My First Ever Spa Day!


At the ripe old age of 21, yesterday marked the day I had my first ever spa day. A spa day is something that in all honestly, has never really interested me that much. I know how relaxing and peaceful they are meant to be, but I was still a little sceptical of just how I was going to find the day! Before I start, I hope you like my photos - they're nothing special as I just made a quick dash around when it was quiet so I could take some snaps! (I thought I'd get weird looks from the staff if they saw me!). Also, I have had a few comments on my giveaway after I asked what you would like to see more of on my blog, and more lifestyle posts have cropped up a few times, so I'm hoping this fits the bill!
The occasion for the spa day was because my lovely sister is getting married next month, and wanted a relaxing spa day. In total there were 11 of us hens and we attended the Corran Resort & Spa. As we arrived, I wasn't massively impressed with the customer service, we weren't welcomed and were just given surveys to fill in. Later, the staff apologised for the customer service as there was a mix up with them being short staffed. We were taken to a small room where we got changed into our robes and slippers and helped ourselves to free glasses of juices and magazines. We all then headed downstairs to the pool room. The pool room was a lot smaller than I had expected, but I loved the décor of blue doors and cream walls - it reminds me of a Greek villa!

As you can see, the swimming pool looks heavenly! It was a lovely warm temperature and also equipped with an amazingly hot and bubbly Jacuzzi. We had a few minutes to get settled before me and my nana headed up for our treatments. The option was to either have a back, neck and shoulder massage or a facial. I decided to opt for a back massage, as this was my first ever spa treatment and I was really unsure of whether I would enjoy a facial or not. The treatment room was gorgeous, with dimly lit candles, soft relaxing music, purple décor and two treatment beds. We were left to get ourselves settled and our treatment began. Being my first ever back massage, I did really enjoy it. I'm not sure whether it is something I would actively go out of my way for, but I enjoyed being able to relax and just forget everything. All the hens who attended enjoyed their treatments and being able to let themselves enjoy the rest.

As you can probably tell from above, there were some pretty awesome views! Being hidden away in Wales, there was lots of countryside and lots of pretty flowers too. At 2pm, we were taken upstairs where we were ready to tuck into Afternoon Tea. I was only expecting a very small spread, perhaps two sandwiches each if we were lucky! As you can probably tell from the picture - we were delighted to find an absolute feast! There were plenty of sandwiches, scones, welsh cakes, salad and quiche - there wasn't one empty plate in the room. After lunch, we all sat outside as it was a beautiful day. We were brought drinks from the bar (We weren't allowed to the bar in our robes as there was a wedding on!) and sat enjoying the sunshine with a cool drink. As we left, we were presented with a yummy cupcake each for our journey home. All in all, I had a really nice day and for my first ever spa day - I really enjoyed!
Have you ever had a spa day? Is it something you enjoy? x
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  1. I've never been to a spa! I've had treatments, but I've never had a spa day, it sounds fab though!

    Nikki x

  2. I've never been on a spa day! This place looks absolutely amazing & the food YUM! :)

  3. That place looks really lovely & it sounds like you had a great time, too. Hopefully in the future I can go for a spa day! x

    Kathryn | effievanity

  4. That's a shame about the welcome or rather lack of it but glad they apologised, it's not a great first example though is it? the setting looks pretty. Glad you all had a lovely day.
    I'm 30 and still never been on a spa day, I've been wanting to for quite a few years but for some reason just never got around to it, I must do it before the year is out.

    Belle x Part of Belle's world

  5. ooh looks like you had a fab day, such a pretty place ^v^ xx

  6. That looks so lovely!

    Helen x

  7. I WANT A SPA DAY!! I was actually planning on having a spa day for my mums birthday but she recently told me she would HATE that. How nice of her!!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo
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  8. I've never been to a Spa, but it looks so lovely!


  9. I love spa days, these looks so lovely!

  10. I went for my first spa day the other day too at the age of 21, I wasn't massively impressed but the spa you went looks lovely! :) x

    ive never been to a spa, im so jealous :-(xxxx