Boots Health & Beauty Magazine

There's not many things I love more than settling down with a good magazine. A good magazine which is even better due to the fact that it's free - woohoo! As do many other beauty bloggers, I also love a sneaky trip to Boots. Of course, it's not often that I'll be leaving Boots empty handed, so after passing the till I always make sure I pick up the latest issue of their Health & Beauty Magazine. The magazine is free to all Boots advantage card holders, or it costs £1 if not. However, it's free to join up for an advantage card - and you'll be earning points and bonuses, so it's a win win situation!
Anyway, my reason for today's post was just to show you

the Boots magazine and tell you a little bit about why I love it. Being pretty much obsessed with beauty and all things new, old, cheap and cheerful or eye-wateringly expensive - the magazine is packed with the latest Boots products. I love seeing all the new products, beauty tips, looks and I often find inspiration too. I enjoy reading the beauty tips such as 'Clever Contours' and 'Brows That Wow' and having a nose at what products were used. All in all, I love picking up the latest issue as it's just as good as magazines that I pay for! So, next time you're in Boots - which will probably be very soon, right?! - don't forget to pick up your free copy! x
Do you read Boots Health & Beauty mag? x

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  1. I love picking this up! Sometimes they even have vouchers on the back page! :)

    Emily ❤ // EmGrace

  2. i also love picking this up, but there is nothing more wonderful than the christmas boots magazine, it's like my bible for three months over christmas... xx

  3. I love going to boots buying makeup, getting points and getting this magazine! x
    Emma | Everything Beauty

  4. I picked this up today and am going to lay in bed and read it shortly x