Wilko's Bargain Body Scrubs!

There's nothing I love more than a good old body scrub. When I was brunette, I used to use fake tan to give me a bit more colour to my skin but since going back to blonde I've found that I can now ditch the fake tan (yay!) and this has resulted in me using my favourite shower products again - a daily body scrub! As you may be aware, Wilko recently released a brand new health and beauty range, which quite frankly looks fabulous and everything is super cheap! I finally got round to treating myself to a few products from their new body and bath range and here's what I bought!
I have a tendency to buy way too many toiletries - shower gels, shampoos, conditioners - you name it and you'll find multiples in my bathroom cupboard somewhere! Each bath product costs just £1.50 each and there was also a great offer on to buy three products for just £3 (as if I needed persuading) so I picked up three body scrubs. The scrubs that I chose are Blueberry & Grape (reminds me of slush puppies - yum!), Orange & Pomelo and Coconut & Vanilla. Each bottle of body scrub has 250ml worth inside and three bottles is certainly going to last me a long time. I love using these as a quick 'wake me up' after using my latest favourite shower gel and each scrub has a gorgeous scent. The scrub itself is actually very light, if I wanted a deep exfoliation I would have to use a different scrub altogether but the beads are gentle enough to still give me that freshly scrubbed feeling. I also treated myself to a Blueberry & Grape bath foam as this scent is definitely my favourite - who doesn't love slush puppies?
Have you tried anything from Wilko's new health and beauty range? x

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  1. these sound great :)

    emily xx


  2. ooh will have a look in wilkinsons next time i'm in! :) love your blog!



  3. All of these scents sound lovely! I love a good deep body scrub, but don't do it that often so these sound great as a filler in :)

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  4. I love Wilko, I have tried lots from the new beauty range and Iove these scrubs!


    Em's Mixed Bag.....

  5. All the scents look delightful! Particularly blue berry and grape! I never really use body scrubs perhaps I need to change that xxxxx