having lots of fun. What I have to remind myself lately, is that I blog for a hobby. I blog for fun, for my confidence and most importantly for myself. A few days ago I found myself spending around twenty minutes trying to take the perfect picture for my blog and then getting frustrated as there was a speck of black in the background. Since when did I turn into somebody who worries about the little things like that? Even if my blog did look and seem perfect, it doesn't mean that I am and it certainly doesn't mean that I feel it either. I also wonder if any of my fellow bloggers also find themselves feeling this way. What I am trying to say is that I am going to chill out a bit more when it comes to my blog. That means making no changes to my blog, I will continue to post as I love it so much, I will continue to come up with new ideas but it is time to wave goodbye to pressurising myself. Sometimes, when you actually step back from something and start thinking of other things; that's when you remember just what you love about it. An example of this is that I recently had a whole two days without checking my blog (Shock horror!) and when I returned I was really pleased to see that people had still been reading my posts, I had a couple of new followers to add to my belt and I also had some exciting emails waiting for my in my inbox. Also, to show you the new beginning of this new pressurised self - I was just about to scour the internet for a suitable image for this post, but decided to use one I had used before instead! I apologise this post is actually quite short and sweet today - Blogger decided to delete half of it and now I can't remember what I said - but the new calm me isn't going to worry about it.
Do you ever put too much pressure on yourself to keep your blog the best it can be?
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Vichy Idealia Life Serum Review & Giveaway!

Today's post is a beauty review all about Vichy's Idealia Life Serum. I was recently lucky enough to have received this serum for reviewing purposes from Farmaline and I was really excited to get stuck in! I have read rave reviews on this illuminating serum, so as you can imagine I was so pleased when it popped through my letterbox one morning (Or afternoon as sometimes the postman likes to visit by 2pm).  Serum is not usually part of my skincare regime and Vichy is a new brand to myself so it felt good to give my regime a little shake up and add a gorgeous high end product into the mix. So, let's get a little background information on the Idealia Life Serum before I tell you my thoughts. "Instantly, complexion looks radiant and fresh, with a more even tone. Pores appear tightened and skin texture feels refined. Facial features look rested and skin looks younger and healthier." The product is aimed at us busy ladies (yes I'm looking at you!) as it has been clinically tested on skin exposed to daily problems such as stress, poor diet, late night and pollution and is suitable for the sensitive skins amongst us. This particularly made my ears prick up as early morning calls, and junk food and sugar cravings are a regular part of my life.
The serum itself is packaged beautifully in a stunning light pink glass bottle and comes with an easy pump dispenser, meaning no pouring or scrambling to get as much as you need! What I love about the Idealia Life Serum is how versatile it is. If you're anything like me and you thought you just immersed yourself in the serum once a day - you're mistaken. It can be used as a pre base for makeup, mix with your foundation, and apply after cleansing both morning or night. It's perfect for those no makeup days, where I just fancy wearing a little mascara, I can pop this serum on and my skin looks much healthier and with a slight glow. The serum itself has a lovely light and fresh fragranced scent to it and the non oil base feels beautifully silky on my skin. The formula is a white lightweight lotion containing teeny tiny glitter particles which illuminate the skin instantly and also has a slightly sheer tint to it. The only negative I have to say about the product is that I feel I have to use 2-3 pumps in order to feel I have completely massaged it in and haven't missed any areas. Overall, this is now a firm favourite in my updated skincare regime and I highly recommend it. Being a Vichy product, you may have guessed it comes with a slight price tag, with it currently retailing at £29.00 for 30ml availalable at Farmaline's online pharmacy here.

Farmaline are very kindly offering my lovely readers a chance to win a 30ml bottle of Vichy's Idealia Life Serum - so you can review and try it out for yourself! Also, when shopping at Farmaline, use the code: BBSWEETDREAMS for free shipping on a £35 spend.
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My Shower Essentials

So, there I was washing the suds right out of my hair when I suddenly thought to myself - why not write a post about my favourite shower essentials? If you're a bit of a nosey parker like me (It's ok, I wont make you admit it) then you may enjoy nosing into other peoples everyday routines - whether that's make up bags or shower and products! You know when you go to a friends house, you use the bathroom and you may peer slightly to see which shampoos she loves? Maybe that's just me but today I'm showing you what's in my shower!
A new recent favourite shampoo of mine is Aussie's Miracle Shine shampoo. My mum actually picked this up for herself and isn't as mad keen as I am, so I seem to have adopted it slightly as I love it. When it comes to using shampoo, I am usually so fussy as my hair gets greasy very quickly and I usually have to end up washing my hair every day. The Miracle Shine shampoo does give my hair an extra shine but most importantly, it leaves it squeaky clean and super soft. This is the only shampoo that I can actually leave my hair down the day after washing because it's still clean for once! I do wish it was slightly cheaper, with a 500ml bottle costing £5.99 but when an offer comes on, I'll be stocking up. My everyday conditioner is currently Organix 'Brazilian Keratin Therapy'. I did buy the shampoo of this too, but sadly its not for me. The main stand out point of this conditioner is the scent - it's so beautiful. It's a sweet scent of coconuts and sun cream - just like being on holiday! It's a lovely and creamy formula which soothes the ends of my hair. For a quick conditioning treatment, I've been loving John Frieda's 'Hydrate & Rescue' deep conditioner which only needs to be absorbed for two minutes so is perfect for a quick shower. It definitely makes a difference and I only need to use a small amount. It makes the ends of my hair smoother and feels in better condition.
Next up is the most important product in anybody's shower - the shower gel! I have always loved Imperial Leather's foam burst gels as they are so creamy and foamy. This particular foam burst has a gorgeous scent of lime and grapefruit - it reminds me of the lime green starbursts and it smells so good. I love how I only need to squirt out a teeny amount and it foams into enough to completely immerse yourself in it! When it comes to my skincare, I find it easier to wash my face and exfoliate while I am in the shower rather than washing my face at the skin. A daily regular which I actually forgot to picture, is L'Oreal's Perfect Clean Foaming Face Wash - that's a mouthful! Sadly, I can't seem to find anywhere to show you this online, perhaps it has been discontinued? It was a bargain in Tesco for just 99p and it contains a little scrublet pad to help get rid of all impurities. Lastly, a skincare treat I use around twice a week is Sanctuary's Radiance Exfoliator. It is pretty expensive at £10.50, but I can just tell it's good quality. The beads don't melt away too quickly, giving me chance to massage it all in and I really feel like my skin has had a good treat!

What are your shower essentials? x
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Carrot Cake & A Frappucino = A Problem Halved

Today has been one of those days. You know the days where nothing feels quite right, despite what you do? Luckily, they don't come around very often but they are pretty hard to shift off when they do! I know that it's just a bad day and that it passes and tomorrow I will be back to my normal positive self all over again. I am just going to keep this post short and sweet as nobody wants to read me moan and groan for no good reason! I just wanted to share with you how I made myself feel a bit better today. Recently, I have been exercising more and eating more healthily - but today was a different day. Life is too short to be worrying about food and diet all the time so today I told myself - 'Sod the diet, I'm going to Starbucks!' I decided to pick up my all time favourite drink - a Strawberries and Cream frappucino (Yes, I made it a large) and a hefty slice of Carrot Cake too! I took it home with me and sat in the garden reading a magazine for a little while, before Gizzy made his way over. As you can see, he loves a bit of cream and who could resist his sweet nature?! PS - Excuse my bare nails, I really do need to get round to painting them!
What do you do on a 'down day'? x
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How To Highlight & Contour.

 What's The Fuss all about?
Highlighting and contouring -the bane of my life. Oh, the times I have spent attempting to contour and highlight specific areas of my face but ended up resembling Coco the clown. Fast forward a good few months, a few You Tube videos and tutorials later and I finally seem to have cracked it. Which is why I thought it would be the perfect chance to write a post just showing any tips that I have picked up along the way. As everything I now know has been learnt by others, I cannot take credit for anything, I just wanted to show you what products I use and the instructions I follow. We all remember the famous Kim Kardashian contouring photo. When it hit the beauty industry, us fellow bloggers ears pricked up as we soon learnt how to sculpt your features and highlight your best features. I think my face is round, a bit like the moon so if I can actually look as if I have cheekbones, then trust me you can too. So, why bother contouring? Not only does it accentuate your features, it gives your makeup a more high end look, your face will look slimmer and gorgeous cheekbones will suffice.

What products do I need? 
To complete your highlight and contouring kit, you will need two main products - a bronzer and a highlighter. Your highlighter needs to be a shade lighter than your skin tone, while your bronzer/contour will need to be a shade darker. When it comes to bronzer, I stick to two of my favourites. My first favourite is Benefit's Hoola Bronzer, followed by Sleek's Contour Kit - both dark matte bronzers which I apply using my Vintage Cosmetics Company brush. Sleek's contour kit also contains a shimmer highlighter which can also be used as your highlighter - meaning you only need this bargain kit and a brush to contour! Another way of highlighting is to use a concealer which is lighter than your foundation shade (make sure it's not too light!). My current favourites is W7's Light Diffusing Concealer which is an absolute steal at under £3.00 and is a dupe for YSL's Touché Éclat. It's my go to for using as a highlighter when it comes to contouring as the pen makes it so easy to apply and blend in.
How I contour & highlight.
I think the picture above sums it up perfectly. I don't know why I find this picture so funny but I can't help it, it's my inner child. Anyway, this is exactly how and where I contour. I start off by applying Baby Skin primer, before applying my favourite Seventeen foundation. I actually don't know the etiquette of contouring here, whether you apply your foundation before or after, but I personally find it easier to do it after I've finished my foundation. I apply bronzer onto the top sides of my forehead and underneath my cheek bones. To create a slimmer nose effect, you can apply bronzer on each side of the bridge of your nose and highlight straight down the centre of your nose. Don't forget to blend, blend, blend and blend some more. Next up is highlighting where I use my concealing pen to apply the concealer under my eyes, my chin and in between my brows. It really is as simple as that! I used to think it was so complicated, but with a bit of practice, you'll soon pick it up! I recommend watching You Tube videos as you may find it easier to see somebody do it rather than just reading this post. I hope you found this post helpful, I don't know if I've made any points or whether I've just rambled on!
Do you highlight & contour? x
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Superdrug Mini Haul


So, after a month of not buying a single beauty product, it was pretty inevitable that the first thing I was going to do was to treat myself to a few goodies. I haven't gone over the top with my spending, making all the purchases from Superdrug, leaving me with more cash to put away for a rainy day. As I mentioned, I recently got a bit purchase happy when I was having a browse on Superdrug's website. The reason I went to Superdrug was first was because I really wanted to try Tanya Burr's new lip gloss range in Afternoon Tea. I was just planning on buying this until I noticed I only had to spend £3.99 more to qualify for free delivery. So, off I went on a mini hunt to fill up my basket over that £10.00 mark. Of course, I could have just paid the delivery charge but can you blame me?!
I fancied getting myself some new nail polishes and was really interested after noticing MUA's nail polish range. The teeny tiny bottles with cute pastel colours instantly reminded me of Essie polishes which would set me back around £7.99 each. However MUA's polishes are a bargain for only £1 each so I bought three pretty pastel shades - Pistachio Ice Cream, Lush Lilac and Bold Blue. I'm hoping they are good quality so I can stick to these bargain polishes. As I was having a browse through MUA's other makeup and goodies, I also picked up an intense jet black pencil eyeliner, Luxe Power Brow and Pro Base Fixing Mist. I'm looking forward to seeing how all of these products turn out and I hope they exceed my expectations!  
Would you like to see a review on any of these products? x

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Loving Dot Review


Today's post is just a little one to introduce you to a new favourite site of mine; Loving Dot. Loving Dot is an online shop owned by Bethany and is full of reasonably priced gorgeous products. Bethany prides herself on her cute and retro design style and spends her spare time creating and designing new items for her online shop. There's a wide range of items to choose from such as gorgeous phone cases, pocket mirrors, pin badges, nail transfers and goodie bags. Have I caught your attention yet? PS - Please excuse the photo being so dark, I am having some problems with Blogger!
So, let's take a little look at the goodies I was kindly sent by Bethany to feature on my blog. Firstly we have this gorgeous 'You're The Apple of My Eye' pocket mirror which is perfect to pop in your handbag to check on your makeup when you're out and about! I absolutely adore this design, it's just what I would have chosen for myself with its almost retro feel to it and with bright eye catching colours and a bright apple design too - plus it's pink, what more could I want?! There are also lots of other designs to choose from such as fawns, owls, campervans and ladybirds - I'd happily collect the lot of them!
Next up I received this gorgeous Owl Nail Transfers. At first I was slightly baffled as I was unsure how to use them, but after a quick online search I realised it was simple enough! All I had to do was to peel off the back plastic layer, snip off the required sized owl and place in water for around 10-20 seconds. They then simply stick on to your nail and you're done! The finished look gives a quirky edge to your nails and you can also get the transfers in a fawn design too! The nail transfers will cost you £2.50 for 20 which I feel is a great bargain. Overall, I really do recommend that you check out Loving Dot as there are more gorgeous products for you to see which I haven't talked about and I can just tell how much love and care goes into the products.
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Beauty On a Budget: Face

I like to think that I try to keep my blog pretty bargain-related apart from the odd high end splurge now and then. I recently thought it would be a good idea to start a new series on my blog called 'Beauty on a Budget'. I'm going to focus on lots of different categories and I will be showing you my favourite picks for that specific topic - but everything will be reasonably priced! Hooray! So without further ado, for the first post of this series, I'm focusing on that pretty little face of yours.

Primer: Maybelline Baby Skin - £7.99
I have actually seen quite a batch of mixed reviews when it comes to this new primer on the block. However, I can only recommend it. After using much more expensive versions such as POREfessional and Too Faced, I was more than happy to embrace this new 'pore erasing' primer into my makeup bag. I only use this as a setting base for my makeup and to improve the longevity of my foundation and I will warn you that I don't think it's any good as a pore eraser. If you're looking for a cheap primer which can help keep your makeup in place and give you a smooth base, then this is for you!
Foundation: Seventeen Stay Time Foundation - £6.49.
I honestly cannot recommend this foundation enough, it is definitely what I consider to be my HG product (I haven't had one before - how exciting!). I have recently wrote a full review of this foundation which you can catch up on here but all you need to know is the following: Full coverage, matte finish, relatively long lasting and best of all it doesn't break the bank. Stay Time claims to last up to 25 hours and is known as a dupe of Estee Lauder's Double Wear. DW dried my skin out terribly, but this formula is much creamier and covers everything you could ever think of. Also, if you're a paler girl then this will be right up your street aThis is now my everyday go to foundation as I don't have to worry about using it all up as I know I won't feel guilty about buying the next bottle!
Concealer: W7 Light Diffusing Concealer - £2.90
This has been recommend as a Touche Éclat dupe and is an absolute steal at under £3.00. It can also be doubled up as a highlighter. I use this to highlight certain areas of my face and also to brighten under my eyes. The concealer itself is a pen which you just twist the nib at the bottom to get your concealer out; you can then get blending with the built in brush.
No, I promise this post isn't sponsored by Seventeen, I just love these newly discovered products! I first started off by using the Miracle Matte pressed powder, but soon found the loose powder which I thought may be better suited to my skin. One slight negative I have found with using Stay Time foundation is that sometimes it can leave my face looking slightly shiny - something I don't normally suffer with. This is a translucent powder which I just dab gently over my face to banish the shine and it also helps to set my makeup for a couple of extra hours.

Bronzer: Sleek Contour Kit in 'Light' - £6.49.
Since I started using Sleek's contour kit, I've realised just how much I love it. It easily rivals Benefit's Hoola bronzer and gives a lovely light matte finish. At first glance, for the lightest kit available the bronzer does look pretty dark but it's easily blended and gives a lovely finish on my usually invisible cheekbones! The kit also includes an illumination highlighting powder as well as the bronzer as part of the duo which comes in a handy compact kit which makes it easy to top up when you're out and about.
I hope you liked this post! Let me know if you'd like to see more x
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Home Decor Wishlist: Bedroom


Over the past two years I have been putting away a certain amount of money into my savings account each month and I've now reached my target. Of course, I will continue to save some more but now I have my share - me and my boyfriend are planning to start looking at moving out at the end of this year. This has really got me excited as this is something I have wanted for so long and will have to pinch myself when it actually happens! With all this in mind, I thought it would be the perfect time to collect together all the pretty little things that I am planning to cover my home with! Think Cath Kidston dupes and fairy lights!
 Asda Vintage Patchwork Duvet Set - £12.00.
I absolutely adore Asda's home collection items as not only do they look so elegant but they also come with ridiculously reasonable price tags. I'll be sure to kit out a lot of my home décor and furniture with a lot of Asda's items as I know it won't break the bank. This patchwork duvet is so pretty with its pink and blue shades with floral patterns - it's my new bedrooms dream! I've also scoured their website for matching curtains as I love it that much but sadly I cant find any!  
Classic White Dressing Table - £179.95
I think it's a lot of beauty bloggers to dream to have a classic stunning white dressing table in their bedrooms. I've got to admit if I had this though I think it would be purely for show and decoration, I'd be too scared to get my mucky paws all over it! I would love to decorate it with all bunting or fairy lights and also use it as a place to show off my Disney ornaments. Sadly, it doesn't come cheap but it's certainly the cheapest one I have found so far!
French Connection Maille Lantern - £45.00
French Connection have recently started a brand new campaign Candles & Holders as part of their brand new range. Their new range is based around different styles of candles and holders for your favourite candles. My favourite holder is this 'Classic Centerpiece' which I think would look gorgeous on a windowsill or bedside table. Included in my wish list is the 'Maille Lantern' which is a lime washed lantern to fill with whichever candle or tea light you wish.
Wilko Artifical White Single Stem - 3 for £3.00
Seeing as the theme of my bedroom is looking to be squeaky clean and pristine white (The opposite of how I usually am) a little artificial flower would be the perfect finish to my bedroom. These artificial flowers are such a bargain working at just £1.00 each if you buy a set of three. They are the perfect addition to freshen up any room of your home, not just the bedroom. On this occasion though, I would choose these white single stems to place on my brand new dressing table. A girl can dream eh?

What would your bedroom wish list look like? x

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