Bleach London Balayage Beach Lights Kit: Review & Results.

There comes a time in many girls lives when they fancy a change - hair, makeup, lifestyle -etc. One things I would quite like to change at the moment, is my hair. For years I have been dying my hair blond before batting back to my natural brunette colour. It's been on my mind to start getting lighter hair for the fun of it, so after having my dip dye a few months ago, I decided to edge a tiny bit closer to the blonder side of life. As my hair is so naturally dark, I worry a lot about using DIY home kits - I imagine disaster hairstyles and orange streaks - not good! One brand I always know I can trust to keep my hair safe and looking good; is Bleach London. Bleach London, if you read this, don't stop doing what you're doing. Before I start, 'Balyage' is a technique used for highlighting hair in which the dye is painted on to create a natural look. (I'm not clever, I googled it). Here's the result:
I recently spotted Bleach's latest new release of 'Beach Lights' which is a DIY kit for natural looking, sun kissed highlights. At the bargain price of just £7.00, I added it to my basket and instantly bought it! The kit includes two bleaching powders, a developing lotion, restoration mask, a tint brush, mixing bowl, a balyage board, gloves and instructions. Phew. Sadly, I didn't have my blogging head on at the time of using the kit, as I was so excited and nervous in case I was about to end up with orange hair, so I cant show you the contents. To start, I mixed the two bleaching powders with the developing lotion, using the tinting brush. I found the mixture a little harder to mix than I have when I previously used the DIY Dip Dye Kit. I also found the instructions a little bit confusing. I have never heard of a balyage board before - you use it to help you realise where you want to begin applying the bleach and work downwards. To make the highlights look more natural and less severe, I applied a small amount to where I wanted the highlights to start and a larger amount of bleach towards the ends of the hair. The bleach can be left on for 15-30 minutes, I chose 30 minutes as I was dying my natural brown hair so I wanted to make sure it had time to settle in.
I then rinsed the bleach out, shampooed my hair and applied the Restoration Mask (which is seriously good). I applied lots of heat spray before blow drying, whilst panicking inside in case I was about to be met with Oompa Loompa streaks. Luckily, the above picture was my final result and I'm really pleased with it. It has brightened up my dip dye and also bought lighter shades into my hair. I love that I didn't go to a salon and spend £80 to have this done for me - as Bleach London will do it just as good for so much cheaper. I strongly recommend you check out this kit if you fancy some highlights in your life! You may need to add a toner on top, I think I may need to get one as some strands are slightly darker than others, but the toner only costs £7.00 too - so that's £14.00 max for highlights! You wouldn't get that in a hairdressers! PS - Excuse my slightly 'rabbit caught in headlights and stern mouth' expression.
Would you 'Balyage' your hair?
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  1. It looks amazing, I also have dip dye hair so will definitely have to pick some of this up to give it that extra highlight. I've just come across your blog now and its amazing!

    Paige xx

  2. Pretty lady! I've never dyed my hair but am super tempted thanks to Bleach London.

    Emma x

  3. oh wow, that looks great! Definitely wouldn't think you did it yourself. xx

  4. just beautiful! You look fabulous and love the color!

  5. Ooh this look quite nifty, I'll have to look into it as I wanted to go lighter for summer.

    Sarah xo | PolkaDotLemon

  6. It looks great! xx

  7. It's a stunning look, well done on getting it right, I couldn't!

  8. I'm hoping to do this with my hair tomorrow, and as the instructions are a bit vague I'd love it if you could just quickly let me know the gist of how it goes? The whole strand thing really confused me aha!

    1. P.S this is a great review and your hair looks absolutely gorgeous!๐Ÿ˜Š

  9. This really helped me decide to give this a go. I have short curly hair that is dark blonde. It took me a good 30mins to get a lighter blonde colour...I'm going to try the toner as well to see if that lifts just the last bit of warmth from my hair.
    The instructions were odd to follow, the product doesn't need all of the sachet mixed ( it made shed tonnes of mixture for me and unless you have a lot of hair. Take it easy on mixing it up).
    The baylage board that comes with it is odd to use, in the end I kind of went free hand and it worked nicely enough. But i think for longer hair it would be useful.
    The instructions would be better to follow with pictures! I you tubed a tutorial too which helped.

    Overall I was very happy ibirthday th using this despite my concerns at the bleach not lifting strongly enough.