Where To Find Beauty Freebies.

Beauty freebies, you hear me say? Ooh yes, I love a good old freebie - even more so when it's a beauty product! Being a beauty blogger, I'm often on the hunt for new products and stocking up on Boots orders can soon become expensive. There is of course no need to be buying new beauty products but it's always a little buzz when you buy a new product isn't there?! Well, imagine the buzz if you get a new beauty product through your door completely free!
I love this website! You get to get a good peek into celebrities and bloggers such as Sammi from Beauty Crush's handbags and find out which beauty products they rate and why. You will need to set up an account and create a beauty cabinet. In you cabinet, you can add your favourite products and also choose the products you would love to try. As each new handbag peek is released, you will get the chance to 'Try' at least one of their favourite items. On the image, you will see a small red button labelled 'Try' - click on this, add it to your beauty cabinet, enter your address and cross your fingers!
Freebie Sites.
I've been using my old favourite Magic Freebies for years now and over time I have had free samples, free full sized shampoos and mascaras and much more. It's completely free to use and always easy too. Keep an eye out on 'offers' where you have to answer endless questions as these can be scam websites. Magic Freebies is updated daily and has a health and beauty section which you may want to keep your eyes on! Remember, freebies get snapped up quick! Other sites you could use are Freebies World, and Freebie Site.
Friends & Family.
Ever bought an eye shadow which didn't suit you? Any chance you passed it onto a friend or relative to try? If not, now's a good time to start! My mum and I always share products and try new things, for example if my mum doesn't like a new foundation, then she'll give it to me to try to see how I get on. I know there are hygiene risks you should consider but if you're happy to swap products - what's the point of binning it?!
Enter Competitions.
I've said this time and time again but it's such a handy way to get freebies and try new products. Of course, just because you enter doesn't mean you're going to win but you've got to be in it to win it! My tips would be to only enter competitions that you actually want to win. You'll often find ones giving away 100 new mascaras, so look out for the them as you have a higher chance of winning due to more prizes being given away.
Don't forget to keep an eye out in the magazine section of your local store (New magazines are a favourite of mine!) Often you will find free samples, vouchers and discount codes - and if you're already a reader of the particular magazine then it's just an added bonus!

How do you find free beauty products? x

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  1. Really useful! I'll have a look at these places to try and find some freebies :)

  2. If you have genuine feedback about a company or product emailing it to them can sometimes warrant a voucher or freebie in my experience, just make sure to be genuine.

    Sammy xo


  3. the freebie sites sound so good, I never even knew these existed! Everythings better when it's free haha! x


  4. Your blog is the cutest! I've nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award- check my blog for details http://spreepark.blogspot.com.au/2014/10/one-lovely-blog-award.html xx

  5. I'll have to try those freebies sites! Thanks for the helpful post.


  6. For any cat and dog owners out there, this site puts all the best pet freebies in one place http://www.PetPoints.co.uk (I must confess though it's a hobby of mine and I made the site, hope you like it)