How To Make A Little Extra Cash Online.

Before I start, I thought I would just point out that this isn't some random sponsored post! As you may or may not know, I have gone from working full time to part time - this has obviously seen a decrease in the pay I receive, so I thought I would share with you ways that I sometimes get a little extra cash by doing a little work online..

Online Surveys.
Okay, so this may not sound riveting and the most fun thing you can do on the internet - but I find that this really helps! My favourite site to use is called One Poll. It's free to sign up and you can start taking surveys straight away. Each surveys payment can vary from 10p up to 75p - this may not seem an awful lot, but trust me when I say it does add up! The downside to using One Poll is that you have to reach a £40.00 payment threshold before you can withdraw the funds, but once you do, you get £40.00 sent to your Paypal account - just for answering questions about your lifestyle! Of course, it does take a while to get to the threshold, but the more surveys you do, the more you get sent and the more you earn etc. You can also refer friends and receive rewards too. I have had a break from this for a good six months or so as I didn't have the time, but now that I do, I'm just getting to £10.00 so I'm slowly getting there! I would recommend just setting five or ten minutes aside each day and you'll soon see the money add up. There are other survey sites available, but I find OnePoll is the easiest to use.

Mystery Shopping.
Okay, perhaps this isn't quite online, but you certainly need to sign up online. I haven't done this for a long time, but I am now thinking of signing back up as you can earn around £10 - £30 per assignment. I cannot actually recommend a specific website to use, but if you search 'mystery shopping (your area)' then you will be able to find communities to sign up to and start earning. Mystery shopping does of course take effort, travelling to the location etc, but if you stick locally and only accept assignments you are interested in, you may find you enjoy yourself. Also, it feels like being a secret spy!
Ebay and Blog Sales.
Look around your room and you'll soon find a LOT of clothes, makeup, books, dvds etc. that haven't been used for donkeys years! Each one of these can make you money by selling online - as they say, your junk is someone else's treasure! I have written a full guide on my tips for selling on ebay which you can read here - I hope you find it helpful. As always with ebay there are the downsides of fees and the risk of lying buyers who want their money back but I think 99.9% of the time, ebay runs successfully for me! You can also run a blog sale (if you have a blog that is!). There's also lots of talk about a new site called Depop, which is apparently even easier than ebay to use, so happy days!
Use your talents.
If you're lucky enough to be gifted with talents that could potentially earn you money - then go for it! If you scroll through sites such as Etsy, you can find handmade items and lots more - so if this is the type of thing you enjoy doing in your spare time, maybe you could sell them on and make a profit? Another idea is if you are good at blog designs, then there are always lots of us bloggers looking for new designs by you whizz kids!
Cash back.
Chances are you love a bit of online shopping - am I right? If I am right, then I may be able to make you feel a little better by telling you that each time you buy something online - you are able to get some of that money back, yay! There are a good few cash back sites around, but I find Quidco are the easiest to use. Before you shop, say for example you're buying from Asos - you need to search Asos in Quidco - find the cash back and then make your purchase from that link. The link tracks your purchase and you get some money back! Obviously it's not an awful amount, the higher your spend, the higher amount you receive back - but it's better than the retailer having it all isn't it?!

Enter competitions.
Before I started blogging, I used to spend a lot of time entering competitions in my spare time - and I won a few goodies in my time! However, I have found that now I spend more time blogging, I don't have time to enter competitions as it is time consuming. There's loads of competitions around, whether it's to win beauty products to blog about, vouchers or cash - you've got to be in it to win it, right?! My favourite site to use is Money Saving Expert - I also find it's good karma to share any competitions that the site may not have found yet. Good luck!
Do you ever earn money online? x

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  1. Such a great post!

  2. Thank you for the tips lovely, I never thought about a lot of these ideas as a way to make extra money. I've signed upto one poll now :)

  3. really great post! very helpful, I always enter competitions you can win some amazing things :)

  4. I'm always entering competitions myself! Free samples are pretty fun also, I recently got a free sample of Mac prep and prime so definitely a good way to get some pretty awesome stuff without spending a penny! :D
    Btw loved the Bridesmaids reference, love the whole airplane scene myself :)
    Much love x