Paperchase Wishlist.

There's something so therapeutic about creating wish lists. I never used to be interested in making them, but now I am finding myself spending way too much time browsing for hidden gems to create a pretty looking wish list. This week I thought I would step away from my usual themed wish lists and I decided to create one based on all gorgeous items from Paperchase. When I think of Paperchase, I of course think of stationery - notebooks, pens and pencils - but I was pleasantly surprised to see just how many other tricks they have up their sleeves! As always, I'm forever dreaming up how I'll decorate my own home when I eventually move out, so I was in my own version of décor heaven when I came across gorgeous bunting, saucers, cute pink straws and also, how amazing is the star - you wrap all your bobbles on there?! I hope you like the cute little unicorn that's hiding away in the corner - I'd quite like a collection of these! PS - you may notice the small cat case link is missing, I'm currently trying to find it, it seems to have vanished!
Do you see anything you like? x
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My Summer Reading List


When I was younger, I'd spend hours reading books. I'd easily get lost in the midst of the latest Jacqueline Wilson and usually get the book finished in a couple of hours, then of course I was straight onto the next one. I'm one of those people that will read anything. Cereal boxes, the back of shampoos and shower gels, leaflets, posters - I just love to read. However, I have found that over the past year or two, my love for reading just seemed to vanish and I couldn't get it back. That can be quite frustrating as a reader, but I just couldn't force myself to concentrate on the words or the story and eventually gave up. The past few months though, I have been back with a vengeance. I think my reading mojo finally came back when I went to Florida in May, reading one book on the flight there, followed by four books whilst I was there! Since then, I have got lost in a couple of books. I am going on a summer holiday next month, where my sister is getting married in Greece - so apart from that special day I aim to get a lot of reading and relaxing done! With that in mind, I thought I would share with you what I am planning to read this summer. I will also admit here, that whilst all these books are on the kindle app of my ipad, I will always prefer having a 'real' book in my hands! Seeing as I tend to get through a good amount of books on a relaxing holiday, I thought it made more sense to load the books on my ipad rather than weighing my poor suitcase down! Without further ado, here are the books I hope to read this summer.
♥ Victoria Fox - Power Games. ♥
♥  Gillian Flynn - Dark Places. ♥
♥ Paige Toon - The Longest Holiday. ♥
♥ E.Lockhart - We Were Liars. ♥
♥ Kate Forster - The Perfect Retreat. ♥
♥ Giovanna Fletcher - Billy & Me. ♥
What's on your summer reading list? x
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How To Make A Little Extra Cash Online.

Before I start, I thought I would just point out that this isn't some random sponsored post! As you may or may not know, I have gone from working full time to part time - this has obviously seen a decrease in the pay I receive, so I thought I would share with you ways that I sometimes get a little extra cash by doing a little work online..

Online Surveys.
Okay, so this may not sound riveting and the most fun thing you can do on the internet - but I find that this really helps! My favourite site to use is called One Poll. It's free to sign up and you can start taking surveys straight away. Each surveys payment can vary from 10p up to 75p - this may not seem an awful lot, but trust me when I say it does add up! The downside to using One Poll is that you have to reach a £40.00 payment threshold before you can withdraw the funds, but once you do, you get £40.00 sent to your Paypal account - just for answering questions about your lifestyle! Of course, it does take a while to get to the threshold, but the more surveys you do, the more you get sent and the more you earn etc. You can also refer friends and receive rewards too. I have had a break from this for a good six months or so as I didn't have the time, but now that I do, I'm just getting to £10.00 so I'm slowly getting there! I would recommend just setting five or ten minutes aside each day and you'll soon see the money add up. There are other survey sites available, but I find OnePoll is the easiest to use.

Mystery Shopping.
Okay, perhaps this isn't quite online, but you certainly need to sign up online. I haven't done this for a long time, but I am now thinking of signing back up as you can earn around £10 - £30 per assignment. I cannot actually recommend a specific website to use, but if you search 'mystery shopping (your area)' then you will be able to find communities to sign up to and start earning. Mystery shopping does of course take effort, travelling to the location etc, but if you stick locally and only accept assignments you are interested in, you may find you enjoy yourself. Also, it feels like being a secret spy!
Ebay and Blog Sales.
Look around your room and you'll soon find a LOT of clothes, makeup, books, dvds etc. that haven't been used for donkeys years! Each one of these can make you money by selling online - as they say, your junk is someone else's treasure! I have written a full guide on my tips for selling on ebay which you can read here - I hope you find it helpful. As always with ebay there are the downsides of fees and the risk of lying buyers who want their money back but I think 99.9% of the time, ebay runs successfully for me! You can also run a blog sale (if you have a blog that is!). There's also lots of talk about a new site called Depop, which is apparently even easier than ebay to use, so happy days!
Use your talents.
If you're lucky enough to be gifted with talents that could potentially earn you money - then go for it! If you scroll through sites such as Etsy, you can find handmade items and lots more - so if this is the type of thing you enjoy doing in your spare time, maybe you could sell them on and make a profit? Another idea is if you are good at blog designs, then there are always lots of us bloggers looking for new designs by you whizz kids!
Cash back.
Chances are you love a bit of online shopping - am I right? If I am right, then I may be able to make you feel a little better by telling you that each time you buy something online - you are able to get some of that money back, yay! There are a good few cash back sites around, but I find Quidco are the easiest to use. Before you shop, say for example you're buying from Asos - you need to search Asos in Quidco - find the cash back and then make your purchase from that link. The link tracks your purchase and you get some money back! Obviously it's not an awful amount, the higher your spend, the higher amount you receive back - but it's better than the retailer having it all isn't it?!

Enter competitions.
Before I started blogging, I used to spend a lot of time entering competitions in my spare time - and I won a few goodies in my time! However, I have found that now I spend more time blogging, I don't have time to enter competitions as it is time consuming. There's loads of competitions around, whether it's to win beauty products to blog about, vouchers or cash - you've got to be in it to win it, right?! My favourite site to use is Money Saving Expert - I also find it's good karma to share any competitions that the site may not have found yet. Good luck!
Do you ever earn money online? x

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New Beauty Release: Models Own Sweet Shop.

Just hearing the two words 'sweet shop' fills me with excitement - I can't help it, I just frickin' love sweets. I know lots of people are chocolate lovers - but I choose sweets over a chocolate bar any day. There's nothing I love more than tucking into a large bag of pick n mix - after making sure I have filled in enough sweets to get my moneys worth! Anyway, why am I rambling about my preference of sweets to chocolate? Well, it's all down to Models Own newest collection of nail polishes - the sweet shop collection! The polishes are described as retro sweet scented shades that smell just as good as they look! So what sweets can we expect our nails to be smelling of?
Scent: Pear Drops. Shade: Coral scented.

 Scent: Fizzy Cola Bottles. Shade: Neutral beige.

Scent: Rhubarb and Custard. Shade: A dark red.

Scent: Liquorice Allsorts . Shade: An opaque black.

Scent: Gumballs. Shade: A hot pink.
Now, I don't know about you, but I think the gumballs stands out to me - a bright shade and sweet scent - yum! The Sweet Shop Collection from Models Own is released in Superdrug stores on 30th July and each polish costs £5.00 each. Also, I'd just like to quickly point out that I haven't been paid or asked to write this post, I just think they look cool!
Do you fancy the Sweet Shop collection? x

PS - Don't forget to enter my giveaway ! You can win Soap & Glory, Origins, Mollie Makes, W7 & Yankee Candle - enter here.
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Themed Wishlist #8: Pink Floral


Top // Bird Ornament // Purse // Socks // Apron // Shoes // Makeup Bag // Mug

PS - Don't forget to enter my giveaway ! You can win Soap & Glory, Origins, Mollie Makes, W7 & Yankee Candle - enter here.

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Guest Post: How To Use Fairy Lights In a Grown-Up Space.

 When it comes to using fairy lighting, many people can be put off from using them or can become a little disheartened as they can give off a sense of youth in terms of a teenage girl’s bedroom. However, you can actually use them to amp-up a grown-up space with surprisingly appealing results. To prove it, we’ve put together of list in ways you can do just that to use your favourite string lights all year round.

Opt for fairy lights with shades/other details: Instead of sticking with the usual, regular, white string lights, it may be a good idea to go for different ones and use fairy lights with different shades or different shaped bulbs with other detailing. There are lots of different examples on the website including fairy lights with Chinese lantern shades and flower shaped bulbs.
Fill old jars, vases or bowls with them: Instead of stringing them up the traditional way, why not get a bit more creative and change the way you display them? They look really great in old mason jars, large vases or interesting bowls for example, and this can be a really nice decor item that can give off a gentle light, too. You could even opt for lanterns which look particularly nice outdoors for outdoor entertaining.
Make a fairy light themed piece of art: This may seem like a bit of a strange example, but trust us! There's a great tutorial here of how you can DIY a piece of art by getting crafty and using fairy lights. It's really interesting and will be totally unique, and of course will give off a nice, gentle light. You could even make them and give to friends and family members as unusual gifts!
Use them to accessorise pretty décor pieces in your home: Why not use them to make the most of the other great features in your room? You can use them to add an accent to things like nice chairs, banisters or even things like photo frames and mirrors. Experiment by draping them around and see what works well with the rest of the room.
DIY or sign your own words with them: If you love the effect of words spelled out in lights, why not get crafty and make your own? There's a lovely example of using fairy lights to make words here, and you can see just how easy and effective it is. You could even spell names or significant numbers out. If you want to go minimal, initials work really well.
Make a fairy light headboard in your bedroom: Want to use fairy lights in your bedroom but want a really grown up and interesting appeal? One sure-fire way to do this is to make a fairy light headboard above your bed. You could opt for a simple headboard outline, or even go for something a little more detailed and intricate, depending on how many lights you have and how much you value your artistic skills!
I hope you enjoyed the guest post - I am now feeling very tempted to go and stock up on fairy lights! Let me know if it gave you any new ideas!
Collaboration Post

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The Seven Sins - Blogger Style

- Oh the hours us bloggers spend lusting over products. Whether that be the latest beauty releases, the newest shoes or the latest gadget - chances are you'll find at least one of us lusting over our next new purchase! That's why it's so fun to make wish lists, right?

Also known as over-indulgence, I have a slight niggling feeling that we'll all be able to admit to this sin! You may have way too many lipsticks, shoes or playsuits - for me it's a rather odd desire I have to keep buying shampoos, conditioners and shower gels!

Uh oh, I can definitely admit to this one! Say for example, I spot theBalm makeup. Everything is just so beautifully packaged and now that I have fallen in love with Mary-Lou ... it's now safe to say that I would gladly add the entire theBalm collection to my basket and squeal in delight when they arrive ... and then kick myself for being greedy!

Let's not beat around the bush. Deep down, we are all hidden sloths, right? When it comes to blogging, I actually don't think it's such a bad thing to be lazy sometimes. We all need to take a break and do other things that inspire us - that's when the blogging mojo comes back to life and we carry on as before!
 Hell hath no fury like a blogger scorned! Let's pretend you're unhappy with a product that you spent your hard earned cash on - then I think it's completely acceptable to write a negative review and there's never anything wrong with that.  

 An entire post has been dedicated to this little one! It is ridiculously easy to compare yourself to others, especially when it comes to our blogs as I know how much hard work we all put into them. Remember why you love your blog, why others love it and remember that we are all different.

 The amount of somebody's blog followers and page views does not mean they are a better person than you, so never let anyone make you feel that they are. However I'm also sat on the fence here as pride isn't always a sin is it? We are proud of our blogs and we should shout about them from the rooftops!
Are you guilty of any of the sins? PS, this was just meant to be a bit of fun, I know we aren't sinners :)  x

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Life's Not Perfect & That's Ok.

Over the past few days, I've been feeling a little bit wobbly to say the least. Slightly emotional, overdramatic and being a general drama queen. However, in my defence sometimes it's good to just let it all out, shake it off and carry on as I was before - and that's just what I did. I have come to accept that my life is not perfect, I am not perfect - nobody is perfect - and that's fine by me. After a few days of moaning and generally feeling down about myself - it now hits me just how lucky I really am. I don't want this to sound as if I am bragging, but I am lucky to have a roof over my head, good health, a loving family, boyfriend and a job. I'm not unemployed and desperately trying to find work, I'm not unloved and I'm not ill - so why do I still find things to complain about?
I guess it's down to'first world problem's. (Have I said that right?) For example, my laptop has just bust and I've had to buy a new one. Instead of moaning that it died on me and how typical  had to get a new one - I should be glad I had one in the first place! As without my laptop, I wouldn't have this little blog of mine and my laptop has seen plenty of blogging days and twitter chats, so it was bound to lay down and die soon. Also, I've been having a moan because I can't afford to move out. Why cant I just enjoy my time living with my parents, enjoy the lesser amount of bills and housework and just look forward to my future? Well, that's me from now on.
What I am trying to say is that sometimes, things in life don't always work out the way that you want them to - but that doesn't mean they wont work out one day. There are things I would love to work towards and hopefully one day I'll get there. Even then, life won't be perfect, because the perfect life doesn't exist.  I can't strive for something that doesn't exist can I? I promise to appreciate what I have, stop moaning and realise just how lucky I am.
Do you ever find yourself forgetting to appreciate your life? x
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My First Ever Spa Day!


At the ripe old age of 21, yesterday marked the day I had my first ever spa day. A spa day is something that in all honestly, has never really interested me that much. I know how relaxing and peaceful they are meant to be, but I was still a little sceptical of just how I was going to find the day! Before I start, I hope you like my photos - they're nothing special as I just made a quick dash around when it was quiet so I could take some snaps! (I thought I'd get weird looks from the staff if they saw me!). Also, I have had a few comments on my giveaway after I asked what you would like to see more of on my blog, and more lifestyle posts have cropped up a few times, so I'm hoping this fits the bill!
The occasion for the spa day was because my lovely sister is getting married next month, and wanted a relaxing spa day. In total there were 11 of us hens and we attended the Corran Resort & Spa. As we arrived, I wasn't massively impressed with the customer service, we weren't welcomed and were just given surveys to fill in. Later, the staff apologised for the customer service as there was a mix up with them being short staffed. We were taken to a small room where we got changed into our robes and slippers and helped ourselves to free glasses of juices and magazines. We all then headed downstairs to the pool room. The pool room was a lot smaller than I had expected, but I loved the décor of blue doors and cream walls - it reminds me of a Greek villa!

As you can see, the swimming pool looks heavenly! It was a lovely warm temperature and also equipped with an amazingly hot and bubbly Jacuzzi. We had a few minutes to get settled before me and my nana headed up for our treatments. The option was to either have a back, neck and shoulder massage or a facial. I decided to opt for a back massage, as this was my first ever spa treatment and I was really unsure of whether I would enjoy a facial or not. The treatment room was gorgeous, with dimly lit candles, soft relaxing music, purple décor and two treatment beds. We were left to get ourselves settled and our treatment began. Being my first ever back massage, I did really enjoy it. I'm not sure whether it is something I would actively go out of my way for, but I enjoyed being able to relax and just forget everything. All the hens who attended enjoyed their treatments and being able to let themselves enjoy the rest.

As you can probably tell from above, there were some pretty awesome views! Being hidden away in Wales, there was lots of countryside and lots of pretty flowers too. At 2pm, we were taken upstairs where we were ready to tuck into Afternoon Tea. I was only expecting a very small spread, perhaps two sandwiches each if we were lucky! As you can probably tell from the picture - we were delighted to find an absolute feast! There were plenty of sandwiches, scones, welsh cakes, salad and quiche - there wasn't one empty plate in the room. After lunch, we all sat outside as it was a beautiful day. We were brought drinks from the bar (We weren't allowed to the bar in our robes as there was a wedding on!) and sat enjoying the sunshine with a cool drink. As we left, we were presented with a yummy cupcake each for our journey home. All in all, I had a really nice day and for my first ever spa day - I really enjoyed!
Have you ever had a spa day? Is it something you enjoy? x
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Discover Your Summer Personality With New Look.

New Look is my all time favourite clothes store - ever. There's no doubt about it, you'll often find me scrolling through the 'New in' section and most importantly - the 'sale' section too! New Look have come up with a new campaign called 'Holiday V Personality' which is a fun and quick quiz which decides what holiday or festival is best suited to you - then you are shown relative outfits! I was given the result of  'Ibiza' - which I half agree and half disagree! There's nothing I love more than a sunny holiday, with a cocktail in one hand and a good book in the other - but Ibiza is famously known as a massive party destination! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a party but I couldn't do it all week long! I love a more relaxing holiday. You can find the quiz here - let me know your results! 
This summer I am off to Greece for my sisters wedding day, I am really excited as it is going to be a small affair and I also get to be her only bridesmaid which I can't wait  for. This is definitely my biggest year for holidays yet after heading to Orlando a few months back . At Greece, I aim to spend the week relaxing, sunbathing, reading , writing and of course - being the perfect bridesmaid!
What are you looking forward to this summer? x
*Sponsored Post.
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Themed Wishlist #7: They Call Me Yellow Mellow.


Ps - Don't forget to enter my giveaway ! You can win Soap & Glory, Origins, Mollie Makes, W7 & Yankee Candle - enter here.
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How To Find Blog Post Ideas.

I have a little task for you to take part in if you ever find yourself lost and confused about what to write about. When you really enjoy blogging, it can be pretty frustrating when your mind is blank and you have no new content to publish. It can often seem as well that every blogger and their dog is churning out unique ideas, while you're sat scratching your head wondering where on earth these ideas come from. Is this sounding familiar at all? Yes, I thought so! As I write this post, I have been having one of those days where my brain just says 'No sorry, not today' and I often find this frustrating especially when I have spare time to myself to just lose myself in my writing and get some posts written. I often write most of my blog posts in my bedroom, curled up with the music or TV on; so as I sat in my bedroom I decided to look around my bedroom and see what ideas I could come up with. Task - Look around the room you are in right now and find as many ideas to write about as possible.

Here I sit on my bed, typing away. I have gorgeous bird print bedding I bought from Dunelm with matching curtains - I could show you pretty pictures and link to it - who knows, you may love it as much as I do? Under my bed, I have a drawer where unused things get shoved into until I remember all about them a few months later. Inside, I have books, scrapbooks, magazines and stationery - all things I can use to find some ideas. Next to my bed we have my bedside table - I could write about organising the drawers, decorating your bedside, what's in my drawers etc. My wardrobe can bring a whole range of ideas. There are outfits I could put together - I may not necessarily have to be wearing them, I could just arrange them prettily and voila! I can also talk about wardrobe organisation, clearing out, what to keep and what to throw etc.
Besides my wardrobe lies my latest project; my scrapbook. I have found this inspires me to get blogging, even if it is just to create wish lists. I can also write posts about my scrapbook, showing ideas and also showing what's in my scrapbook. Next up we have my beauty storage - maybe I could tidy it up for once and picture it? Show you my collection of nail polishes, shower gels etc. Looking around my room, I also have lots of little trinkets, photos and ornaments - each showing my personality - I could share this with you and see if we have similar tastes. Last but not least, I have my laptop. It's certainly giving me grief lately what with it's keyboard freezing every day but it's a big source of inspiration for me. I can talk to other bloggers, find new beauty products, read blogs - all my favourite things which inspire me to write.
What do you do when you get stuck for ideas? x

Ps - Don't forget to enter my giveaway ! You can win Soap & Glory, Origins, Mollie Makes, W7 & Yankee Candle - enter here.

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Sweet Dreams Giveaway: Origins, Mollie Makes, Yankee Candle & More!


I've been wanting to do a giveaway for a good few weeks now. After a recent blogging chat and a lot of love for giveaways I decided to go ahead and do it anyway. After all, I can do what I want with my blog! I haven't got a real reason for this giveaway, it's just that I am enjoying blogging so much, I wanted to share something back with you. Please only enter if you are in the UK. All the products have been bought by myself and are brand new. Good luck!
Prize Includes:
Mollie Makes Blogging Magazine
Origins GinZing Refreshing Cleanser Scrub
Soap and Glory Clean On Me Shower Gel (500ml)
W7 False Lashes
Mini Yankee Candle

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Bleach London Balayage Beach Lights Kit: Review & Results.

There comes a time in many girls lives when they fancy a change - hair, makeup, lifestyle -etc. One things I would quite like to change at the moment, is my hair. For years I have been dying my hair blond before batting back to my natural brunette colour. It's been on my mind to start getting lighter hair for the fun of it, so after having my dip dye a few months ago, I decided to edge a tiny bit closer to the blonder side of life. As my hair is so naturally dark, I worry a lot about using DIY home kits - I imagine disaster hairstyles and orange streaks - not good! One brand I always know I can trust to keep my hair safe and looking good; is Bleach London. Bleach London, if you read this, don't stop doing what you're doing. Before I start, 'Balyage' is a technique used for highlighting hair in which the dye is painted on to create a natural look. (I'm not clever, I googled it). Here's the result:
I recently spotted Bleach's latest new release of 'Beach Lights' which is a DIY kit for natural looking, sun kissed highlights. At the bargain price of just £7.00, I added it to my basket and instantly bought it! The kit includes two bleaching powders, a developing lotion, restoration mask, a tint brush, mixing bowl, a balyage board, gloves and instructions. Phew. Sadly, I didn't have my blogging head on at the time of using the kit, as I was so excited and nervous in case I was about to end up with orange hair, so I cant show you the contents. To start, I mixed the two bleaching powders with the developing lotion, using the tinting brush. I found the mixture a little harder to mix than I have when I previously used the DIY Dip Dye Kit. I also found the instructions a little bit confusing. I have never heard of a balyage board before - you use it to help you realise where you want to begin applying the bleach and work downwards. To make the highlights look more natural and less severe, I applied a small amount to where I wanted the highlights to start and a larger amount of bleach towards the ends of the hair. The bleach can be left on for 15-30 minutes, I chose 30 minutes as I was dying my natural brown hair so I wanted to make sure it had time to settle in.
I then rinsed the bleach out, shampooed my hair and applied the Restoration Mask (which is seriously good). I applied lots of heat spray before blow drying, whilst panicking inside in case I was about to be met with Oompa Loompa streaks. Luckily, the above picture was my final result and I'm really pleased with it. It has brightened up my dip dye and also bought lighter shades into my hair. I love that I didn't go to a salon and spend £80 to have this done for me - as Bleach London will do it just as good for so much cheaper. I strongly recommend you check out this kit if you fancy some highlights in your life! You may need to add a toner on top, I think I may need to get one as some strands are slightly darker than others, but the toner only costs £7.00 too - so that's £14.00 max for highlights! You wouldn't get that in a hairdressers! PS - Excuse my slightly 'rabbit caught in headlights and stern mouth' expression.
Would you 'Balyage' your hair?
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A Disney Account You NEED In Your Life.


Okay, okay so you may not NEED it in your life. However, if you're a Disney lover, you're sure as heck going to WANT this in your life. After I stumbled upon this absolute beauty of a Tumblr account, I knew I had to share it on my blog. I know there are lots of other Disney lovers around who hopefully will be reading and I bet you will love this website just as much as I do! Mary is an artist who runs Petite Tiaras - showcasing all her amazing Disney work. Her website is described as being 'Your number once source for Disney princesses' - I think it's that and then some more! Not only will you find magazine features with the princesses themselves, you can find themed Princesses such as Cinderella at Christmas and Halloween etc. My ultimate favourites are the magazine covers, such a unique and original idea - if only I was as talented! If you're a Disney lover - trust me when I say you wont be disappointed!
Are you a Disney lover? x

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Themed Wishlist #6: Mint Green




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New Beauty Release: The Freckle Pencil.

I wanted to write a little post today, showing you a new product on the market which has quite frankly baffled me. Ladies and gentlemen who have lived their lives covered in freckles (that's me) may be rather confused by this new freckle pencil - I wear a full coverage foundation as I like to cover them up! However, despite this I can see this pencil making its way into a few makeup bags soon. Despite my skin already being covered enough, I can imagine that if I had clearer skin, then maybe I would quite fancy drawing on a few cute freckles on my cheeks and nose! That's the beauty of it though - you can choose where and when you want your freckles (which I can't do!). Freckles are seen as cute and summery, so now may be the perfect time for this product to be released. I think a few beauty lovers may enjoy drawing themselves on a couple of freckles while rocking the more natural look with beachy waves - it certainly gives the holiday look! The pencil has a marbleised formula to help create natural looking freckles.

 Depsite the benefits I can think of using a freckle pencil, I am well and truly sat on the fence with this latest release - one on hand I see that some beauty lovers may enjoy drawing a few freckles on - but why not just use an ordinary pencil? What if you end up looking ridiculous? Also, imagine if your 'freckles' started smudging in the rain?!

Topshop’s ‘Freckle’ pencil will be available from the 18th July.
I wonder if this would be a bit of a 'gimmick' product?

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Little Things To Inspire You.

Leave a Comment
Go for a walk.
Take photos of anything you want.
Look through old photos.
Go somewhere new.
Read a book.
Re-read a favourite book.
Flick through a magazine.
Try new foods.
Listen to music.
Take a break from the internet.
Go to the library.
Go window shopping.
Read your favourite blogs.
Do something good each day.
Paint your nails.
Have a hot chocolate in a coffee shop.
Or an ice cream on a hot day.
Start a scrapbook.
Spend time with those who inspire you.
Or read about them.
Create wish lists.
Watch Disney movies.
Browse Pinterest or We Heart It.
How do you stay inspired? x
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Along Came Betty 'One Pot Of Polish' Review.


Being a fake tan addict, there comes a time each week when it's time for me to pull out my latest body scrub and flake away the pesky stubborn bits that need to be removed. My most used body scrub has recently been Soap and Glory's Sugar Crush as it smells so damn good, but having recently reached the end of the tub, I decided to shop my stash instead of buying a new scrub. I am trying to cut down on my spending, especially when it's something that I already have another of - so I rummaged through my bag of goodies (yes I actually have one!) and found Along Came Betty's One Pot Of Polish body scrub. Along Came Betty are a body, skincare and makeup brand sold exclusively to Tesco. I love the vintage style packaging that each product has, and most of all I love the cheap price tags! You can't also help but notice that the packaging of Along Came Betty does seem to be inspired by the popularity of Soap & Glory. The 'One Pot Of Polish' is a pretty hefty tub of 300ml of scrubby goodness. It's a salt, sugar and apricot scrub and it really does smell divine. I have to admit it doesn't quite beat Sugar Crush when it comes to the scent of the scrub, but I think the scrub itself is more abrasive than Sugar Crush, making it easier to exfoliate my skin. What I love most about the scrub is it's such a thick formula, I love scooping up a hefty chunk and massaging it into my body. It's perfect for using before applying my fake tan, making the application a lot smoother and no patchiness and it's then perfect for removing fake tan and generally keeping my skin soft and in good condition. The One Pot Of Polish retails at £5.99 and is available to buy online here or available in all Tesco stores.
Have you tried any Along Came Betty products? x

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theBalm Mary Lou Manizer Review

As you may have noticed in my latest beauty haul, I recently picked up two of theBalm products - Bahama Mama Bronzer and Mary-Lou Manizer. As you also may have noticed by the title of this post - today I am going to be reviewing the Mary-Lou Manizer. Before I even begin to approach the subject of just how amazing this product really is, we really need to talk about the packaging. I used to think that Benefit and Soap & Glory had the best product packaging out there - but theBalm blows them out of the water. Each product is so uniquely packaged, already making it stand out from other beauty brands. The Mary-Lou Manizer is a honey-hued highlighter and if you're quite fancying buying this product - you need to do it! (You can blame me!) A few weeks ago I featured this on my beauty wishlist and I had lots of comments from fellow beauty bloggers encouraging me to buy it, so I am now glad that I finally caved! As I mentioned Mary-Lou is a highlighter but what I love about it is that it is versatile. You can sweep it onto your cheeks, wear as an eyeshadow or even wear as an all over glow for a big night out. You can be creative and use on typical highlighting areas such as your brow bone and the bridge of your nose.The powder itself is very fine and has a smooth texture and best of all, you only need a very small amount each time you use.

Left: Swatch. Right: Blended.
To apply, I simply use my Lola Kabuki brush. Rather than applying the powder to the brush, I run a finger over the powder and sweep upwards on both my cheekbones. I then use my Kabuki brush to blend in. The result I get is such a beautiful shimmer and it gives me a lovely glow to my skin. I often find that my skin can become quite dull recently and this product really does give it such a natural glow. Using a highlighter may not seem the most essential part of a makeup routine, but it literally only takes a couple of seconds to apply and blend in. As you can see from my swatches, it blends in very well and doesn't leave me with any obvious 'streaks' which I was slightly concerned about. If you are concerned the powder may be too 'shimmery' then I would say that it's a lot more subtle than I expected it to be. A suggestion I would say when using Mary-Lou is to start off with only a very small amount. It can be subtle as long as it's blended in correctly, but I feel that if I was to go overboard and apply too much, I'd be looking like a disco ball! Another positive of using Mary-Lou is the lasting power. It lasts pretty much all day and it doesn't even begin to fade - it's perfect.
If you're fancying dabbling in theBalm or have had your eye on Mary-Lou - I can't recommend it enough!
Have you tried Mary-Lou? x
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