Dealing With Stress.

There comes a time in our lives when everything just gets 'too much'. I for one have struggled with stress and anxiety in the past, but having since come a long way since then - I find that when stress does hit me, it hits me hard. I wanted to write this post as I have been having a pretty down week. I can't even explain exactly what it was that has triggered me feeling so stressed and on edge, but it left me feeling deflated and unhappy. I am finding that I am not quite sure which way to go in life, what the right thing is to do and how I am supposed to know what I want to do with my future.  Stress to us all can mean different things but for me, when one 'big' thing knocks me sideways, all the little things start to really get on my goat and I really feel on edge and that I just need to hide under the covers and wait until it has passed. For example this week, I have been feeling not like myself, fed up and generally very stressed out meaning the silly little things would send me over the edge - e.g. Tesco refusing to swap my £5 note for pound coins which I needed to park my car for work - in the grand scheme of things, that's pretty petty but when everything gets on top of you, it's the smallest things that can make you feel worse.  I cannot say that there is any way which we can deal with stress, neither do I want to sound like 'Woe is me' and being a negative nelly as I am blessed in my life but I think I have found a few techniques that allow the stress to pass and I feel back to myself again.
Walk Away.
If there is a certain situation that is stressing me out, I find that the best thing for me to do is to walk away. Obviously this cant always happen, say for example you're stressed out at work, then of course you cant just walk away as nobody will understand that sadly! (Personally, if I ever become a manager, I'll let people do that!) If I am in a situation that I cannot control or leave, I just tell myself that it will be over soon and I can have time to myself. If I can walk away or distance myself from the situation, I take time out for myself, go somewhere where I can be alone with a nice magazine and forget about things.
It's a bad day, not a bad life.
This is my favourite quote of all time. The past few days I have been feeling down and not myself, but that's not to say I have a bad life. I realise how lucky I am in this world to have my family, boyfriend, friends, a roof over my head and that's when I remember that stress and bad days always pass and the good days will always outweigh the bad.
Vent it out.
The good old fashioned way to deal with any stress or worries is just to get rid of it - find the nearest person you trust and tell them all about it. Don't worry how long you may be babbling on for if you know you would do the same for them in return. It can also help to write things down, to weigh things up on why you're annoyed at things and then see the positives too.

Things I love.
This weekend has been so relaxing for me and I think this why I am now feeling a lot more positive and back to my normal self. I have just spent my weekend relaxing, not worrying about how I look or what I'm wearing and enjoying things that I like to do. I've done some sunbathing with my cat (who likes to throw himself over any magazine that I may have) and got some blog work done too.
I'm sorry if this post has been negative - I think it has done me good to get things off my chest and now I'm planning to spend the day exactly as I like, before another week starts tomorrow! I would love to know how you deal with stress, whether it comes to you often. Perhaps the fact that sometimes it hits me hard every so often is better than me feeling slightly stressed and anxious on a day to day basis. I have so much to look forward to in life, so it's onwards and upwards from here - I've got a smile on my face! If you fancy reading a more positive post, find out what makes me happy here.
How do you deal with stress? x

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  1. I think this was a great post - personally I've been hit pretty hard over the years with both stress and anxiety, which are totally different things for me. Luckily I saw a great therapist last year who helped me greatly with the anxiety which was getting worse living in the city.

    Stress I still struggle with! A lot of dealing with that has been learning to let go of things I can't change. People will never do things exactly how I want and the little things that come with living with roomies and working with lots of very different people do wear on me if I'm not careful.

    But like you said, it's all about learning how to cope and focusing on the better things and the big picture. I love that quote - it's a bad day, not a bad life. Very true!

    Sorcha x Bright Field Notes

  2. I love this post and it is so true. I have a really stressful job and blogging is often the best way for me to de-stress because I don't need to talk to anyone, just live in my own little bubble xx
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  3. I love posts like these, such a refreshing read xx
    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin

  4. i loved this post- very uplifting! I think one of the main quotes I try to live by is 'this too shall pass'. Since nothing lasts forever, neither will this negative situation, hopefully!x

  5. I really like reading posts like this. Blogging is such a great way to forget about everything else and just do something you enjoy x

    Mapped Out | Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

  6. I really love posts like this :)

  7. LOVED THIS POST :))) Venting for me is such a great stress reliever , It really takes the weight of your shoulders especially when its a person who you trust and know will be listening. I also love how you said '' It's a Bad day, not a bad life '' I never heard that before but its defiantly something I'm going to think about in the future when I become stressed & Anxious :) x
    Cait ||

  8. I really loved this post, I think it's so lovely for bloggers to promote positivity and smiling even in the face of difficult circumstances or tough luck. Thank you for sharing :)

    Meg xo | Meg Says | Beauty, Lifestyle & ME/CFS