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 After all this drama in the blogging community recently, it's about time we all told each other just how great we really are! To kick this off on my blog, I wanted to share with you just a fraction of my favourite blogs, who they are, where you can find them and why I love them. The aim of this post is not only to share with you whose blogs I read often, but to boost each others confidence and make us feel good about our blogs! I would also like to add that if you can't see your name here - it doesn't mean you don't have a brilliant blog!

Rebecca's blog is one of my all time favourites. Updated daily, I can find lots of beauty posts mixed with lifestyle and helpful tip posts. I can see just how much effort goes into Autumn Leaves and I would love for Rebecca to earn more recognition for the good work that she does!

I love reading Kirstie's blog and always keep myself updated. Kirstie posts very often and keeps her content interesting and up to date. You can expect wishlists, fashion posts and beauty reviews and my personal favourite - Disney! Check out her new blog design and header too - it's stunning.

Hannah's blog is yet another of my favourites - I never miss a post! I love that Hannah keeps her blog varied - there's beauty reviews, youtube videos and fashion posts. I love seeing Hannah's OOTD as she always has such gorgeous style - I look forward to each post.

Beth, Beth, Beth - where do I start? Beth is such a gorgeous talented lady, she's one to watch out for. With each post, you can tell how much passion she has poured into it and how much knowledge she has on the product she is reviewing. Add beautiful photography to that and voila - Birds Words!

I have been a reader of Kayleigh's blog for over a year now and I'm an avid fan. Each time Kayleigh posts a new blog post, I'm straight over there to have a peek to see what's going on! I love that Kayleigh keeps her blog varied - you can expect fashion, beauty and lifestyle posts. Couture Girl is such an honest and open blog, after reading Kayleigh's bullying post - I respect her even more and believe she is a strong girl!

Believe it or not, I only recently stumbled across Becky's blog and I cant believe just how beautiful it is. I was settled down one night and after discovering Milk Bubble Tea, I literally sat for hours, reading through all her old posts. Words cant describe this blog - check it out for yourself and that'll do the talking for you.

Okay, so I may be slightly biased with this one - Rachel's my sister! I love her to pieces and I'm now so glad that we get to share our hobby of blogging together. Rachel blogs mainly about her lifestyle - you can expect posts including her cute cat Milo, Home décor, OOTD and wedding updates! You can expect a beauty post thrown in here and there too, but as she says to me 'I'll never be as obsessed with makeup as you are!'

I have only recently discovered Adrienne's beauty blog and I absolutely love it. Gorgeous photography and lots of new posts each day! The posts I look forward to the post are her 'Daily Beauty Reports' in which Adrienne tells us about the new beauty releases we can expect to come our way very soon - it gets me excited!

Victoria's blog is actually the reason I found blogs and started writing mine - so I have a lot to thank her for! I found her blog through MSE and have been hooked since then. On Victoria's blog, you can expect to see everything vintage, Cath Kidston, baking, DIY and bargains! I love that everything is kept in a reasonable budget and you aren't being bombarded with high end items! Of course, I couldn't forget to mention Merlin!
Who are your favourite bloggers?
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  1. OOh some fab blogs in your list hun, I read a few of those but am always looking for more, so thank you x