A Hair Change: Ombre


Just a little post from me today to show off something that's making me happy this week - my new ombre hair! I had been dying my hair blonde for a good three years, but in the past year or so I have returned back to the dark side - my natural colour of brunette! However, fast forward a year or so later and I'm starting to get the itch to go back lighter again. I change my mind a lot - one day I'll love something and next week I'll tell you I hate it - so I knew I couldn't jump straight into going back blonde. Also as my hair is so dark naturally, I knew it would be a slow process to get back to a lighter shade - and sadly an expensive process too, that's what hurts the most! A few months ago I picked up Bleach London's DIY Dip Dye Kit. I would love for this post to be telling you all about that kit, but sadly I couldn't find the guts to 'DIY' as I was so scared of it going 'wrong'. So instead I forked out to have an ombre done at the salon instead - it was on the pricey side but worth it to know I was in the hands of professionals. As you can see, the colour is not a massive difference, the ends are just slightly lighter (perhaps not as quite as light as I'd hoped just yet) but apparently the more I wash my hair, the lighter it will get - yay! I'm definitely considering having this colour as a full head of highlights in a few weeks time - yay for going lighter!
Have you changed your hair recently? x  

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  1. It looks really good and natural :D I recently DIY ombre'd my hair. Was a scary process but think it turned out ok haha. I also wanted to go a little lighter though xxx

    Sarah Speaks

    1. Thank you! It is scary isn't it ha but well done on your DIY job!! X

  2. Ooh I love this look. It actually looks so natural!

    Belle ♥
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