The 'Top Ten' Beauty Tag


1) Foundation.
I vow to never touch another foundation again. My all time favourite is Estee Lauder's Double Wear in shade 'Desert Beige 2N1'. It's almost the perfect match for my skin tone and I love to build it up to give me a full coverage and an actual flawless look.

2) Powder.
I'm actually not much of a powder person! I do however have on in my makeup bag which is Seventeen's Miracle Matte powder which I bought a while back. Being a loose powder, it can get pretty messy but does give my makeup a little extra boost when it comes to its longevity. The powder is actually translucent so shouldn't affect the shade of my makeup but recently I have found it makes me look too pale, so I've stepped back for a little while.

3) Concealer.
I'm actually not much of a concealer person either! I used to spend so much time trying to find the perfect concealer for under my eyes, but I just get so frustrated with them when they get hard to blend and give me racoon eyes etc I often end up giving up. In my makeup bag, I do have Collection's Lasting Perfection Concealer which I find lovely and creamy, but often this is just used as a quick highlighter rather than a concealer.

4) Blush.
Last Christmas, my mum bought me a beautiful Lancôme Blush Subtil powder blusher which is such a beautiful blush. I can't quite remember which shade I have as I often tend to turn to bronzers these days but as the name suggests it's a stunning subtle blush which I love. It doesn't give me bright red rosy cheeks, which I thank Lancôme for!
5) Bronzer.
It's Benefit's Hoola. Hoola was the first bronzer that actually made me delve into the world of bronzers and realise that I too, could make my chubby cheeks look a little more defined! It's a matte bronzing powder which blends easily and gives a natural look, leaving me with no muddy streaks!

6) Highlighter.
Hands down, no doubt about it, it's got to be theBalm's Mary-Lou manizer. I'd read great things about theBalm and Mary-Lou and I cant recommend it enough to you. It's a stunning highlighter which is packaged beautifully. The highlighter is a subtle shimmer which can be built up according to how you want your makeup to look. I simply sweep a little amount of highlighter onto my cheekbones and I'm good to go.

7) Mascara.
I'm such a mascara addict, this is actually a hard one! I'm torn between Rimmel's Volume Flash x 10 and L'Oreal's Miss Manga mascara. On this occasion I'm going to go with Miss Manga as it's the only mascara I've come across that actually gives me length as well as volume. It's also perfect for bottom lashes and creates a doll eyed look.

8) Eye Shadow.
Yet again, I'm not much of an eye shadow girl either! When it comes to my eye makeup, I tend to keep it simple with just liquid eyeliner and mascara, often staying away from eye shadows as I still haven't quite caught the hang of it just yet. Blend here, this shade in the crease - huh?! If I had to pick, I would choose my Naked 3 palette which I splashed out on a while back. My favourite shades to use are 'Nooner' and 'Dust'.

9) Brows.
I love my HD Eyes & Brow Kit in shade 'Foxy'. I've spoken about it plenty of times on my blog before as it's certainly my ultimate go to product for my eyebrows. What I like about the kit is that it includes four different shades, so if I go a lighter or darker shade with my hair, I don't need to splash out on a new eyebrow product.

10) Lip product.
This would be my all time favourite lipstick of Rimmel's Kate Moss in shade 110. It's a bright red shade but it's still perfect for everyday wear. With my eyes, I tend to keep it simple as I said above, so when I add a bright lip it always brightens my makeup and gives me a little extra boost.
I tag you!

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  1. This is a brilliant tag, I'm always curious about peoples favourite products and will definitely be doing this tag in the next week or so :).

    Kristy |

  2. I've been so tempted to try the Mary Loumaniser and it's on sale on FeelUnique atm, so I may have to have a little look again! :)

    Alicia (LissyBeauty)

  3. lovely post :) the seventeen powder is great :D

    emily xx

  4. Love the Loreal Miss. Manga mascara. It is in my top 10! :)

  5. I agree with only sticking to mascara and eyeliner for my eyes. I am not much of an eyeshadow person, honestly. But these look like some great products, and you have a very nice blog! Check mine out please? Mckenzie
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