Along Came Betty 'One Pot Of Polish' Review.


Being a fake tan addict, there comes a time each week when it's time for me to pull out my latest body scrub and flake away the pesky stubborn bits that need to be removed. My most used body scrub has recently been Soap and Glory's Sugar Crush as it smells so damn good, but having recently reached the end of the tub, I decided to shop my stash instead of buying a new scrub. I am trying to cut down on my spending, especially when it's something that I already have another of - so I rummaged through my bag of goodies (yes I actually have one!) and found Along Came Betty's One Pot Of Polish body scrub. Along Came Betty are a body, skincare and makeup brand sold exclusively to Tesco. I love the vintage style packaging that each product has, and most of all I love the cheap price tags! You can't also help but notice that the packaging of Along Came Betty does seem to be inspired by the popularity of Soap & Glory. The 'One Pot Of Polish' is a pretty hefty tub of 300ml of scrubby goodness. It's a salt, sugar and apricot scrub and it really does smell divine. I have to admit it doesn't quite beat Sugar Crush when it comes to the scent of the scrub, but I think the scrub itself is more abrasive than Sugar Crush, making it easier to exfoliate my skin. What I love most about the scrub is it's such a thick formula, I love scooping up a hefty chunk and massaging it into my body. It's perfect for using before applying my fake tan, making the application a lot smoother and no patchiness and it's then perfect for removing fake tan and generally keeping my skin soft and in good condition. The One Pot Of Polish retails at £5.99 and is available to buy online here or available in all Tesco stores.
Have you tried any Along Came Betty products? x

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  1. I have never come across along came betty products and i sure love how the packaging looks <3

    lovely lil review!

    zara xx

  2. I use the Bro-wow eyebrow kit from Along Came Betty and love it! But I haven't tried anything else from them. But after reading this I'm definitely going to give the scrub a sniff in store soon! :)
    xx Ann-Kathrin

  3. I really need a new pot of scrub though I'm a wee bit too poor for my usual Breakfast Scrub. This looks like a good alternative for now :)
    Megan x

  4. The packaging is so cute and the product looks great x

  5. Cute packaging! I love a good body scrub but I've got 3 pots already on the go so it's a while before I can justify 'investing' in more! xx

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  6. I have recently bought the face mask from this brand, I'm really excited to use it, although it does look like Soap and Glory knock offs- but for just as much money. I do love a good scrub though! xx

  7. I was looking at this yesterday, but put it back on the shelf. Regretting that now xx

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