Boots Health & Beauty Magazine

There's not many things I love more than settling down with a good magazine. A good magazine which is even better due to the fact that it's free - woohoo! As do many other beauty bloggers, I also love a sneaky trip to Boots. Of course, it's not often that I'll be leaving Boots empty handed, so after passing the till I always make sure I pick up the latest issue of their Health & Beauty Magazine. The magazine is free to all Boots advantage card holders, or it costs £1 if not. However, it's free to join up for an advantage card - and you'll be earning points and bonuses, so it's a win win situation!
Anyway, my reason for today's post was just to show you

the Boots magazine and tell you a little bit about why I love it. Being pretty much obsessed with beauty and all things new, old, cheap and cheerful or eye-wateringly expensive - the magazine is packed with the latest Boots products. I love seeing all the new products, beauty tips, looks and I often find inspiration too. I enjoy reading the beauty tips such as 'Clever Contours' and 'Brows That Wow' and having a nose at what products were used. All in all, I love picking up the latest issue as it's just as good as magazines that I pay for! So, next time you're in Boots - which will probably be very soon, right?! - don't forget to pick up your free copy! x
Do you read Boots Health & Beauty mag? x

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A Few Seventeen Buys

After dying my hair back to blonde, I found myself in a bit of a makeup pickle. There I was, applying my normal Double Wear foundation, only to find that I was now looking alarmingly orange. As, I'm sure you're aware when your hair colour changes, more often than not you may need to shake up your makeup routine too. With lighter hair, I have found that I now need a lighter foundation for my skin tone so I was straight off to Boots. I have tried Seventeen's Stay Time foundation before and it's pretty amazing. I wanted to try this in a different shade, so after trying to swatch in Boots - the mirrors and lighting make that near impossible for me - I ended up buying the palest shade of 'Soft Ivory'. It's a full coverage foundation and now matches my skin tone much better than my Double Wear, although I'm currently mixing the Stay Time with a drop of Collection's Lasting Perfection to add just a little extra colour to my skin.
At the Seventeen stand, I couldn't help but notice the offer of having a free 'Back Lash' mascara with any two Seventeen products. I love Seventeen as a brand, they are so affordable and the products are great quality too. I needed to buy a new liquid eyeliner after being left unimpressed by Collection's Fast Stroke liner, so I was pleased to find the 'Wet Look Lacquer Eyeliner' for only £3.99. It's a dinky little pot but the brush is perfectly thin which is just what I love to create a little flick. I'm really impressed with it so far! As I now had two seventeen products, I was able to have the free Back Lash mascara (I had the last black one, yay!). So, for a total of £10.48, I've got a new eyeliner, mascara and a full coverage foundation - yay!
Have you tried any Seventeen products? x
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A Short Story: A Piece Missing.


Hi everyone! Today I have a completely different blog post - it's as short story that I've written myself. It's nothing special, I have no idea how anybody's going to take it, whether you will enjoy or even find it vaguely interesting - but with my fellow bloggers support, I have plucked up the courage to publish it! I really hope you enjoy, please leave me a comment below if you do, you'd make my day.

She didn’t say goodbye when she left. The room we had shared for our 18 years together was still, peaceful and eerily quiet. Her bed lay unmade, the sheets crumpled and Boots - the teddy bear we were each given when we born - lay curled up into the corner of the bed. I stepped over to my bed, which always lay neat; I refuse to leave no stone unturned until it’s perfect. I’d always been a perfectionist, a neat freak and rather obsessive where as Lucy had been the total opposite - messy, disorganised and laid back – that was my Lucy. I picked up Boots from my bed, his little red furry boots barely hanging on by a thread. I carried him carefully over to Lucy’s bed where her Boots lay with his green furry boot; one mysteriously went missing a long time ago, I never did find out where it had got to. I put the two Boots’ together, sitting upright on Lucy’s highest pillow. The little bears clutched onto each other, holding each other for dear life. That’s just how Lucy and I used to be.
You may be wondering who I am, where I am from, what my interests are and how I go about my daily life. None of that matters to me anymore. All you need to know is that there is a piece of me missing, which may never be returned. Mum calls me from downstairs for dinner. Calling it dinner is a stretch too far. Mum, Dad and I sit around our wooden oak dining table and prepare to eat in complete silence. There’s no background noise, no warmth, the happiness sucked out of us the day Lucy left. Mum’s made chilli again, Lucy’s favourite. It goes without saying that Lucy has a place set for her at our dinner table, an unopened can of coke sat next to her untouched cutlery. The three of us barely ate, tunnelling a few mouthfuls at a time before being defeated by the loneliness. It was too much effort to pretend we were a happy family. I doubt we ever will be again. There's a piece of me missing.
After scraping our nearly full plates into the food waste and washing up, I headed back upstairs to our room. Having been born as non-identical twins, Lucy and I couldn’t have been more different. Lucy was adventurous, always getting into trouble in school, smoking, skiving and answering back to teachers and Mum and Dad. Me? Well, each night I raced home from school, eager to catch up with my favourite hobby – writing my fan fiction online. Of course, my homework always came first. I’d been eager to become a psychologist, but today my hopes and dreams are almost nonexistent. Mum always worried about my shyness, said it was too damaging for me to stay cooped up at home every evening, sat on my laptop socialising with strangers. However, they weren’t strangers. They were my friends, my companions - they understood me. I once befriended a young man called Ben. We chatted online for hours upon hours, sharing stories and secrets. One night he had visited our house for us to meet safely in real life. He had been nothing but charming, where as Lucy and her friends had laughed, taunted and scoffed at him for his nerdy ways. That was the first time we ever fell out. The first time I’d ever had a friend that wasn’t a friend of Lucy’s and she had spoilt it. Ben had left without a trace, never contacted me again. I suddenly broke down into sheds of tears, my heart in my mouth at the thought of no more Lucy, remembering how we rowed that night. She hadn’t meant to upset me. I’d never have told her this but she was my idol – everything I could never be – popular, confident, pretty. Those are the things that killed her.
Switching on my small flat screen TV, I gasped in horror as I saw what stared back at me. My mouth opened and shut, unable to make any noise. Lucy’s beautiful face popped onto the screen, a breaking news bulletin interrupting a teatime game show.
“Lucy Carter, aged 18, first went missing over four weeks ago, having last been seen on the outskirts of Alexandra Park in Glasgow around 1am after a night out with friends. Fast forward to the present time and Lucy has since been found murdered, having been left for dead. Lucy’s best friend has been named as Amy Jenkins who has today been publically announced as a suspect in the Scottish police’s murder enquiry, having found Lucy’s mobile phone and charred blood stained clothes at Amy’s home earlier this week. Amy is now a serious murder suspect, along with two other men now wanted. The search for Amy has now become a manhunt, after she has been spotted fleeing her parents’ home in Woodside Crescent, Glasgow around 3pm this afternoon. Police are urging members of the public to get in touch regarding any information that may help resolve Lucy’s murder.”
Bile rose through my throat as the newsreaders harsh words sunk in. Amy? Amy was Lucy’s best friend, aside from me. I’d never liked her, always warned Lucy off her. She hadn’t had the best start in life and was always looking to kick up some trouble. Now she had kicked up unforgiveable trouble – Amy had murdered my beautiful twin sister. I left the television on, slipped my feet into my tattered pair of Converse and dashed out of the house, slamming the front door as I left. I ran and ran, my heart beating so fast, the lactic acid building in my legs. Finally I reached her grave. Only, I was surprised at what I saw. There at Lucy’s grave, with its floral decorations, photo frames, keepsakes and letters lay Amy. I sprinted towards Amy, ready to catch her from behind, hurt her for what she had done to me and my family. Only Amy wasn’t in any fit state to fight. She lay unconscious, her arms draped over Lucy’s grave, her head covered in blood, her hands shaded with bruises. Amy had been seriously hurt, her breathing was incredibly shallow and I needed to get help.
There, lay next to Amy balanced on Lucy’s grave was a piece of paper. Scrambling towards it, hoping for some piece of evidence I snatched the paper, reading and re-reading the blue ink handwritten note.
“Amy’s innocent. She hasn’t touched Lucy. I did that. I’ve hurt her because of all the hurt her and Lucy caused me. I vow to hurt anyone who cares or loves Amy or Lucy. You are next.”
The  evening was creeping in now and I panicked at the realisation of my situation. The dark was setting, the moon lit whilst the stars danced above me. I jumped when I heard a deep voice speak from behind me. “I said you’re next”. A hand clasped around my mouth and I was spun around, my senses paused in utter terror. It was him. It was Ben.
You could say that Ben killed Lucy and I. I believe that I killed Lucy and I, sealing my own fate that night through my own stupidity of trusting Ben as a complete stranger, even allowing him in our bedroom. Lucy and I would never spend a night in our bedroom again. That didn't matter now, nothing else did. All that mattered now is that we were finally reunited. Lucy and I, our hands fitted like jigsaw pieces, just like our little Boot’s bears, we sat high up in the sky watching down on life as it whizzed by. I was finally happy again.

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Themed Wishlist #14: Gifts & Pieces Wishlist


If you're a regular reader of my blog, you'll know that I'm living in a bit of a home ware dream. I'm saving up for moving out and of course it's going to be a long process and it's not going to happen any time soon, however I love to daydream about how I will decorate my house as I'm so excited. I recently discovered Gifts and Pieces over on Twitter where I first spotted their Unicorn jewellery dish, which then prompted me to head over to their website, resulting in this little wish list. I love all the items there, they are cute unique and exactly what I want my home ware to look like. My favourite of all the items is the white shelf. Recently I've spotted a few of these home shelves over on social media and I am now desperate to buy my own and decorate it myself as I think it would look so cute. I also really love the sweet little floral bird pegs, I'd love to create an area where I can use these to peg up my scrapbook pages.
Have you shopped from Gifts & Pieces? x
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New Beauty Releases


If there's anything I love doing more than writing about beauty products, it's always that little bit more exciting to write about brand new beauty releases! I will apologise in advance if these aren't 'new' to you but they certainly are to me, so I thought I'd pop a few together for a blog post.
 First up, it's not technically a new release, but it's the first Christmas gift set I've spotted so far. Daisy Dream is back with a beautifully designed box complete with a 50ml perfume, shower gel and body lotion too. Is it so bad that I'd buy this for the box alone?!
  Max Factor have released a new set of CC sticks, all in different tones and ranges to suit your skin tone. I like how these are packaged in sticks rather than creams!
Next up, I've also spotted the first Christmas advent calendar of 2014, yay! Ciate are back again complete with 17 polishes all packaged stunningly in their advent calendar. Better still, the advent calendars come in three different varieties!
Collection are back with a brand new bargain release and this time it's all about lip butters. As you can see, the lip butters are packaged so prettily with their starry design, creating the Galatica range. Each lip butter costs £2.99 each and comes in three shades of Pink Rush, Cosmic Candy and Moon Pock. 
If there's anything I love more than a new nail polish, it's a nail polish that hasn't broken the bank! I love Rimmel for nail polishes as they are so affordable yet reliable. I'm loving the look of their new Velvet Matte range - it looks perfect for an A/W shade. There are five shades to choose from: 'Velvet Touch', 'Sumptuous Red', 'Midnight Kiss', 'Purple opulence' and 'Matte-itude'.
Too Faced have such sophisticated and sleek packaging, I cant help but want all of their products! They have released a new cocoa-matte powder foundation which has a rich matte formula. The foundation is available in six different shades.
Lady Gaga has released a brand new perfume of 'Eau De Gaga'. I loved her 'Fame' fragrance so I'd love to give this a quick sniff to see if it's as good as 'Fame'! It has such sleek packaging with its black lacquered finish. What I've found most intriguing when reading about this fragrance, is that it's aimed at both men and women! It's also incredibly cheap at just £18.97 for a 50ml bottle.
So, do you spot anything you fancy?! x
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Montagne Jeunesse Lemon Sherbet Face Mask Review

Phew, that was a bit of a mouthful of a title wasn't it?! It's not everyday I write a skincare post as I will be honest and admit I do sometimes struggle to find the right things to say! Anyway, being a busy girl as I'm sure you are too (Unless you're a bloke of course!), a face mask is an important part of my relaxation and pampering routine. There's nothing better than being home alone in your pyjamas, with a good magazines whilst looking like something from a horror film due to your latest face pack. eh?! I've always used Montagne Jeunesse on and off for a good few years now as they are such good value for money with most sachet masks costing 99p or under and they do the job just right. I'm also pleased to see they now offer 'tottle' packages for £5.00 - meaning you get lots more product than you do in a sachet.
Today's post is about a little gem of a bargain face mask - MJ's 'Lemon Sherbet Masque'* for a zesty and squeaky clean result. Applying the face mask was really easy, I splashed a little water on my face and then applied the creamy mask on. The mask itself is creamy, feels moisturising and is nice and light. The most important part of this review is the scent of the Lemon Sherbet - it is absolutely beautiful! It reminds me of the green starbursts sweets (yum!) and revelling in the sweet scent for a good ten minutes was definitely relaxing! After leaving the mask on for around 15 minutes, it washed off easily and I was happy with the results. I can't say I was blown away as my skin didn't feel amazing refreshed, just a quick cleanse but my skin felt a lot smoother than it had done before, so I was happy with that! There are so many other varieties of face masks to choose from such as White Chocolate (mmm), Dragon Fruit, Strawberry Souffle and Creamy Coconut. They all just sound so good don't they?! If a plain old face mask isn't quite your thing, Montagne Jeunesse also offer other skincare such as peel off masks, polishing scrubs, self heating masks and body smoothies too.
Have you tried Montagne Jeunesse before?
*PR Sample

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I've Gone To The Blonde Side


Today's post is slightly random - it's all about my hair. If you can't think of anything more boring than listening to my latest hair woes, then you may want to press the little red X around about now! If you're a regular reader of my blog, you may know that a few months ago I decided I wanted to inject some blonde into my life without going the whole hog, so I opted for a subtle dip dye. After that I then added a few random stranded blonde highlights using Bleach London's Beach Lights kit which came out perfectly.
Picture the scene. I'm having a bad hair day, I've got a Bleach London kit in front of me - what do I decide to do? Without even thinking twice, I've plastered my hair in the Beach Lights kit. Seeing as I had used this kit before and I'd had a good result, I had no worries at all. Yet I should have worried, as what I was left with was dark orange and bleach blonde patches, mixed in with my natural hair colour of brown - oops. That was not the look I was aiming for eh?! I'm not going to blame the kit itself as it could well have been down to my application or anything else - but in a nutshell, I learnt not to DIY brunette hair to blonde at home.
Luckily, I was soon off to the hairdressers to get the mess sorted out sharpish! It took a total of three hours to have a full head of highlights - I had forgotten just how long highlights can take after being a blonde for around three years previously. The result was a light blonde/caramel shade which is even lighter than I was expecting. I'm really pleased with the result and am now hoping to go a shade lighter next time I have my highlights done - I better take a good book this time!
What's your favourite hair colour to have? Do you prefer your natural colour or a dye and highlights? x

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Better than GHDS? Nicky Clarke DesiRED Hair Straightener.

I need a big old drumroll in here please. I am about to introduce you to what I now consider a cheaper and better alternative to GHDs! Before I ramble on about the Nicky Clarke DesiRED hair straightener, I need to have a very small rant about GHD's. GHD's have been a part of my family for years, with my mum, sister and I all clambering to use them in the good old mornings of getting ready for school. Since then however I do feel that their quality has gone downhill, I have had to purchase two new pairs in just two years - both of which are now faulty and completely unusable. Considering they are over £100 each, I decided to end my relationship with GHD for good. Apologies if you're a GHD lover, but I am one of those people that expects good quality and will complain otherwise ha!
I had to rock the 'bed head' look and go straightener free for a few days after the GHD's conked out. However, in good old Asda, my mum rang me to say she had found a pair of hair straighteners reduced to just £28. Another customer even came up to her to tell her how good they were, so she snapped them up straight away! I must admit I was sceptical at first, I wondered for a lower price whether I was going to get the results I really wanted - and I shouldn't have doubted for one second! When my mum bought the straighteners home, we quickly scrambled to get them switched on and see how they worked for ourselves. As you can see, the straighteners have a sleek design and a glossy red design. Nicky Clarke, if you are reading this, please release this straightener in an array of pastel colours, I beg of you!
So, how do the straighteners fare? Frickin' brilliant, that's how. They are super easy to set up, pressing a small on/off button on the inside of the straighteners, above which you'll find the temperature gauge which heats up to 230C. You can also adjust the settings on whether your hair is fine, medium or thick. These straighteners have seriously impressed me. It literally took me two minutes to straighten all of my hair and I was left with a sleek, straight look which actually feels in a better condition than before I used it! If I was asked do they fare better than GHDs - my answer is yes. If you're looking for a cheaper alternative, I can't recommend these enough! The retail price of DesiRED is £81.99 and it seems I managed to get a complete bargain! Keep a look out in Asda for any reduced hair straighteners! I would still highly recommend for the retail price and if I needed to buy another pair, I would certainly be willing to splash out.
What hair straighteners do you use? x

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Dolly's Mixtures Pina Colada Shower Gel


I have a brand new love in my life and it comes in the form of a Pina Colada shower gel. Seriously, it just smells so so good! I first spotted the cute little dinky shower gels from Dolly's Mixtures over on Instagram, did a little digging and soon found out that Dolly's Mixtures are stocked at Asda - yay! A few days later I was off on a little bargain shopping trip and headed straight to the toiletry aisle (as if I needed an excuse?!). I know it's sad but I couldn't help but get excited when I discovered the Dolly's Mixtures range staring back at me - cute vintage styled dinky bottles with an array of different scents - and you haven't heard the best yet - only £1 each! I decided not to go too crazy and pick up all the shower gels at once, so I had a quick sniff of each and decided that Pina Colada was my favourite!
As I'm sure you are aware, Pina Colada is a very popular cocktail which reminds me of being on a sun kissed holiday, watching the hotel entertainment at night and sipping my Pina Colada! (Is it just me or are cocktails seriously stronger abroad?!). The shower gel is a creamy and thick formula which lathers up well, smells beautiful and I only need to use a small amount each time. I love the packaging of the Dolly's Mixtures bottles, not to mention their quirky name - although googling it can take a while to scroll through all the dolly mixture sweets images! If I was to be very picky, the only negative I can find is that I'd prefer if the bottles were a little larger as they are quite dinky at 300ml, but the scent and packaging wins me over. You can also find Dolly's Mixtures in different varieties of 'Lemon Bon Bon', 'Rhubarb & Custard', 'Vanilla Cupcake', 'Lime Mojito'  'Candy Floss', 'Strawberry Daiquiri', 'Bucks Fizz' and 'Red Velvet Cupcake' - I'm in shower gel heaven!

Have you spotted Dolly's Mixtures yet? x

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The Prettiest Bird Shirt I Ever Did See


Who doesn't love bird print?! Well, my mum doesn't as she thinks it's bad luck .. I disagree so I'm hoping you're going to agree with me when I say that this shirt is just so cute, feminine and all over pretty! I was recently lucky enough to receive this Barbour shirt for the purpose of reviewing my blog and it's perfect. As you can see, the shirt is long sleeved, with a collar and buttons, with the bird print covering the cream shirt. What I love about a shirt is that you can either dress it up or dress it down. As you can see above, I decided to wear my favourite simple outfit - navy jeggings, black vest top and a cute shirt to add some colour to the outfit! The shirt is 100% cotton and is super comfy to wear - the only problem I do have is that it's pretty hard to iron! The Bird Print shirt is available on sale for £34.49 from Psyche.
Do you like the shirt? Or would it not be your choice?
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A New Love For Pinterest & A Disney Wedding

I have a confession. I have a boyfriend of three and a half years, I'm not engaged but I have had way too much fun creating a whole new Pinterest board - and it's Disney wedding themed. Luckily he doesn't read my blog as if he did he may very well run for the hills, but in my defence it's all about inspiration and I'm not hurting anyone after all! I recently saw a quote that pretty much sums up Pinterest and gave me a good giggle - "Pinterest is where women go to plan imaginary weddings, dress children that don't exist, decorate houses they can't afford to buy and make way too many outfits" - I'm afraid to say it certainly looks like I fall into that category! I just wanted to write this post to show you a few stunning photos I have found for my future wedding (ahem) and I also love finding home ware items and décor ideas that I can store away safely until I finally get my own place. Pinterest seems to me like a place where I can just get lost in beautiful images and create boards and boards of pretty little things. So, without further ado, if you haven't found yourself on Pinterest just yet, I recommend you create an account and get lost in the images! You can find me over at
Are you a Pinterest lover? x
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Blogging Is Not A Competition.

I think this post has been brewing up inside me for a good while now. I've spoken before about the negatives of blogging but I think for this post, I need to focus on the positives. There is always going to be somebody out there who is better than you, bigger than you and more successful. Does that make you any less successful? Absolutely not. When it comes to blogging, I feel I have come a long way since last February. Blogging has turned into a hobby that I devote a lot of my spare time to and that is purely because I love it, it gives me confidence and I feel like I am finally good at something I enjoy. I've never been one for hobbies except for reading, so I feel very happy that I've stuck to blogging for so long and I have no plans to stop for a long time - I wonder if when we're all OAP's, whether we'll still be talking about the latest lipsticks?! It certainly wouldn't surprise me!
With this in mind, why do I sometimes find myself feeling fed up with my blog and as if I'm not good enough. We are all good enough. It doesn't matter how many followers you have, whether your pictures aren't quite up to your own standards yet (will they ever be?!) - you are who you are, so be proud of it. A good few times I have felt down about my blog and wished I could be more 'successful' - I hope you know I'm just trying to be honest and not trying to tell anyone how to feel. Success is different to everybody. Just because someone has more comments, more posts, more followers on Instagram - why does that mean they are more successful than you? It doesn't. As you know, blogging takes up a lot of time, taking the photos, reviewing products, writing the post and then promoting - it's not exactly a quick fix but we do it because we love it. When I started blogging, I didn't expect more than five people to even stumble upon it unexpectedly before clicking off in a rush. Without bragging, I do feel I have come far, I have had some lovely opportunities and it is so good to meet and chat to other bloggers who have the same interests as me.
So, in a nutshell, I just wanted to remind myself and you that we are successful in our own ways. We don't have to be raking in the cash from our blogs or always sitting at the top page of the Bloglovin popular posts - each new post you publish is a success. I hope I don't sound completely soppy, although I have a feeling I might have done just that! I am also taking a pledge to stop taking blogging so seriously. It is my favourite hobby of all time and I feel so pleased each time I get a new comment on a post, so I am only focusing on the positives. I certainly didn't start blogging to be comparing myself to other blogs - I started because I love writing and I love beauty products. If you've made it to the end, thank you, I'll be quiet now!
Do you ever find yourself comparing your blog? x
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Barbie Hits Forever 21.


Barbie, who was my all time classic childhood favourite, meets Forever 21 who are my new one stop shop for everything fashionable but affordable. I can't believe that I have only recently discovered Forever 21 as any shop that doesn't charge me an arm and a leg to get a nice new jumper is a favourite of mine! When I saw that Forever 21 have bought out a new fashion range in the name of Barbie, I knew I had to share it on my blog. I'm one of those girls who loves the classic 'Barbie' print t-shirts and if you are too then you may appreciate this post! Barbie was such a favourite toy of mine as I was growing up - I was the proud owner of the bright pin 'Barbie Dream House' complete with it's own mini electrical lift and I too owned her red convertible sports car - oh, the hours I would spend with Barbie and her friends! Forever 21's new Barbie collection includes a variety of womens clothing such as knitwear, t-shirts, loungewear and pyjamas all sold alongside Barbie tote bags, cosmetic carriers and a children's range.
Do you like the look of the Barbie Collection?
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New Beauty Release: Glamour Beauty Power List 2014.

I thought I would just write a little post today as I love writing about the latest beauty releases and exciting new products! Latest In Beauty and Glamour are back with a vengeance and have come together again to create their most recent box - The Glamour Beauty Power List 2014. The box as contents worth over £80 yet will only cost you a teeny £15.99 for a total of seven products. So, what's inside the box?
Maybelline Stripped Nudes Lipstick (Full Size).

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish (Mini).
Eyeko Eye Makeup Remover Wipes.
Philip Kingsley Daily Defence Damage.
Laura Mercier Foundation Primer (Mini).
James Reed Sleep Mask Tan.
Bourjois Volume 1 Second Mascara (Full Size).
What do you think? Would you treat yourself to the newest Glamour box or are the products not up your street? x

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The Perfect Autumn/Winter Look


Naked 3 Palette // Jumper // Trousers // Revlon Parisian Pass // Wellies // Nail Polish // Bag // Socks // Crepe Coat

Ooh, the colder weather is hitting us and I couldn't be more excited! I'm one of those people who lives for the winter months, don't get me wrong, I love a summer holiday but I can't stand working in the baking heat and being unable to cool off. So I always get excited as soon as we step into September as that can only mean it's time to wrap up warm, get cosy and eat hot food and puddings. I am trying my hardest not to mention the C word (Hint: Santa) as it's a tiny bit too early for that, right?! Anyway, with my love of winter now declared, I decided to put together a few gorgeous pieces that I have found online to create the perfect autumn/winter outfit.

What would your perfect A/W outfit look like? x

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The Best Things In Life Are Free


Sometimes in life it's easy to forget what matters the most to us. We've all been there - wishing we had more money, right? Looking at others who appear to have more than you - a newer car, a better paid job, fancy YSL makeup - and wishing that was you. It's so easy to get caught up in the hype of money - just look at all the power and money that rich and famous people have - it must make them happy, surely? Who are we to know that? Having money does not entitle you to happiness. As the old saying goes 'money can't buy you love' and there's lots of other things it can't buy you either. I am not trying to sound bitter or jealous towards others who may have more money than me - I truly am not as I'm in a happy place in my life. I have very recently started working full time but the past few months I have been only working part time meaning the money is hardly rolling in but it doesn't mean I am not happy.
I know that money makes the world go round. We need to work hard to earn it and we need it to keep a roof over our heads and food in our bellies. Thinking about it a bit more in depth, I know it makes me happy to buy myself beauty treats and a new pretty dress but it doesn't make me as happy as the free things I have make me. I am very lucky to have a boyfriend who I adore and a close family who I know will help me if I ever need help, no matter what. Next time you're feeling down about money, or wishing you could afford certain things - just think about how lucky you are to have what you already have in your life. Whether that be your best friend, partner or your pet - I'm pretty certain it will be something that money can't buy.
What's the most important thing to you - that money can't buy? x

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The 'Top Ten' Beauty Tag


1) Foundation.
I vow to never touch another foundation again. My all time favourite is Estee Lauder's Double Wear in shade 'Desert Beige 2N1'. It's almost the perfect match for my skin tone and I love to build it up to give me a full coverage and an actual flawless look.

2) Powder.
I'm actually not much of a powder person! I do however have on in my makeup bag which is Seventeen's Miracle Matte powder which I bought a while back. Being a loose powder, it can get pretty messy but does give my makeup a little extra boost when it comes to its longevity. The powder is actually translucent so shouldn't affect the shade of my makeup but recently I have found it makes me look too pale, so I've stepped back for a little while.

3) Concealer.
I'm actually not much of a concealer person either! I used to spend so much time trying to find the perfect concealer for under my eyes, but I just get so frustrated with them when they get hard to blend and give me racoon eyes etc I often end up giving up. In my makeup bag, I do have Collection's Lasting Perfection Concealer which I find lovely and creamy, but often this is just used as a quick highlighter rather than a concealer.

4) Blush.
Last Christmas, my mum bought me a beautiful Lancôme Blush Subtil powder blusher which is such a beautiful blush. I can't quite remember which shade I have as I often tend to turn to bronzers these days but as the name suggests it's a stunning subtle blush which I love. It doesn't give me bright red rosy cheeks, which I thank Lancôme for!
5) Bronzer.
It's Benefit's Hoola. Hoola was the first bronzer that actually made me delve into the world of bronzers and realise that I too, could make my chubby cheeks look a little more defined! It's a matte bronzing powder which blends easily and gives a natural look, leaving me with no muddy streaks!

6) Highlighter.
Hands down, no doubt about it, it's got to be theBalm's Mary-Lou manizer. I'd read great things about theBalm and Mary-Lou and I cant recommend it enough to you. It's a stunning highlighter which is packaged beautifully. The highlighter is a subtle shimmer which can be built up according to how you want your makeup to look. I simply sweep a little amount of highlighter onto my cheekbones and I'm good to go.

7) Mascara.
I'm such a mascara addict, this is actually a hard one! I'm torn between Rimmel's Volume Flash x 10 and L'Oreal's Miss Manga mascara. On this occasion I'm going to go with Miss Manga as it's the only mascara I've come across that actually gives me length as well as volume. It's also perfect for bottom lashes and creates a doll eyed look.

8) Eye Shadow.
Yet again, I'm not much of an eye shadow girl either! When it comes to my eye makeup, I tend to keep it simple with just liquid eyeliner and mascara, often staying away from eye shadows as I still haven't quite caught the hang of it just yet. Blend here, this shade in the crease - huh?! If I had to pick, I would choose my Naked 3 palette which I splashed out on a while back. My favourite shades to use are 'Nooner' and 'Dust'.

9) Brows.
I love my HD Eyes & Brow Kit in shade 'Foxy'. I've spoken about it plenty of times on my blog before as it's certainly my ultimate go to product for my eyebrows. What I like about the kit is that it includes four different shades, so if I go a lighter or darker shade with my hair, I don't need to splash out on a new eyebrow product.

10) Lip product.
This would be my all time favourite lipstick of Rimmel's Kate Moss in shade 110. It's a bright red shade but it's still perfect for everyday wear. With my eyes, I tend to keep it simple as I said above, so when I add a bright lip it always brightens my makeup and gives me a little extra boost.
I tag you!

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Themed Wishlist #13: The Mad Hatter's Tea Party

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 Cake Stand // Arrow // Tea Party Set // Hearts & Swirls Cupcake Toppers // Canape/Cake Flags // Invitations // Tags

So there I was, innocently browsing through Truffle Shuffle (they have the most amazing stock I've ever seen) and up cropped an Alice In Wonderland tea party set! Being a Disney lover, this caught my eye almost instantly and also then resulted in me creating my very own blog version of a Mad Hatter's Tea Party! I absolutely love everything that I managed to find hidden in the depths of the internet and best of all, some of these are free printables so you won't even have to pay a penny! I now feel that a Mad Hatter's Tea Party is something we should all do at one time in our lives. Imagine a bloggers Mad Hatters Tea Party?!
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The Bloggers Essential Tool Kit


Magazines/other blogs.
These are my main tools for my blogging inspiration. When I find myself stuck for blog post ideas or feeling a little lost, I know I need to take some time out and remind myself what it is I love about blogging. I can find myself getting lost for hours reading magazines and blogs. It's always a good refresher of why I love writing and can keep my brain ticking with creative ideas.

Friends and family.
It could be a good idea to have someone who knows that you blog to give you a little kick when you need it! My sister is cute enough to keep herself updated with my blog even though she's not the biggest beauty fan and my mum often asks if I want to use some of her new makeup to blog about, bless her! It can be really encouraging for me as they don't doubt me and encourage me to keep blogging if I am having a bad day.
The blogging community.
It doesn't have to be someone you know in real life, you can easily make a few blogger friends by joining in with the twitter chats and getting to know your fellow bloggers. It's helpful to talk to other bloggers as they can understand how you're feeling and offer any advice or tips that they've learnt. It's also a great way to promote your blog, as more often that not each blogger I speak to, I check out their blogs and if I enjoy it, I'll follow!

I often love spending time working on my blog when I'm curled up in my bedroom. Most of the time, I'm usually surrounded by beauty products I'm aiming to review - that's just because I am creative right?! It's my little place where I feel safe and cosy and am able to come up with new ideas, so it can be a good idea for you to have that space where you love to blog. One day, I long to have my own desk and cover it with pretty décor!

If you're anything like me, you love a good excuse to buy a new notebook or stationery! As you can see in my above image, this is my latest notebook where I am writing notes for new blog post ideas and also writing up a quick post schedule. It can be really handy to carry a little notebook with you everywhere you go in case you find yourself with some spare time and some ideas popping up! Of course, in this day and age you don't just need pen and paper to write notes, you can use your phone or ipad too!
What are your blogger essentials? x
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Little Ways To Save More Money

Buy your clothes on ebay or in charity shops.
Lend and borrow books and magazines with friends.
Look in discount stores and clearance sections for beauty products.
Subscribe to your favourite magazine.
Only have takeaways as a treat.
Buy from blog sales.
Create your own blog sale.
When shopping, use advantage cards such as Boots and Tesco Club card.
Cancel anything you don't use - gym memberships, beauty subscription boxes etc.
Work out for free at home, rather than paying for a gym.
Sell any unwanted items on ebay or car boot sales.
 Do a little research before you splash out - make sure you definitely want to buy and that you can't get it cheaper elsewhere.
Complete surveys online for extra cash.
Try miniature versions and samples before buying the full sized version.
Browse car boot sales - you may be surprised!
 Use freebie sites such as Magic Freebies, you'll be surprised to see what you can get your paws on at no cost!
If you want to save for something in particular, set yourself an affordable amount each month and transfer it to your savings account.
When shopping, always look for discount codes.
Borrow books from your local library.
Join a cash back company.
Buy presents early - if you spot anything reduced that's a perfect gift, why not pick it up now?
Enter competitions.
Make your own lip/body scrubs.
Use discount sites such as Fragrance Direct.
 Create things yourself - cards, home décor etc.

How do you save money? x

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Unineed Wishlist

I don't think there's anything I love more than buying beauty products. Ok, my boyfriend, my family and cake.  Beauty products are the bane of my life - I turn into the green eyed monster as soon as I see any new beauty products - I just want to get my paws on the lot! I have a feeling lots of us beauty bloggers are the same though, eh?! So, with that in mind and of course the fact that none of us are made of money - when a discounted beauty website comes along - we all sing hallelujahs! Allow me to introduce you to Unineed - an online store which sells an array of high end and budget beauty products, selling top brands such as Benefit, YSL, Essie, Clarins, Clinique and many more. The website is really easy to use and navigate your way through the endless beauty products. Of course, the selling point of Unineed for me is the fact that all the products are cheaper than most retailers such as Boots or Debenhams. Essie polishes start from just £3.00, some YSL products have over £5 off the RRP, at least 10% off Benefit's RRP - in general it's a beauty bargain bonanza.
Have you spotted Unineed before? x
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