Guest Post: How To Use Fairy Lights In a Grown-Up Space.

 When it comes to using fairy lighting, many people can be put off from using them or can become a little disheartened as they can give off a sense of youth in terms of a teenage girl’s bedroom. However, you can actually use them to amp-up a grown-up space with surprisingly appealing results. To prove it, we’ve put together of list in ways you can do just that to use your favourite string lights all year round.

Opt for fairy lights with shades/other details: Instead of sticking with the usual, regular, white string lights, it may be a good idea to go for different ones and use fairy lights with different shades or different shaped bulbs with other detailing. There are lots of different examples on the website including fairy lights with Chinese lantern shades and flower shaped bulbs.
Fill old jars, vases or bowls with them: Instead of stringing them up the traditional way, why not get a bit more creative and change the way you display them? They look really great in old mason jars, large vases or interesting bowls for example, and this can be a really nice decor item that can give off a gentle light, too. You could even opt for lanterns which look particularly nice outdoors for outdoor entertaining.
Make a fairy light themed piece of art: This may seem like a bit of a strange example, but trust us! There's a great tutorial here of how you can DIY a piece of art by getting crafty and using fairy lights. It's really interesting and will be totally unique, and of course will give off a nice, gentle light. You could even make them and give to friends and family members as unusual gifts!
Use them to accessorise pretty décor pieces in your home: Why not use them to make the most of the other great features in your room? You can use them to add an accent to things like nice chairs, banisters or even things like photo frames and mirrors. Experiment by draping them around and see what works well with the rest of the room.
DIY or sign your own words with them: If you love the effect of words spelled out in lights, why not get crafty and make your own? There's a lovely example of using fairy lights to make words here, and you can see just how easy and effective it is. You could even spell names or significant numbers out. If you want to go minimal, initials work really well.
Make a fairy light headboard in your bedroom: Want to use fairy lights in your bedroom but want a really grown up and interesting appeal? One sure-fire way to do this is to make a fairy light headboard above your bed. You could opt for a simple headboard outline, or even go for something a little more detailed and intricate, depending on how many lights you have and how much you value your artistic skills!
I hope you enjoyed the guest post - I am now feeling very tempted to go and stock up on fairy lights! Let me know if it gave you any new ideas!
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  1. Such a creative and fun post! Loved it!

  2. I love fairylights, these are some great tips :)
    Megan x

  3. I love these lights, what a great post with really helpful tips :)


  4. I loved this post, I'm obsessed with fairy lights!


  5. Love this post, fairy lights are amazing - just wish my boyfriend felt the same! xx

  6. Fab post, I am obsessed with fairylights, one of my favourite things to have so I don't have to put the lights on x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  7. Fairy lights are ALWAYS appropriate!
    I love the jars idea - I have never thought to do that before!
    Kelsey x

  8. This is such a great idea, and the fairylights look gorgeous! I'm gonna have to invest in some! x