Florida Outfit Wishlists

 My holiday to Florida is creeping up on me closer and closer each day and I can't believe how disorganised I am when it comes to packing! Okay, it's definitely too early to pack, but I could at least be planning my outfits couldn't I?! I've also been thinking about my makeup and hair so you can expect a beauty wish list coming your way very soon! Without further ado, here are two gorgeous outfits I picked out which I feel would be perfect for my holiday! My first wish list is aimed at the perfect summers day strolling on the beach and stopping for an ice cream! The second wish list is based on a day by the pool or on the beach, as you may have guessed! I am also planning a sneaky trip to Primark soon to pick up some holiday bargains, so keep an eye out for a potential haul! I promise not to spend too much ...
Beautysets - Florida Shopping
I adore this Peach wrap crossover dress from New Look - it's so pretty and a gorgeous pastel shade. I can just see this summer dress looking perfect on a day where I may be wandering around the shops or walking on the beach! I absolutely love floral headbands, so I picked out this beautiful pink and cream floral garland to jazz up my dress as I'm not a massive fan of wearing any other jewellery. How adorable is this owl rucksack I found on Asda's website?! It's so cute and would be perfect for carrying around my essentials of my camera and purse! I would, as always, keep my shoes simple and comfy so I've opted for the ballet shoes to keep my feet comfortable!
Beautysets - Florida Beach
Of course, a girl has to have a brand spanking new bikini for their holidays, don't they?! I love this River Island Balconette Bikini as I love pastel shades and this is the perfect pale mint. I also really like this Black Oriental Fringe Kimono from new look, I think this would look great over a bikini and denim shorts. I also picked out this cute daisy beach bag to keep all my essentials in and I also love these stunning jewel sandals from River Island - there's so much attention to detail and it's gorgeous!
Are you going on holiday this year? x

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  1. That dress is so gorgeous! I love kimonos when it's warmer weather too.

    Catherine, xo | Lady Liquor Vintage

  2. That dress is gorgeous! x


  3. I love that dress and floral headband!

  4. The kimono is incredible! I definitely need that in my life!


  5. Really love that mint green bikini! I love the layout of your blog it's so pretty! x

    Cat | LilacGhosts

  6. Loving these looks! The flower halo in the first one is solo cute and the bikini and kimono are amazing!