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Over the past two years I have been putting away a certain amount of money into my savings account each month and I've now reached my target. Of course, I will continue to save some more but now I have my share - me and my boyfriend are planning to start looking at moving out at the end of this year. This has really got me excited as this is something I have wanted for so long and will have to pinch myself when it actually happens! With all this in mind, I thought it would be the perfect time to collect together all the pretty little things that I am planning to cover my home with! Think Cath Kidston dupes and fairy lights!
 Asda Vintage Patchwork Duvet Set - £12.00.
I absolutely adore Asda's home collection items as not only do they look so elegant but they also come with ridiculously reasonable price tags. I'll be sure to kit out a lot of my home décor and furniture with a lot of Asda's items as I know it won't break the bank. This patchwork duvet is so pretty with its pink and blue shades with floral patterns - it's my new bedrooms dream! I've also scoured their website for matching curtains as I love it that much but sadly I cant find any!  
Classic White Dressing Table - £179.95
I think it's a lot of beauty bloggers to dream to have a classic stunning white dressing table in their bedrooms. I've got to admit if I had this though I think it would be purely for show and decoration, I'd be too scared to get my mucky paws all over it! I would love to decorate it with all bunting or fairy lights and also use it as a place to show off my Disney ornaments. Sadly, it doesn't come cheap but it's certainly the cheapest one I have found so far!
French Connection Maille Lantern - £45.00
French Connection have recently started a brand new campaign Candles & Holders as part of their brand new range. Their new range is based around different styles of candles and holders for your favourite candles. My favourite holder is this 'Classic Centerpiece' which I think would look gorgeous on a windowsill or bedside table. Included in my wish list is the 'Maille Lantern' which is a lime washed lantern to fill with whichever candle or tea light you wish.
Wilko Artifical White Single Stem - 3 for £3.00
Seeing as the theme of my bedroom is looking to be squeaky clean and pristine white (The opposite of how I usually am) a little artificial flower would be the perfect finish to my bedroom. These artificial flowers are such a bargain working at just £1.00 each if you buy a set of three. They are the perfect addition to freshen up any room of your home, not just the bedroom. On this occasion though, I would choose these white single stems to place on my brand new dressing table. A girl can dream eh?

What would your bedroom wish list look like? x

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  1. I think I may go and invest in those flowers, (and a vase to put them in) they look gorgeous, im in a gradual room revamp (gradual as in its a fair toss up as to what gets here first, the completion or me moving out and having to start over!)

  2. I dream of having a bedroom big enough for a dressing table like that x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  3. I always enjoy seeing a home decor wishlist :) the dressing table looks really pretty!

  4. Ohh that dressing table is beautiful! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  5. I love white color in bedroom. Definately I have to go to Wilko! :)


  6. The dressing table is beautiful!
    Lola xox | ❤ My Blog ❤