theBalm Bahama Mama Bronzer Review

theBalm Bahama Mama Bronzer - £13.50

Ah, theBalm. How beautiful your products are, so sophisticated and sleek in my makeup bag. First you wowed me with Mary-Lou and now I'm settled down with Bahama Mama bronzer safely tucked away into my makeup bag. I have been eyeing up theBalm products for quite a while now, what with their unique and quirky packaging - I think it blows all other companies out of the water! Today's review is of course all about the Bahama Mama bronzer - a matte bronzer packaged handily in a compact kit. When I received my order, I must admit I was shocked at how teeny tiny the product is! Don't be fooled by my or any other bloggers photos - this little compact is pretty dinky! I had to look twice in my confusion as it just about fits into the palm of my hands. As you can see the bronzer is packaged quirkily and is certainly eye catching. What I was surprised with the packaging was how it opens like a little book. You can remove the outer packaging which slides off, to reveal a cute 'book' which has the same front cover and fab bronzer inside. 

Packaging aside, let's get down to the nitty gritty. My history of bronzers is pretty non-existant, I've been using Benefit's Hoola and Sleek's contour kit, but bronzing is not always an everyday part of my makeup routine.  I'm aiming to change that though and luckily Bahama Mama has helped me on my mission! Bahama Mama is described as a Caribbean vacation in a compact size. Looking at the image above, you may well be
 slightly alarmed - I know I was! It looks very dark, right? Well, I'm relatively pale skinned aside from my fake tan routine and the bronzer blends easily into my cheekbones without looking orange or too obvious. My tip if you feel it may be too dark for you, is just to apply very lightly and if you wish to build it up, then knock yourself out!
The bronzer is a matte formula which features mica and silica for a sheer but pigmented shade. I usually use the bronzer just by applying a quick sweep onto my usually chubby cheeks, but this magic bronzer does just the trick and transforms my face to have cheekbones - cheaper than plastic surgery eh?! Bahama Mama also came to my rescue recently after a slight fake tan disaster left me with a rather pale face compared to my neck, so I used a large powder brush and used it as an all over colour to give my skin some warmth. Overall, I really recommend this bronzer to you. It hasn't blown me away quite as much as Mary-Lou did, but I certainly would repurchase.

Have you tried Bahama Mama? x

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  1. Wow it looks so different on that it does in the box.
    I so need to try thebalm

  2. I've read a few good reviews of this bronzer & really want to try it!

  3. love the sound of this bronzer :) might to buy it!

    emily xx

  4. Love the look of this - can be hard to find a matte bronzer that works well with my skin tone but this looks really good. I am currently using The Body Shop Honey Bronzer which is also matte and really love it :)

    Brenda |

  5. I've recently bought the Mary-Lou Manizer and this is definitely next on my list! I use bronzer everyday and this looks amazing!

    laura //

  6. Really want to try some products from the balm! I've not really delved into bronzer but the packaging is cute x

    Jasmin Charlotte