Too Faced Christmas Gifts.


I need to buy this, I repeat I need to buy this. What beauty blogger wouldn't want a glittery pink makeup bag, complete with three luxury lipsticks?! The lipsticks are a shimmer version of Too Faced's colour drenched lip creams - they sound lovely and moisturising. The shades include 'Naked Dolly', 'Marshmallow Bunny' and 'Spice Spice Baby'. Complete with a gorgeous makeup bag.

A super glitzy and glam gift set perfect for any beauty lover - cough, me, cough - a palette of essentials. The palette includes a La Crème lip gloss in shade 'Naked Dolly', three eye shadows taken from the Chocolate Bar palette, 'Snow Bunny' powder and 'Chocolate Soliel' bronzer. It's another one with super glitzy packaging, yay!

Bronzer Wardrobe - £18.00.
The most affordable of the bunch and also one of my favourites is the bronzer wardrobe. In this handy five piece compact you will find four different bronzers including 'Endless Summer', 'Chocolate Soleil', 'Sun Bunny', 'Milk Chocolate Soleil' and to apply; a mini kabuki brush.
How cute is this festive black and gold box? Inside you'll find four different shades of Too Faced's melted liquefied lipsticks. From left to right the shades include 'Melted Nude', 'Melted Peony', 'Melted Fuschia' and 'Melted Berry'. These look full sized in the picture but they're not, but I think the four minis are still great value.

Now I certainly wouldn't mind unwrapping this on Christmas day, it's frickin' beautiful! Firstly there's the Everything Nice palette which is one heck of a whopper including 20 eye shadows, two bronzers of 'Chocolate Soliel' and 'Inner Light', two blushes of 'Papa Don't Peach' and 'Sweet Pink'. There's also three mini teddy bear makeup brushes included. Aside from the gorgeous palette, you'll also find this stunning glitzy pink zip bag, a step-to-step guide and even a mini Better Than Sex mascara. The outer packaging for all this is even more incredible, with glitzy diamantes and glitter. I've sold this to myself now - oops.
I think this has to be the most beautifully packaged of them all. I can just see myself buying it, placing it on my bedside table and never touching it again because it's too damn pretty. The carousel is made up of six section (such a fun idea!) and includes your Too Faced essentials including twelve eye shadows, mini Chocolate Soliel bronzer, mini Sun Bunny shimmer, mini Who's Your Poppy blush, mini Luminous Peach blush and last but not least the infamous Better Than Sex mascara.
Which one is your favourite? x
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  1. Some lovely gifts, I love anything with sparkle and glitter x

  2. The Too faced lipstick set is such good value! I already wanted Spice Spice Baby so I'll have to check out the other 2 xx

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine

  3. I love the packaging for this years Too Faced Christmas gift, it's so, so pretty. I just want everything for the packaging alone, especially that carousel. x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  4. The lipsticks look SO beautiful! xx

  5. I just love their lipsticks - so creamy! :)