A Disney Halloween Night In


Happy Halloween - a day late! I hope you liked my Disney themed post yesterday - any excuse eh?! I was lucky enough this week to receive a Disney Night In kit for the perfect Halloween night thanks to Florida 4 Less. I had to have the perfect afternoon instead. Last night I was actually in work so I didn't have a Halloween night, instead I had a Halloween afternoon on Thursday instead. I was lucky enough to receive two DVDs - Frankenweenie and Hocus Pocus. Hocus Pocus was one of my favourite films as a child so I did a little squeal of excitement when I found this in my box of goodies! There was also décor available from Sainsburys - a spider webbed tablecloth, bunting and even plastic spiders. I did a squeal of horror when I found the plastic spiders!
I hung the bunting up across my stairs/banister, popped Hocus Pocus on the TV and it was time to indulge in the treats. I had microwable popcorn, both sweet and salted - mix together in a bowl and ta-da! I had lots of other goodies to share too such as Crème Eggs, Crunchy Spiders, Pumpkin Smarties, Milkybar Ghosts and Sour and jelly spooky treats. Eek! I even had some Halloween themed plastic cups to share around the drinks. PS - sorry for the random photo of the fire, my mum's just treated herself to a new fire and I thought it looked so cosy I had to include it. Excuse the old fire behind it!!
How did you spend Halloween? x

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  1. I did the same! Me and my boyfriend ordered a takeaway and watched Harry Potter, Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown ;) haha



  2. Sounds like fun, the candy is so cute! :)