Bleach London Silver Shampoo & Conditioner Review

If you're a fellow hair dye junkie - particularly blonde/silver shades- then you may just want to have a quick read of my review and then head straight to Boots to pick up a fab new silver shampoo and conditioner I have found. I love following Bleach London as a brand, they always release such cool hair colours and new products - I just can't keep up! As I've recently gone back to highlighted blonde hair, it's important that I try and keep my colour in tact for as long as possible as trips to the hairdressers sadly don't come cheap. I have been using the silver shampoo and conditioner for a few weeks now and I'm ready to give my verdict.
First up, it's the shampoo. This is a purple shampoo which is aimed at blonde and ashy tones which want to go lighter and brighter after just one wash. It contains wheat proteins and vitamins to keep hair smooth and moisturised. The first time I used this, I panicked after I stepped out of the shower. I could see that certain patches (from where I did my dodgy DIY job) had brightened one heck of a lot and I quickly dried my hair in the panic of being left with ginger tones again. (Nothing wrong with ginger, just not what I hoped for!). Luckily I had no reason to panic. This silver shampoo is simply fantastic! One wash leaves my blonde looking so much brighter as well as lighter and it also keeps it in good condition which of course is extra important with coloured hair. The only negative I would say about the shampoo as I do find it quite hard to massage into my hair as it doesn't foam up too well - it doesn't give me that lovely foamy feeling as I wash, but most importantly it does the job very well. Bleach London advise that you use the shampoo every other wash, however I think I may stick to just once a week as the result was quite dramatic.
The conditioner I bought alongside the shampoo is suitable for daily use. The conditioner contains violet pigments to nourish the hair and preserve the colour. It's a lovely and thick formula but in all honesty I think I could have skipped buying this product. Don't get me wrong - it does just the job and conditions my hair perfectly but I don't feel it's as important as the shampoo is. I think you could get away with just using the purple shampoo and an ordinary conditioner.
Do you use a silver shampoo? x

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  1. I used to use silver shampoo when my hair was bleach blonde, it's so good! It's a dark blonde now but I always wonder whether silver shampoo would lighten it anyway.

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  2. This sounds really good, If your wanted you could mix a tiny bit of shampoo with no PH and sulfates ect. in with it not only would it create a lather but it would help spread the shampoo(no patches) :)

    Hope that helps :)

    Glitter Infatuation - Bloglovin