Bourjois French Manicure Kit Review

When it comes to my nails, I love keeping it simple. I tend to stick to cute pastel shades and usually shy away from bright and neon shades. As part of a recent giveaway I did with Cohorted, I was lucky enough to receive this 'Bourjois French Manicure' set. A French manicure is always something that I have admired - it looks so sophisticated and elegant and seems perfect for everyday use. As much as I love painting my nails, I usually end up making a mess and having to start all over again, so one evening when I had spare time on my hands I decided to give myself my very own French manicure - I love that I didn't have to go to a salon or pay anybody else to do my nails for me! Without needing much explanation, the manicure itself was pretty easy for me to do. I decided to practice first by using my nail wheel and thought it would make for a better image for the blog post. The kit includes three separate polishes of a base coat, a white liner for the tips and a glossy top coat to complete the look. 

I can imagine that you may not need me to explain to you how a French manicure is done - but I'm going to talk through it anyway! I first started off by removing any old nail polish that was left on my nails to ensure my nails were squeaky clean. I then painted my nails using the Rose lacquer polish. As you can see it's a very nude shade, making it the perfect base for a French manicure. This shade needed at least three coats to build up to my desired colour. I then allowed this to dry completely for a few minutes before moving onto the tips. I must admit that I was concerned about painting the tips - I had visions of it streaking all down the nail, but luckily I was excited to see how the brush of the polish had been made. The brush of the white liner differs from the other polishes as it has a unique brush with its curved angle - making it very easy to create the perfect tips. After my nails had then dried, I later applied a 'So Perfect' top coat to give me a glossy finish. I was really surprised at how easily this look had been to create and I'm really pleased with it! The French Manicure set retails at £9.99 which I feel is good value for three polishes. Since writing this post, I have actually learnt I got the instructions mixed up! Apparently you are meant to paint the tips before you paint the base shade - it didn't do me any harm though! I don't have any negatives to say about the products, I loved the polishes and the final look that it gave me. The only problem I do have with a French manicure is how 'fiddly' it is to complete - especially when you're a bit clumsy like me! It did take me a good half hour to wait for the polishes to dry in between steps, but the actual white tips polish brush made it a heck of a lot easier - this was my favourite part! If you are fancying a sleek and sophisticated look without breaking the bank - I strongly recommend this kit! It's perfect for day to day life and its suitable for work whilst still leaving your nails looking stunning. There's one last thing to say - it's certainly cheaper than an actual manicure!
Do you like French manicures? x

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  1. I love a good manicure, they make your nails look and feel amazing! :)

    Nicola xx

  2. I've purchased this kit twice, only to discover twice that, after using the white for the tips a few times, it would get dry and extremely hard to use it again. The other 2 bottles are fine, just not happy with the white tip one!
    Silke Laura