I am who I am; My Flaws.

At 5am this morning, I was wide awake thinking of blog post ideas - how random?! Fast forward an hour and I was back to my usual cosy, snoring self. For some reason, I was thinking about what makes me - me. I had been scrolling through my bloglovin feed as I was wide awake and spotted Emma's post on 'What makes you, you?'. It got me thinking of the time as a youngster when I would like in the mirror and think 'How weird that's me - why was I chosen to be me out of all the people in the world?' - it's ok, you can call me a strange child if you wish. Which brings me to today's post - I am happy to be me. After a lot of time wishing I could look like someone else, BE someone else - I am finally happy in who I am as a person and I wouldn't change it for the world. So, me being me, warts and all - I wanted to point out some flaws I have - but look, I'm still happy!
My co-ordination skills are horrendous. I cannot tie shoelaces and I am 21. I cannot reverse park. I once reversed my car into a tree. I cannot work out fiddly things and I will push doors that say pull. I spill things and make a mess.  I put pressure on myself to look perfect, when it's never going to happen. I'm fidgety. I struggle to watch a film as I get bored. I can never quite understand the storyline either - I'm that annoying person who always asks - Who's that? I make a mess. My boyfriend would say my flaw is my mess, I love to dump things everywhere and worry about it later. I prefer nights in to nights out. I'm quiet. I'm never the centre of attention - I would hate it. Being sung happy birthday by even two people is enough to make me blush. I hate having my photo taken. I wear my hair messy because I can't be bothered.
After writing that random segment of all the things that I tend to do wrong and never quite seem to get right - I am still happy in who I am.  I would now like to take the time to apologise if this was a cheesy post, I can smell the edam from here! I hope that you liked this post and I would encourage you to do the same, I'd love to read - plus I'm nosy.
What makes you, you? x
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  1. Aaah I loved this post! I still look in the mirror now and think 'is that actually me? why do i look like this and not beyonce?'. xx

    Grace | Glitter and Carousels

  2. Lovely post :) I think that what makes me, me is my obsession over everything I do to the point where I sometimes don't get things accomplished. Sometimes it comes out perfect, but perfection is different to so many people.

    Madeline | Ring-a-Round a Rosey | Bloglovin’

  3. Sorry for commenting on all your blogposts, I've just found your blog and think all your posts are great! You sound just like me in this post, they're all pretty much my flaws too! Me and co-ordination definitely do not mix well... once when bowling, I bowled the ball and it ended up in the next lanes gutter haha, I still don't know how it happened!

    Nicola x


  4. I really love this post and can relate to a lot of what you're saying :) I always think it's great to embrace the things that make you you and this is a really positive and uplifting post to read :D
    Love Holly x


  5. I love this post, its such a great idea. Everyone needs to learn to embrace the things that make them, them.
    Beth x