The Body Shop Christmas Wishes Range


I've always loved The Body Shop. There's so many different products from body scrubs to skincare as well as being cruelty free and affordable. There's been many a time where I wander around a Body Shop store, gazing in awe at all the pretty products. So, it won't have slipped past you that Christmas is coming up any time soon, so The Body shop have launched their new range of festive products and they're all part of their Christmas Wishes. I was lucky enough to receive a few select products from the new range to review on my blog, so here are my thoughts!

For the Christmas season, The Body Shop have released three new ranges of Glazed Apple, Vanilla Brulee and Frosted Cranberry. The Glazed apple scent is just divine. I wondered at first whether it would be a rather peculiar scent, one that you had to get 'used' to but the first time I used the body butter, I knew it was a scent for me. As you can guess from the name, it's a fruity apple scent which lingers on the body long after application. As with all body butters from The Body Shop, it's a thick, creamy formula which dries almost instantly, leaving me without that horrible few minutes of feeling greasy. It's a buttery texture and helps to smooth my skin and leaves me smelling gorgeous. As for the Glazed Apple hand cream, well he's not so bad either! With the same beautiful scent, I am able to carry this little tube around in my handbag, meaning I can get my glazed apple fix on the go as well as keeping my hands soft in the colder months. Just like the body butter, it's really fast at absorbing and moisturises really well.

This cute little dinky product is a new in item called the 'Lip and Cheek Doll' which is a special edition. It has quirky packaging with it's doll packaging similar to Japanese culture - at first I thought it was a little perfume! Open up the lid however and you'll find an applicator brush with a red liquid stain for a hint of colour to add to your lips, cheeks or both. I especially liked using the tint for my lips as it gives a subtle rosy shade perfect for everyday wear. It needs topping up after a few hours as it does begin to fade, but as it's so dinky, it's perfect to carry around with you.
Just like the Glazed Apple range, Frosted Cranberry has also impressed me! Again, the title does the talking for me but it's a sweet and seasonal frosted cranberry scent. In my house, we tend to stick to using liquid hand washes so it was a good chance to try something different for a change with the Frosted Cranberry Soap. There's not an awful lot of things to say about a soap but all you need to know is it smells sweet and lathers up well, doing the job perfectly.

I've spotted The Body Shop's new range of nail polishes recently - Colour Crush - and I've been impressed by the look of the sleek packaging, the cruelty free ingredients and a whopping 26 shades to choose from! The shade I have above is the perfect red for the festive season; 'Relish The Moment'. It's the perfect glossy red shade and what I loved about using the Colour Crush polish was how easy it was to apply. It's so easy for me to make a mess when painting my nails but the brush is super easy to use and I was really impressed with the drying time of the polishes too.
What do you think of my picks? Is there anything you fancy? x

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  1. I keep seeing that doll and it looks cuter and cuter!! Will have to buy it :D

    Julia | Wing me a dream

  2. The nail varnish is such a festive shade! :)

    Emily x // EmGrace

  3. I love the frosted cranberry range and the Apple one is so delicious to smell I hope that sticks around too! X

  4. I'm loving my Glazed Apple stuff so far and the Vanilla Brûlée products are also beautiful xx

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine

  5. Lovely post! I picked up the Glazed Apple hand cream yesterday and I can't wait to use it, it smells so good :) xx


  6. I already have two products from the Glazed Apple range. Can't wait to go and get something Vanilla Brulee and Frosted Cranberry too ;)

    My life as Anu | MAC Lipstick Giveaway

  7. the lip & cheek doll sounds great! i'm surely gonna go check that out x

  8. I'm so glad they've brought out such a strong apple scent :D

    Alice x