Raid My Makeup Bag!

Do you ever look at someone that you may not know that well (a colleague, a stranger even) and wonder what make up she's wearing? Or is it just me? For today's post I'm going to pretend that you may be slightly interested in what I have in my makeup bag! I also wonder what steps people do their make up in - do you put your eyes or your face on first?  It's no secret that I love a nose in others makeup bags - so today you can see for yourself all the goodies I have stacked up in mine!

I start with my base by applying Maybelline's Baby Skin Primer which makes the application of my foundation a lot smoother. My current favourite foundation is Seventeen 'Stay Time' in shade 'Natural'. It's my ultimate go to foundation as it provides an excellent full coverage look - which is just what I need! It also gives my favourite finish - matte! If I am in a highlighting mood, I use Collection's 'Lasting Perfection' concealer in shade '1 - Fair'. I love its creamy consistency and I also picked it up for the bargain price of just £1.25! I simply use this on highlighting areas such as between the brows, my chin and under my eyes. After all that is done and dusted, I simply pop a light amount of Seventeen's 'Miracle Matte' Loose Powder which gives my makeup that extra couple of hours lasting time.
After I've completed my foundation routine, I always go straight onto my eyebrows. My eyebrows are actually a lot lighter than my natural dark hair colour, so this is where my HD Brows Brow & Eye Kit in Foxy. My go to shade is always 'Warm Brown'. Once my brows are filled in, it's time to get on with my eye makeup! I've been using my NAKED 3 palette recently - I've got to get my money's worth haven't I? So far, my favourite shades are 'Dust' and 'Nooner'. I always have a slick of black liquid liner on my top lids and Rimmel's Glam Eyes liner is perfect for creating smaller lines and also gives the perfect cat flick too. Another eyeliner I am loving recently is Seventeen's Smoulder Gel'. My favourite mascara is Chanel Le Volume (a free sample!). It's perfect for thickening my lashes as well as giving me lots of length too - it really is perfect apart from the price tag! I use Maybelline's Great Lash mascara on my bottom lashes as it catches all the inner lashes easily. My two favourite pencil eyeliners which I mix up are Rimmel Scandaleyes black liner and Rimmel's white kohl liner.
You may have read my recent post about Sleek's Contour kit in 'light' which is usually my go to kit for my cheeks each day. Another favourite bronzer of mine is Benefit's Hoola which gives a lovely bronzed look to my non existing cheekbones and it lasts a long time too. On the occasional days that I am fancying using a blush, I use Lancôme's Blush Subtil which my mum treated me too for Christmas. I have the shade 'Rose Sable Classic' which is a stunningly subtle pale pink blush.

Four very popular companions of my makeup bag haven't been pictured in the post as they are now too terribly grubby! I'm talking about Seventeen's Lip Crayons which I have in four shades - 'Bold', 'Playful' 'Superstar' and 'Knockout'. Keep an eye out for a review on these very soon! I also love using Collection's 'Mango Tango' lipstick which is a gorgeously bold shade. For a lighter look, I use my Clinique Chubby Stick in shade 'Woopin Watermelon' as it's a pretty pink nude shade which gives just a slight amount of colour to my lips.
What's in your makeup bag? x
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  1. I love Baby Skin but unbelievably my bedroom is so cold the product has got completely frozen and stuck in the nozzle :/ Can't wait for it to get warm so I can use it again!
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

  2. im just as nosy as you! i love seeing what other people are wearing but then it just makes me want to go out and buy them!

  3. This is a fab post, I love reading these, probably because I am so nosy x

  4. I love being nosy! I really liked reading about your eye make up in particular :) I always do my eyes first because otherwise I mess up my foundation, I'm too clumsy haha xx

  5. great post! (:

    Im holding a YSL giveaway on my blog, check it out :)


  6. I want to try the baby skin by maybelline!

    Lovely post!

  7. Great post :) I'm yet to try the baby skin primer. I've heard lots of good thing so will have to add it to my list! x