My Top Three Budget Hair Masks.


Our hair certainly needs a treat doesn't it?! We put it through daily battles of too much heat, too much washing, outside battles with cold, rain and wind, so it's the least we can do than to give it a quick treat when we're showering. I'm loving budget products, now that I have to splash out on my hair colour, there's not much left in order for me to splash out on fancy treatments or brands. So, without further ado, here are my top three budget deep conditioners.
I first discovered this hair mask after using Bleach London's Beach Lights highlight kit. Each DIY kit that you purchase from Bleach London comes with a small 'Reincarnation Mask' to use to keep your hair in tip top condition. This conditioner has made it's way into my favourites as it's simply fab. A full size bottle is a bargain at just £6.00 for 200ml. Seeing as it's called 'Reincarnation Mask', you've probably guessed it aims to restore your hair into perfect sleek condition. The formula of the conditioner is so thick, smooth and creamy, I love slathering it all over the ends of my hair and leaving for a few minutes before rinsing off. If you have more time to waste, such as reading in the bath, leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes for even better results. The ends of my hair always feel in much better condition and I will definitely be purchasing the 200ml size.

L'Oreal are one of my favourite brands when it comes to conditioning my hair. Strangely, my hair doesn't seem to get on with their shampoos but I'm a big fan of their everyday conditioners and masks. I've previously used their Extraordinary hair oil which is great for keeping my hair soft and smooth, so I was looking forward to trying this out when my mum picked it up for only £2.50! The conditioner has six luxurious flower extracts, gives extra shine and silkiness and all in all improves the condition of my hair.
Lastly, it's one of my favourite new hair care range from Garnier. I absolutely loved their Silky Smoother shampoo, so I knew their conditioning treatment wouldn't let me down. This conditioning treatment is from the 'Sleek Restorer' range and is packed with coconut oil and cocoa butter to create a gorgeously scented conditioner. As you can guess from the name, this is pretty nifty at getting to work! This is one of my favourite parts about the conditioner as it's easy to use when I'm in a rush and it still gives my hair the boost that it needs.
What are your favourite budget hair masks? x
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  1. Really wanna try the Garnier treatment now, Im always looking for quick fixes!


  2. I usually slather coconut oil over my hair when it needs a pick me up, but these sound delightful!

  3. I love a hair mask too! Really wanna try that Bleach London one!! xx

    Kate | Kate Emma Loves.