100 Things That Make Me Happy: Part Two!


51) Listening to music.
52) Radio One.
53) Mr Whippy Ice Cream.
54) Books.
55) Bunting.
56) Disney Ornaments.
57) Perfume.
58) Cuddles.
59) Cupcakes.
60) Minnie Mouse.

61) Pampering myself.
62) Buying others presents.
63) Doing a good deed.
64) Learning something new.
65) My freedom.
66) Long showers.
67) Getting home after a long day.
68) My dressing gown.
69) Exciting emails.
70) Scrapbooking.

71) Looking to the future.
72) Harry Potter films and books.
73) Car boot sales.
74) Hunting on ebay.
75) Taking blog photos.
76) Swimming pools on holiday.
77) Funfairs.
78) Propercorn.
79) Candyfloss.
80) Stationary.

81) Chocolate fountains.
82) Laughing.
83) Ladybirds.
84) Florals.
85) Fake tan.
86) Balloons.
87) Watching the cute little lambs in the field.
88) A slice of cake.
89) Fish and chips by the sea.

90) Walking on a hot beach abroad.
91) Swimming in the sea abroad.
92) Buying souveniers and random gifts.
93) Books.
94) Browsing in the Yankee Candle shop.
95) Nicknames.
96) Lying in bed listening to heavy rain.
97)  Compliments.
98) Dreaming of high end beauty.
99) My birthday.
100) It's the little things in life.
What makes you happy? x


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Current Beauty Bargains & Voucher Codes

I haven't written a good old bargain post for a few months now! After discovering a few brilliant voucher codes and sales this weekend, I decided it would be a perfect post for today - it's Monday, it's payday (for me anyway!) - so what better time to treat yourself? I'm trying to cut down on my buying habits lately as I am only working part time, so if there is something I need then a voucher code or sale is always received with great thanks!

Fancy a Naked 3 Palette for just £27.00?!
My mum's birthday is soon approaching and after her recent trip to Debenhams (She came home and said she could have spent thousands!), she told me about 'a naked palette' she had loved at the Urban Decay counter. My mum is such a beauty lover, so I knew the Naked 3 would be a lovely present for her birthday. Off I hopped, looking for a simple 10% off voucher code - or 20% if I was lucky and I stumbled across this fabulous deal at Feel Unique. If you spend over £25.00, use the code WAHANDA10, and you'll have a whopping £10.00 off. You can find the Naked 3 palette here. The voucher code applies to other products too such as Benefit, so grab a bargain!
Debenhams Beauty - £10 off any two beauty and fragrance purchases. Free Delivery: SHA5 for Beauty Club members.

 Benefit Bargains.
 Benefit Bella Bamba (Full Size) & Cha Cha Tint - Reduced to £18.80.
Benefit Ultra Plush Lipgloss - Reduced to £9.00.
Benefit Longwear Powder Shadow - Reduced to £10.00.
Benefit Some Kinda Gorgeous - Reduced to £16.00.

Voucher Codes.
Asos - 50% off 50 items - here.
Burts Bees Sale - Up to 50% off .
Feel Unique: 15% off fragrances. Use Code NEWSCENT.
Superdrug: Half Price John Frieda products - Link.
Boohoo: 20% off - Use Code 'WELCOMETOTHECLUB20'

Have you found any bargains recently? x


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The Best Of Rimmel

 The post I am bringing you today is all about my favourite products from Rimmel. I have always loved Rimmel as a brand, not only are they cheap and affordable, but you know you're getting the best quality too! If you're thinking 'Hmm I'm sure I've seen this post before' then you'd be correct! I recently guest posted over with the lovely Corrie at Dizzy Brunette 3's blog and now I thought I'd showcase it over on Sweet Dreams too.

Glam'Eyes Liquid Liner - 'Black Glamour'.
I actually stumbled upon this liquid eyeliner by accident! My favourite Rimmel eyeliner has always been Rimmel's Exaggerate Liner as it has the perfect thick tip, so I definitely had to have a steady hand when I discovered Glam Eyes. The Glam Eyes liner has an extremely thin tip which can be difficult for some, but after a few tries I've soon got the hang of using it and I now use it everyday. It's a perfect dark black shade and I try to mix my eyeliner up with smaller lines one day, thicker the next and a little cat flick on a good day! The thin tip means its perfect for creating a cat flick or wing as you can give it a good few attempts without putting too much on at once.
BB Cream Matte - Shade 'Very Light'.*
I have actually never used a BB cream before, I am more of a full coverage foundation kinda girl, but to my surprise this has completely changed my conception of a BB cream. This is my go to product for the 'No makeup, makeup days' - it's perfect for when I just don't feel like concealing my skin and giving it a little break for once. The shade is perfect for my natural pale skin tone and is a lightweight and non-oily formula. This actually reminds me of Vichy's Idealia Life Serum! I apply this all over my face using my fingers and it instantly brightens my skin, evens my skin tone and generally gives me that little extra glow to my skin - all without looking like I've caked it on! The BB Cream also contains an added extra of SPF 15 and as I'm also heading off to Orlando next month, I can see this being my everyday product out there to keep my skin looking fresh and glowing!

Scandal'Eyes Mascara - 'Extreme Black'.
When it comes to my mascara, I always love the thick and volumised look. Enter Scandal'Eyes with its big brush formulised with keratin formula to find the teeny tiny lashes I never knew I had. I usually start with a thinner and lengthening mascara such as Maybelline Great Lash and then I add Scandal'Eyes on top. The mascara really boosts the look of my lashes without giving a clumpy or spidery look. As the brush is quite large, I had wondered whether it would work on my bottom lashes without leaving smudges everywhere, but it's just perfect - I can't beat it!

Lasting Finish Lipstick - 'Coral In Gold'.
It's not often I delve into the world of lipsticks, but Rimmel's 'Coral In Gold' shade is a gorgeous coral with hints of shimmer - perfect for spring and summer time! The gold tones are subtle enough that you can wear this shade day and night. It looks lovely teamed with a tan (If I ever have one!), has a creamy texture when applying and also gives a high impact colour.

What are your Rimmel favourites? x

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Courtside Style Wishlist

Beautysets - Courtside Style
In just two months time, Wimbledon season will be kicking off and in true style, the gorgeous celebrities, families and friends of the players will be out in their glamorous outfits ready for a day of watching the game. Just picture it; the sun is shining, Andy Murray's winning , you're tucking into a bowl of strawberries and cream, sipping a glass of Pimms and looking gorgeous too! Today's post is a little wishlist I have put together based on Courtside Style  and what I would wear for a day of hospitality at Wimbledon. I put together a simple yet elegant monochrome outfit as I love to keep things simple. I always hate the feeling of being slightly overdressed so I chose this gorgeous colour block jumpsuit and decided to keep accessories to a minimum. I've always been a huge fan of statement headbands, so I would definitely jazz up a simple hairstyle with this gold vine headband from ASOS. I opted for a cute pair of pointed pumps, I only wear heels on a night out as I have to keep my tootsies cosy! Finally, I finished off with these lovely stone patent tote handbag, keeping in with the simple colour scheme - it's certainly big enough to pack a few makeup essentials too!
What would you wear to Wimbledon? x
*Sponsored Post 

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100 Things That Make Me Happy: Part One.

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1) My boyfriend.
2) My Family.
3) My Pets.
4) My friends.
4) Strangers who smile at you.
5) Buying new makeup.
6) Trying new makeup.
7) Working on my blog.
8) Reading blogs.
9) The buzz after exercising.

10) Pretty pastels.
11) Nail polish.
12) Flowers in my hair.
13) Getting 'Dolled Up'.
14) Messy hair buns.
15) New bedding.
16) Lie ins.
17) Cosy nights in.
18) Watching films with my boyfriend.
19) Joining in the #bbloggers chats.

20) Roast Dinner.
21) Meals out.
22) Takeaways.
24) Watching the soaps.
24) Lazy days watching rubbish TV.
25) Watching makeup tutorials.
26) Receiving cards.
27) When I get letters in the post.
28) My new car.
29) Being able to drive.

30) Going on holiday.
31) Trying to catch a tan.
32) Going to new places.
33) Going for an ice cream on a sunny day.
34) An afternoon nap.
35) Pepsi Max.
36) Chocolate.
37) Apple Crumble with double cream.
38) New Clothes.
39) Pretty pictures on Instagram.

40) Online Shopping.
41) Finding bargains.
42) Strawberry Frappucinos.
43) Baking sweet treats.
44) Cats! Any cats!
45) Disney Films.
46) Childhood memories.
47) Photos.
48) Dreaming of my perfect home.
49) Dreaming in general.
50) New magazines.

What makes you happy? x

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A Hair Change: Ombre


Just a little post from me today to show off something that's making me happy this week - my new ombre hair! I had been dying my hair blonde for a good three years, but in the past year or so I have returned back to the dark side - my natural colour of brunette! However, fast forward a year or so later and I'm starting to get the itch to go back lighter again. I change my mind a lot - one day I'll love something and next week I'll tell you I hate it - so I knew I couldn't jump straight into going back blonde. Also as my hair is so dark naturally, I knew it would be a slow process to get back to a lighter shade - and sadly an expensive process too, that's what hurts the most! A few months ago I picked up Bleach London's DIY Dip Dye Kit. I would love for this post to be telling you all about that kit, but sadly I couldn't find the guts to 'DIY' as I was so scared of it going 'wrong'. So instead I forked out to have an ombre done at the salon instead - it was on the pricey side but worth it to know I was in the hands of professionals. As you can see, the colour is not a massive difference, the ends are just slightly lighter (perhaps not as quite as light as I'd hoped just yet) but apparently the more I wash my hair, the lighter it will get - yay! I'm definitely considering having this colour as a full head of highlights in a few weeks time - yay for going lighter!
Have you changed your hair recently? x  

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Holiday Hauling!

Happy Easter everybody! I have a sneaky feeling that you may be spending your day curled up cosily, blogging and eating yourself silly with chocolate - so what perfect timing for me to get comfy and get my latest blog post up! Apologies I haven't been updating the blog for a  couple of days, sometimes you just need a little break from it when life gets in the way. I have the whole day to relax and I'm planning on getting lots of posts written and scheduled! Moving onto today's post, you may or may not know that in just 16 days time, I will be jumping on a plane to Orlando and I am beyond excited! So with that in mind, I have been on a little shopping spree to ensure that my suitcase is going to be full of pretty things for me to wear whilst I am there! Please excuse my photography, I can't understand why it's so hard to photograph clothes as opposed to beauty products! I've included links in case you spot anything you fancy.
First up it's this absolutely beautiful bikini which my mum found for me hidden in the sale of Debenhams. I had actually looked at Debenhams' bikinis online, oohed and ahhed at how gorgeous they were - then checked the price tag and swiftly moved on! So I was pleased that this bikini only came to £20.00 in total - I refuse to pay any more than that! As you can see this bikini is a monochrome with daisy patterns, and I love the balcony top - it gives it that little extra bit of uniqueness.
I bought this online from Asos' sale as it was a bargain at just £3.50 (It's now gone back up to £5.00 - how rude!). My sister recently bought a pink version of this flower bun top from New Look, so I decided to steal her style and buy one myself! I chose this lemon flower one from River Island as it looked gorgeous on the model. There's nothing I love more than shoving my hair up into a bun (especially when I'm on holiday) and I love that this simple accessory will jazz up a messy bun.

 Each summer when I buy a new bikini, I'm always guaranteed to return back to my favourite style - a bandeau top. I love this gorgeous coral bikini as it's a flattering shape and the colour is going to look amazing when teamed with a tan (if I ever get one that is!). I bough this bikini from the ever trusty New Look and it's also available in navy and white.
Denim shorts are always a bit of a touchy subject for me - I try them on and they're too tight and too short so I give up. However I spotted these gorgeous light blue mom shorts in New Look and I loved them straight away. I love that they aren't 'short shorts' and they completely cover up my bum and don't show too much thigh! I also picked up a plain black bandeau top from ASOS (or in the words of my mum - it's a boob tube) and I think they will look lovely teamed together.

 Floozie Navy Daisy Collar Playsuit.
This cute little playsuit was also hidden away in Debenhams' sale - thanks again to my mum for her detective skills when it comes to the sales! This was a bargain, reduced down from £28.00 down to just £8.00, saving me a whopping £20.00 - that covered the bikini then! I was lucky enough to grab the last one of these in the sale (I can't find it online anywhere). It is a slight squeeze to get past my thighs as it's only an 8, but when it's on it's a really flattering shape and is super comfy too.
Have you bought any summer clothes recently? x
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L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara Review

 I actually had a lifestyle post planned for today's blog post, but I decided to start afresh and write a good old traditional beauty review! This evening, I have had a little bit of a relax and pampering session, (big thanks to my sister Rachel for helping me cheer up) so I thought the perfect end to my evening would be to spend it doing what I do best (haha) - blogging! Today's review is my new favourite mascara - L'Oreal's Miss Manga in Black. I actually picked this mascara up way back in January when it was on an introductory offer of £5.99 and I only recently remembered I had it! It's no secret that I'm a mascara hoarder, but I am refusing to buy any more as I need to get into a good routine and stick with one or two of my favourites and stop buying more! Every time I see a new mascara released, I want it! You may remember the ad campaign for Miss Manga was pretty quirky and I think that's what reeled me in (I'm not hard to sell to). The Miss Manga look is inspired by Japanese Kawaii culture - with the main focus being on having large eyes with drastic eyelashes. Sounds good, right?
The mascara comes in three different shades - Black, Pop Turquoise and Pop Violet. I stuck to my trusty black shade as always and luckily this mascara hasn't let me down. I must add that I haven't actually been using this mascara for very long yet, but I'm already in love with it. A big selling point of L'Oreal's Miss Manga was the 360 degree flexible brush making it easy to catch those pesky inner eyelashes. I must admit that whilst I do think that this aspect of the mascara is definitely useful, I think I would be just as happy with a pretty average brush. Now onto the most important part of the review - what did it do for me? When it comes to my mascaras I never usually find a happy medium - I often tend to use two separate ones, one for volume and one for length but luckily for me, Miss Manga gives me both of those attributes for the price of one - finally! The first time any of us use a mascara, it's usually a bit of a let down and it may get chucked aside or a couple of weeks. Miss Manga was different to the rest and had me hooked right from the first use. I find it's perfect for lengthening the eyelashes without needing too much and also then picks up any inner lashes too. I do add an extra coat or two for volume and this leaves me happy enough! The only gripe I do have with the mascara is that I don't find it's working out too well for my bottom eyelashes. I find that it picks them up perfectly, a lot easier than other mascaras do but when it comes to giving them a bit of 'oomph' and volume, I sometimes add a separate mascara on top of my bottom lashes to give me the desired look. Overall, I really do recommend this mascara, I don't think you'll be left disappointed.
L'Oreal's Miss Manga is available here for £8.99. (Boots currently have a 2 for £15 offer too.)
Have you tried Miss Manga? x

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Beauty Giveaway: Disney Princess Look!

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Hello, today I have an exciting post for you - a giveaway from the lovely Cohorted! If you haven't checked out Cohorted just yet, I recommend you get yourself over there sharpish, as lots of beauty bloggers picked up the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette at half price  - bargain! Cohorted have been very generous to my lovely Sweet Dreams readers and are giving you the opportunity in conjuction with my upcoming trip to Orlando to look like a perfect Disney Princess. The nail wraps are so gorgeous! Cross your fingers, get entering and good luck! x
Beautysets - Disney Princess Giveaway
Good luck! x

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My Throwback Dress


 Today's post is all about a great campaign I have been lucky enough to join in with New Look. If you asked me what my favourite clothes shop is; my answer will always be New Look - everything is bang on trend without being too 'out there' for my liking and it won't break the bank either. I was recently in touch with the lovely Tasha who told me all about New Look's 'Throwback Dress campaign.' The purpose of the 'Throwback Dress' campaign is to show you a dress that I have always loved and will be a firm favourite in my wardrobe. We all have that one particular dress in our wardrobes that we keep and go back to time and time again (sometimes in the hope that it still fits us, right?!) . To tell you a little information on why I love my throwback dress so much, I'm going to have to go soppy on you. It's a simple black and white (monochrome to the fashion lovers) dress, with its detailed lace skirt which once had a pretty cream flower attached to the top (now misplaced) and is, surprise surprise, originally from New Look too! I wore this dress three years ago on a night out where I met my boyfriend. It may not sound anything special to you, but the dress does actually hold a lot of memories for me as I remember the night we met and the next three years and more that have followed!
 My future 'Throwback Dress' that I chose out from New Look's dresses section is this (top photo) absolutely beautiful 'Peach Bandeau Contrast Lace Maxi Dress' which I am love with. Please note I received part payment towards this dress for the nature of this post. I am going to a special wedding in September, so when I had the chance to search for a new throwback dress, I was over the moon and spent ages scouring through all the different dresses - it's a hard life right? I finally came to the conclusion of this absolutely beautiful peach maxi dress and after a slight kerfuffle of having to return and get a smaller size - damn my flat chested-ness - it's now firmly tucked away safely in my wardrobe and it won't be showing itself until September! As you can see, the dress itself nips in at the waist and has a flowy maxi skirt with a slight slit in the left hand side. My favourite part of the dress is the colour - it's such a gorgeous shade of coral and I also love the black floral lace pattern. I'm really happy with my new dress and all I have to do now is to wait until the day comes where I can feel like a princess in it! Before I go - please excuse my photography skills!
What's your throwback dress? x
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How To: Making Your Makeup Last.

Before you start your makeup, make sure your face is squeaky clean. This may seem like an obvious tip to you, but I must admit I've had nights where I've slept in my makeup - there's got to be others out there too! Always wash your face with your favourite face wash or scrub, get working on your makeup base and then we're good to go! It's important to keep to a good skincare routine, exfoliate 2-3 time a week and cleanse and moisturise daily. Also consider what foundation you are using and whether it is actually working well with your skin. I'm afraid I don't know any tips about finding the perfect foundation, so I cant help you there - but look out for long lasting foundations that will suit your skin type such as a dewy formula for dull skin and an oil free foundation if you suffer with oily skin.
To make your foundation last, it's almost pretty essential you need to use a primer. I'm currently using Baby Skin, but you are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the perfect one for you. A primer smoothes your skin, blurs imperfections and will provide the perfect base for your makeup. When applying your foundation after a primer, the application should feel a lot smoother and it should glide on without any problems. A primer also aims to hold your makeup in place for longer - meaning your foundation will stay put for longer throughout the day. An alternative to a primer is to simply use a moisturiser. Recently, I've been trying out SteamCream's Wendy Moisturiser* - aimed as a pre-base for makeup alongside being an all over body moisturiser. I love using this moisturiser under foundation as it has such a lightweight silky soft formula. 'Wendy' also absorbs quickly, meaning I don't have to wait as long for it to 'set' as I do when using a primer.

Finishing Touches.
After I've finished applying my makeup, I always add a little extra routine step at the end. I have raved about this powder before, but it's my ultimate favourite! I love using Seventeen's Miracle Matte translucent loose powder as it gives an extra matte finish to the skin and always makes a difference to my foundation's lasting power. Another product I have been using lately is MUA's PRO Base Fixing Mist which is an ultimate bargain at just £5.00 - when compared to Urban Decay's! Once my makeup and powder are complete, I simply spritz two to three sprays over my makeup and give it a few seconds to absorb. It's perfect for me giving me the extra long lasting boost that my foundation needs!

How do you keep your makeup in place? x

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Spring Pastels with MUA

Here I am, typing away with my freshly painted 'Lush Lilac' MUA nail polish - for the bargain price of just one pound - yep, that's right, just one pound! Usually if I were to write a review on a nail polish, I wouldn't have an awful lot to say other than it's nice, I like it, go buy it - but I have a tad more information that I would love to share, so here goes a review of MUA's new polishes.  I recently featured these three polishes in my 'Superdrug Haul'. I had never tried a MUA product before, let alone their nail polishes, but when I realised they were only £1, I stocked up on three different shades. I think that's actually pretty good going for me - I was tempted to buy the lot! The three shades I picked up are 'Lush Lilac', 'Pistachio Ice Cream' and 'Bold Blue'. In a nutshell, two out of three I loved, one out of three I hated. First up, possibly the main selling point that caught my attention - you cant ignore the fact that these cute little bottles are a pure dupe of Essie's, can you? However, that little marketing trick actually lured me into buying them more than I would have if they were a different design - funny how it works eh?  
First up, I'll start with the negative of a polish I just couldn't stand - 'Bold Blue' a bright blue shade which I thought I would love. Don't get me wrong, it's not the shade that I don't love - it's the formula. So, how can I love the other two polishes but hate the formula of this polish? Maybe I just had a dodgy bottle - but the polish was ridiculously watery, I applied around four coats and it still wasn't getting me anywhere. In my frustration, I scrubbed it off and decided to try out 'Lush Lilac' instead. Ah, the perfect pastel shade for spring - a lilac with hints of pink - the photo doesn't do it justice, it really is beautiful! I applied two to three coats of this polish and I am also really impressed with the drying time of the polishes- they pretty much dry straight away! Lastly is my ultimate favourite - 'Pistachio Ice Cream' which is another pastel shade of mint green. I only needed to apply two coats for this polish and it certainly makes my nails stand out. As for the staying power of the polishes - top marks for a £1 nail polish. The colour lasted at least three days before any chips began to show - I have used higher end polishes which chip the next morning!
Overall, apart from my bad experience with 'Bold Blue', I would really recommend you checking out MUA's range of nail polishes which you can view here. I'll definitely be popping back to try out some new shades.
Have you tried a MUA nail polish? x
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Learning To Love Yourself.

Hey you. Yes you, you're gorgeous. Don't let anyone tell you any different and most certainly don't tell yourself that you're not beautiful. Day by day thousands of us girls (and boys!) all around the world will look in the mirror today and complain about the way we look - I too am guilty of this habit. You may be aware of the programme 'My Mad Fat Diary' on E4 which I absolutely love. In the last episode of the latest series, Rae is having a counselling session which made my ears prick up. (PS - Did anyone hope that Kester was actually going to be Rae's Father or was that just me?!). Rae's counsellor was spot on whne he told her that she wouldn't look at herself as a child and continue to insult her looks. This is something that I often have to say to myself when I am feeling insecure. Have you ever accepted a compliment and thought 'They're just saying that to be polite' - No, of course they aren't, why would they say it otherwise? Something that I often tell myself is that I would never put anyone else down about the way they look - so why do I allow myself to do it to me?  You would never go up to a friend and say 'Oh gosh, your hair looks awful today' or 'Your makeup looks terrible' so why oh why, do we let ourselves do this to ourselves? What I am trying to say is that I will look at you and see all good things, you may look at me and see all good things - but we certainly wont see the bad in each other.
Let's just say you go to college or work today. If you're anything like me, you will look at other girls and admire their hair, make up, outfits or even their lives in general. There's  a pretty good chance they may glance back at you and think exactly the same thing - have you ever thought about it in that way?  A story that my mum told me a few years ago has always stuck in my mind. My mum remembers being really jealous of a girl when she was in comprehensive school - she had the perfect look with lots of friends and my mum remembers wishing she was that girl. A few months later, the poor girl passed away as she had been suffering from Cancer, which she had kept a secret from pupils at the school. To this day, my mum always feels guilty for being jealous of her. The moral of the story seems to be to never wish you were someone else. The way someone looks does not justify that their life is ten times better than you - I see gorgeous bloggers and think 'I wish I was her' but realistically, no I don't. I don't know what their life is really like or what they may be going through. I also know that I am happy with my life and what I have got - if I was somebody else then I wouldn't have that.

Before I sign off, I have a little challenge for you. Hopefully you enjoyed this post and it made you think - if you're up for it, I challenge you to leave me a comment in this post, telling me three things that you love about yourself! x

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Florida Outfit Wishlists

 My holiday to Florida is creeping up on me closer and closer each day and I can't believe how disorganised I am when it comes to packing! Okay, it's definitely too early to pack, but I could at least be planning my outfits couldn't I?! I've also been thinking about my makeup and hair so you can expect a beauty wish list coming your way very soon! Without further ado, here are two gorgeous outfits I picked out which I feel would be perfect for my holiday! My first wish list is aimed at the perfect summers day strolling on the beach and stopping for an ice cream! The second wish list is based on a day by the pool or on the beach, as you may have guessed! I am also planning a sneaky trip to Primark soon to pick up some holiday bargains, so keep an eye out for a potential haul! I promise not to spend too much ...
Beautysets - Florida Shopping
I adore this Peach wrap crossover dress from New Look - it's so pretty and a gorgeous pastel shade. I can just see this summer dress looking perfect on a day where I may be wandering around the shops or walking on the beach! I absolutely love floral headbands, so I picked out this beautiful pink and cream floral garland to jazz up my dress as I'm not a massive fan of wearing any other jewellery. How adorable is this owl rucksack I found on Asda's website?! It's so cute and would be perfect for carrying around my essentials of my camera and purse! I would, as always, keep my shoes simple and comfy so I've opted for the ballet shoes to keep my feet comfortable!
Beautysets - Florida Beach
Of course, a girl has to have a brand spanking new bikini for their holidays, don't they?! I love this River Island Balconette Bikini as I love pastel shades and this is the perfect pale mint. I also really like this Black Oriental Fringe Kimono from new look, I think this would look great over a bikini and denim shorts. I also picked out this cute daisy beach bag to keep all my essentials in and I also love these stunning jewel sandals from River Island - there's so much attention to detail and it's gorgeous!
Are you going on holiday this year? x

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Raid My Makeup Bag!

Do you ever look at someone that you may not know that well (a colleague, a stranger even) and wonder what make up she's wearing? Or is it just me? For today's post I'm going to pretend that you may be slightly interested in what I have in my makeup bag! I also wonder what steps people do their make up in - do you put your eyes or your face on first?  It's no secret that I love a nose in others makeup bags - so today you can see for yourself all the goodies I have stacked up in mine!

I start with my base by applying Maybelline's Baby Skin Primer which makes the application of my foundation a lot smoother. My current favourite foundation is Seventeen 'Stay Time' in shade 'Natural'. It's my ultimate go to foundation as it provides an excellent full coverage look - which is just what I need! It also gives my favourite finish - matte! If I am in a highlighting mood, I use Collection's 'Lasting Perfection' concealer in shade '1 - Fair'. I love its creamy consistency and I also picked it up for the bargain price of just £1.25! I simply use this on highlighting areas such as between the brows, my chin and under my eyes. After all that is done and dusted, I simply pop a light amount of Seventeen's 'Miracle Matte' Loose Powder which gives my makeup that extra couple of hours lasting time.
After I've completed my foundation routine, I always go straight onto my eyebrows. My eyebrows are actually a lot lighter than my natural dark hair colour, so this is where my HD Brows Brow & Eye Kit in Foxy. My go to shade is always 'Warm Brown'. Once my brows are filled in, it's time to get on with my eye makeup! I've been using my NAKED 3 palette recently - I've got to get my money's worth haven't I? So far, my favourite shades are 'Dust' and 'Nooner'. I always have a slick of black liquid liner on my top lids and Rimmel's Glam Eyes liner is perfect for creating smaller lines and also gives the perfect cat flick too. Another eyeliner I am loving recently is Seventeen's Smoulder Gel'. My favourite mascara is Chanel Le Volume (a free sample!). It's perfect for thickening my lashes as well as giving me lots of length too - it really is perfect apart from the price tag! I use Maybelline's Great Lash mascara on my bottom lashes as it catches all the inner lashes easily. My two favourite pencil eyeliners which I mix up are Rimmel Scandaleyes black liner and Rimmel's white kohl liner.
You may have read my recent post about Sleek's Contour kit in 'light' which is usually my go to kit for my cheeks each day. Another favourite bronzer of mine is Benefit's Hoola which gives a lovely bronzed look to my non existing cheekbones and it lasts a long time too. On the occasional days that I am fancying using a blush, I use Lancôme's Blush Subtil which my mum treated me too for Christmas. I have the shade 'Rose Sable Classic' which is a stunningly subtle pale pink blush.

Four very popular companions of my makeup bag haven't been pictured in the post as they are now too terribly grubby! I'm talking about Seventeen's Lip Crayons which I have in four shades - 'Bold', 'Playful' 'Superstar' and 'Knockout'. Keep an eye out for a review on these very soon! I also love using Collection's 'Mango Tango' lipstick which is a gorgeously bold shade. For a lighter look, I use my Clinique Chubby Stick in shade 'Woopin Watermelon' as it's a pretty pink nude shade which gives just a slight amount of colour to my lips.
What's in your makeup bag? x
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