My Shower Essentials

So, there I was washing the suds right out of my hair when I suddenly thought to myself - why not write a post about my favourite shower essentials? If you're a bit of a nosey parker like me (It's ok, I wont make you admit it) then you may enjoy nosing into other peoples everyday routines - whether that's make up bags or shower and products! You know when you go to a friends house, you use the bathroom and you may peer slightly to see which shampoos she loves? Maybe that's just me but today I'm showing you what's in my shower!
A new recent favourite shampoo of mine is Aussie's Miracle Shine shampoo. My mum actually picked this up for herself and isn't as mad keen as I am, so I seem to have adopted it slightly as I love it. When it comes to using shampoo, I am usually so fussy as my hair gets greasy very quickly and I usually have to end up washing my hair every day. The Miracle Shine shampoo does give my hair an extra shine but most importantly, it leaves it squeaky clean and super soft. This is the only shampoo that I can actually leave my hair down the day after washing because it's still clean for once! I do wish it was slightly cheaper, with a 500ml bottle costing £5.99 but when an offer comes on, I'll be stocking up. My everyday conditioner is currently Organix 'Brazilian Keratin Therapy'. I did buy the shampoo of this too, but sadly its not for me. The main stand out point of this conditioner is the scent - it's so beautiful. It's a sweet scent of coconuts and sun cream - just like being on holiday! It's a lovely and creamy formula which soothes the ends of my hair. For a quick conditioning treatment, I've been loving John Frieda's 'Hydrate & Rescue' deep conditioner which only needs to be absorbed for two minutes so is perfect for a quick shower. It definitely makes a difference and I only need to use a small amount. It makes the ends of my hair smoother and feels in better condition.
Next up is the most important product in anybody's shower - the shower gel! I have always loved Imperial Leather's foam burst gels as they are so creamy and foamy. This particular foam burst has a gorgeous scent of lime and grapefruit - it reminds me of the lime green starbursts and it smells so good. I love how I only need to squirt out a teeny amount and it foams into enough to completely immerse yourself in it! When it comes to my skincare, I find it easier to wash my face and exfoliate while I am in the shower rather than washing my face at the skin. A daily regular which I actually forgot to picture, is L'Oreal's Perfect Clean Foaming Face Wash - that's a mouthful! Sadly, I can't seem to find anywhere to show you this online, perhaps it has been discontinued? It was a bargain in Tesco for just 99p and it contains a little scrublet pad to help get rid of all impurities. Lastly, a skincare treat I use around twice a week is Sanctuary's Radiance Exfoliator. It is pretty expensive at £10.50, but I can just tell it's good quality. The beads don't melt away too quickly, giving me chance to massage it all in and I really feel like my skin has had a good treat!

What are your shower essentials? x
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  1. I love seeing favourite shower products! I used to use Aussie products and the products smell like heaven! I've seen those shower gels everywhere but haven't bought them yet, maybe I need to pick one up, and I love the smell of grapefruits - have you heard of the radox grapefruit shower gel? I used to use that but currently just finished the Japanese Spa scent which was nice too!
    I loved reading this post! Super fun!

  2. I love a foam shower gel, it is much more exciting :-)

    Hannah x | lovelettersandsnippets