Top Five A/W Nail Polishes


I don't know what it is about nail polishes, but I just love having a nose at other bloggers collection. I always have a quick peek to see their favourite shades and brands. Since I've started my new job which was over a month ago, I've had to sacrifice my love of nail polish. I'm not allowed to wear any nail polish at work, so my poor nails are looking pretty bare and neglected right now, so what better what to cheer myself up than writing about my polishes instead?! Now, I'm not one of those people who thinks you should wear different colours at different times of years, wear what you want I say! However, I thought I would pick out some perfect shades ready as Halloween and Bonfire Night soon approaches us.
Barry M 'Raspberry' - I love Barry M's polishes, I really need to get myself some more of these beauties! They are such good value for money. This shade is 'Raspberry' which is a plain berry red shade, perfect for autumn.
Rimmel 60 Seconds 'Black Out' - I love this pure black nail polish as it can be so versatile. I can use to create patterns if I'm feeling rather creative, mix it up with some glitter nails or go all over black for that darker winter look.
Rimmel Lasting Finish 'Midnight Blue' - A stunning dark blue shade, very close to being a black shade when you glance at it in it's bottle. It's a perfect metallic blue which makes it a great shade for the upcoming party season.
Minnie 'Bow-tiful - Sadly I don't have a link to this polish as I bought it in a set last year from Boots. It's a pretty purple shade, a lot darker than the packaging may have you believe.
Nails Inc 'Motcomb Street' - Last but not least I have this stunning Nails Inc shade of Motcomb Street. It's a very dark navy shade, again it's almost black making it a super sophisticated shade for the darker nights.
What polishes do you love for A/W? x
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  1. Midnight Blue looks so beautiful! It is so perfect for Winter! I love all these shades!
    Jodie xo // La Lune Song

  2. I am so into blue right now and that Nails Inc shade is stunning :) xx

  3. The Barry M colour looks gorgeous! I love deep reds and dark blues on my nails for autumn/winter :)