Little Ways To Save More Money

Buy your clothes on ebay or in charity shops.
Lend and borrow books and magazines with friends.
Look in discount stores and clearance sections for beauty products.
Subscribe to your favourite magazine.
Only have takeaways as a treat.
Buy from blog sales.
Create your own blog sale.
When shopping, use advantage cards such as Boots and Tesco Club card.
Cancel anything you don't use - gym memberships, beauty subscription boxes etc.
Work out for free at home, rather than paying for a gym.
Sell any unwanted items on ebay or car boot sales.
 Do a little research before you splash out - make sure you definitely want to buy and that you can't get it cheaper elsewhere.
Complete surveys online for extra cash.
Try miniature versions and samples before buying the full sized version.
Browse car boot sales - you may be surprised!
 Use freebie sites such as Magic Freebies, you'll be surprised to see what you can get your paws on at no cost!
If you want to save for something in particular, set yourself an affordable amount each month and transfer it to your savings account.
When shopping, always look for discount codes.
Borrow books from your local library.
Join a cash back company.
Buy presents early - if you spot anything reduced that's a perfect gift, why not pick it up now?
Enter competitions.
Make your own lip/body scrubs.
Use discount sites such as Fragrance Direct.
 Create things yourself - cards, home décor etc.

How do you save money? x

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  1. such great tips! :D

    emily xx

  2. Fragrance Direct is my favourite for beauty bargains! I buy so many gifts from there too xx

  3. Such great tips - I do a lot of these anyway but always interesting to find new tips :) xx

    Brenda |

  4. I've just cancelled my gym membership, thankfully my workplace has just installed a small gym with some really useful items. So I'll be making use of that from now on!

  5. I need to start saving money for a big vacation, so thank you for this :) I'm a fan of getting samples before buying a full product, and I am a sale hunting queen.

    Madeline | Ring-a-Round a Rosey | Bloglovin’

  6. These are so useful, thank you! I have an un-openable money box, which saves me from spending the money I'm trying to save up! Then when I need it, I open it up and I'm always surprized with how much I've managed to save!

  7. Love this. Always looking for ways to save money. I'm always browsing Ebay for bargains!x

  8. What great tips !. You can actually find some great steals in charity shops and ebay :)

    Cait ||

  9. My job is able transfer portions of my paycheck to specific accounts. I have it set up to transfer to two checking and one savings account :) when I don't see the money, I don't spend it :)

    I do get travel sizes before buying the full size. Or in the case of my Smashbox BB cream, I just buy the travel sizes. They last quite a while anyway, why do I need to buy the full size? :)

    Arianne |

  10. Great tips! Will definitely remember to buy presents early! xx