A Few Seventeen Buys

After dying my hair back to blonde, I found myself in a bit of a makeup pickle. There I was, applying my normal Double Wear foundation, only to find that I was now looking alarmingly orange. As, I'm sure you're aware when your hair colour changes, more often than not you may need to shake up your makeup routine too. With lighter hair, I have found that I now need a lighter foundation for my skin tone so I was straight off to Boots. I have tried Seventeen's Stay Time foundation before and it's pretty amazing. I wanted to try this in a different shade, so after trying to swatch in Boots - the mirrors and lighting make that near impossible for me - I ended up buying the palest shade of 'Soft Ivory'. It's a full coverage foundation and now matches my skin tone much better than my Double Wear, although I'm currently mixing the Stay Time with a drop of Collection's Lasting Perfection to add just a little extra colour to my skin.
At the Seventeen stand, I couldn't help but notice the offer of having a free 'Back Lash' mascara with any two Seventeen products. I love Seventeen as a brand, they are so affordable and the products are great quality too. I needed to buy a new liquid eyeliner after being left unimpressed by Collection's Fast Stroke liner, so I was pleased to find the 'Wet Look Lacquer Eyeliner' for only £3.99. It's a dinky little pot but the brush is perfectly thin which is just what I love to create a little flick. I'm really impressed with it so far! As I now had two seventeen products, I was able to have the free Back Lash mascara (I had the last black one, yay!). So, for a total of £10.48, I've got a new eyeliner, mascara and a full coverage foundation - yay!
Have you tried any Seventeen products? x
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  1. At first, i wasnt that thrilled with Seventeen products as because they were cheap, I thought that they would be no good, but that Stay Time foundation and the Superlash mascara are fantastic. Their lipsticks are incredibly pigmented.


  2. I haven't used Seventeen products since I was a teen. Im currently looking for fab low end beauty bits tho as just having my 2nd baby and buying a house means I need to sacrifice on my premium beauty obsession!! :)
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...

  3. I love Seventeen, I think it's my favourite brand. I especially like their blushers, I haven't tried any of these products though. I really want to try the Lacquer Eyeliner so you'll have to let us know how you get on! All that for a tenner, can't go wrong really!

    sammy xx

  4. I have a major love for Seventeen products. I think the quality for the price is amazing!

    Kelly | Beauty and the Nails

  5. I haven't tried any yet - but I've heard good things about the bronzers! I might have to give them a try :)

    A Forte For Fashion


  6. I dont tend to look at seventeen products but have seen lots reviewed recently, the eyeliner sounds really good. Think I may give that a try :)

  7. I can't believe you got all those makeup essentials for just over a tenner... that's so cheap! I love your blog design by the way :) It's very lovely!

    Love Aimee xx