Garnier Ultimate Blends 'The Sleek Restorer' Hair Oil Review.

Now that I have lighter coloured hair on the ends of my hair, it's an essential for my poor hair that it gets a good drenching of hair oil at least each time I blow dry. I've been loving using Garnier's Silky Smoother shampoo, so I was really excited to try the 'Sleek Restorer' hair oil from their new Ultimate Blends range. Over the past year, hair oil has become an everyday routine for me and after developing a crush on the rather expensive Moroccan Oil, I'm always open to finding cheaper and possibly even a better alternative! The 'Sleek Restorer Oil' is taken from Garnier's 'Sleek Restorer' range which is aimed at dry and frizzy hair - perfect for my dry ends.
With the hair oil itself being part of the sleek range, I find the packaging pretty sleek itself. As you can see, it comes in a cute round bottle which has a handy dispensing pump and lid. Before I tell you any more about the product - I need to tell you just how amazing it smells. Think of the perfect summer scent - coconuts, sunscreen and sun - and you'll have the scent of the Sleek Restore Oil. The main scent of the oil is coconut as the oil itself has been blended with pure coconut oil to help restore frizz and smooth down any flyaways. I love that the oil is versatile, you can use on dry hair to smooth down flyways or just for a general quick condition on the go or you can use my favourite option of massaging the oil into the ends of my wet hair before blow drying. The oil itself is a clear liquid oil and blends easily onto the ends of my hair. I just love the coconut scent! Also a handy selling point of the oil is that it includes protection of heat up to 230oC, so you don't even need to add a heat spray to your routine!
When using a new hair oil, I have two concerns. My first concern is that it may make my hair feel greasy or weighed down - this did neither. My second concern is that it will not live up to my expectations of my usual hair oil - but luckily this didn't disappoint me and I really recommend it to you. It keeps my hair feeling soft, smooth and silky and best of all, it doesn't break the bank - what more could I ask for? The oil retails at just £9.99 for 150ml. I only need to use a small amount each time , so this bottle is going to last me a long while yet!
What's your favourite hair oil? x
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  1. This sounds so good! My hair is very frizzy so maybe this will be helpful. The price is great too, as Moroccan oil is really expensive so this looks like a great alternative at £9.99 :D I really enjoyed reading this review! Xx

  2. This sounds lovely. I currently using Moroccan Oil, and then I also have a little pot of argon oil thing to use after, but after that I may try this! I love using pure coconut oil as hair masks so anything coconutty is good for me!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  3. I've seen this in so many shops, but never bought it because I wasn't sure if it was worth it, but after reading this, I'm pretty much sold!

    Ciara x | Ciara Pocket

  4. You can try this oil here: