The Post You Never Saw Coming.


Did you sense my sarcasm in the title? I've had a busy couple of days, getting everything sorted for my holiday and generally running round like a blue arsed fly, so this evening I am tucked up in bed watching Harry Potter & The Philosophers Stone whilst catching up on blog posts! So, what brings me to write this post? Ahh, the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards are back - so I'm asking for a little favour! The most important thing for me to point out is that I am in no way begging or desperate for a vote, but if you genuinely do enjoy reading my blog then you can vote for me as 'Best New Beauty Blog'. At the end of the day, we all put so much time, effort and passion into our blogs that quite frankly we all deserve recognition. The next most important thing we need to remember is that these awards are not our lives. Whilst it may be easy for me to get caught up hoping I get one or two votes, it doesn't impact on the fact that I know how much passion and hours I spend working on my blog. Let me know if you do vote for me - I'd be over the moon! Rambling over, let's get back to my normal posts, shall we? x

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  1. Voted for you straight away! Love your blog :) you deserve the recognition lovely, good for you
    Bea x
    Bea's Beauty Blog