The Three Minute Makeup Challenge.

There's nothing I love more than taking the time to get ready and make sure that I'm happy with my makeup. I find it so therapeutic to just sit and relax whilst making myself look presentable! So, when I was challenged by Fragrance Direct to complete my makeup in just three minutes flat - I certainly knew it was going to be a challenge alright! . I was lucky enough to choose three products from Fragrance Direct. I was tempted to choose a foundation, as this is such an important part of my makeup routine but I thought it would be a risky business choosing a new foundation shade online - in case it was far too dark or too light! I decided to opt for a simple look and chose the Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara*, L'Oreal Studio Secrets eye shadow* and Max Factor LipFinity in shade 'Hint Of Pink'.*

I used my iPhone to start off my stopwatch, ready for the challenge of attempting to look remotely presentable in just three minutes! I decided it would be easiest to start off the challenge by applying my LipFinity gloss, leaving me more time to focus on my eyes. This actually took me up to around the 30 second mark as I needed to stop and pop some lip balm on, as I hadn't noticed quite how dry my poor lips had been! The 'Hint Of Pink' was a gorgeous slightly shimmery pink and what I loved about the LipFinity range is that you also get a topcoat that comes with the gloss itself. It's such a conditioning balm and really helped to secure the gloss in place. Next up, I applied my Studio Secrets eye shadow in shade '284', a shimmery golden brown shade which is aimed at intensifying blue eyes (That's why I picked it!). I used the small applicator brush that came in the compact, however I think I would have been more beneficial using a larger eye shadow brush from my Naked 3 palette, as it would have made it easier to blend. I managed to apply the eye shadow pretty quickly - perhaps not quite as blended as I had hoped though! I now had around 1 minute and 30 seconds left to apply my mascara. Using the False Lash Effect mascara very quickly was harder than I thought as the brush is quite big compared to my usual Miss Manga mascara! I found that the mascara did give a lot of length to my lashes but not quite the volume I had hoped for - seeing as it was the first time I had used it, I obviously need to give it more time to build up! Another problem I had with applying mascara so quickly, meant that it made me so much more open to making mistakes! I was left with a few smudges under my bottom lashes and that annoying moment when your mascara decides to spread over your eyelids!
So, my three minutes were up and my look was complete! It wasn't a bad attempt, I guess I could have looked worse! In three minutes I had managed to complete my eye shadow, mascara and lip gloss so I'm going to say that's pretty good going actually! The only problem I had was that as I had kept the products quite simple, I felt rather 'naked' and didn't quite feel that I would be confident enough to wear this on a daily basis. If I was to try the challenge again, I would choose three bolder products such as foundation, eyeliner and mascara instead! If you want to see my completed look, pop over to my Instagram page 'Sweetdreamsblog' where you can see me rocking the 'au natural' look - I'm definitely more of a full on makeup kinda girl! Thank you to Fragrance Direct for challenging me, I'm definitely thinking of trying this again and seeing the different looks that I can create!
Do you think you could apply your makeup in three minutes? x

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  1. How funny! I uploaded my 3 Minute Makeup Challenge today also :D I thought it would be really easy and I thought I would be able to do a whole eyeshadow look and boy was I wrong! Half way through I had a panic and had to skip on a few things I originally wanted to do! You can check out mine here: 3 Minute Makeup Challenge


  2. That eyeshadow looks super pretty!!

  3. 3 minutes! I need a lot longer than that :p I love spending time doing my makeup. As a makeup artist it's my favourite thing to do :) please check out my beauty blog too & follow if you like it ♡