Avon Stardust Nail Polish in 'Black' Review.

So, I was doing my best to avoid buying any new beauty products and I may have failed slightly, but luckily not massively. I decided to treat myself to Avon's new nail polish called 'Stardust'. I also thought it would be a good idea to write this review as Avon are a brand I don't often see on many beauty blogs and they're so affordable, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for a beauty post. As I mentioned, the polish I picked up is from Avon's 'Stardust' range. The range includes seven stunning glittery shades including 'Crystalized pink', 'Radiant Rose', 'Teal Glitter', 'Cherry Dazzler', 'Polished Plum', 'Silver Crystals' and my choice - 'Black Sequins'.
December is the perfect time for sparkly nails, so I got straight on my way to having black glittery nails! The polish was very easy to apply and I only needed two coats which gave me enough coverage. The polish didn't take too long to apply and it left me with a gorgeous matte and crystallised finish. At first, the polish was beautifully black and sparkling, but I noticed that after a few hours I thought the black was fading, leaving more of a grey finish. I think it would look even better with a black polish underneath and then adding the Stardust on top. After 24 hours, I only had one chip which was pretty good for me! As with all glitter polishes, they're never plain sailing to remove but it wasn't to difficult. I'd really recommend you trying a polish from the Stardust range as the finish is matte and sparkly - perfect! I'd suggest that if you want a full on glittery look, use a plain matching shade underneath and finishing off with Stardust. The polish retails at £6.00, but is currently reduced to £3.00 and I even bought it for £2.00!
Have you tried Avon nail polishes before? x

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Themed Wishlist #17: Barbie


 Pyjamas //  Purse // Ted Baker Makeup Bag // Mirror Phone Case // Nail Polish // Shoes //  Sweater & Skirt // Lipstick // Roller Skates //

I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world .... Ok, never mind. I love putting together pretty wish lists and this one was no exception. Pink is one of all time favourite colours so I thought I'd make this gorgeous Barbie wish list. This has also definitely been inspired by the amazing Moschino collection which debuted this year and I fell in love with it! 

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Step Away From The Internet!

You don't need me to tell you that the internet is a massive place. One minute I'm reading beauty blogs, the next I'm on the Daily Mail and all of a sudden I find myself on a website about conspiracy theories (true story!). Sometimes though, the internet can get quite overwhelming. When I'm not working on my blog I often feel like I should be doing something productive, like promoting my blog on social media etc and sometimes I find this hard to shake off. I thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of things that I enjoy doing that DON'T involve the internet. So, if you're having a lazy day at home but don't quite want to waste the whole day refreshing your Twitter feed, hopefully you'll find an idea from my little list.
Read a book or magazine.
Do puzzles.
Write something.
Have a bath.
Listen to music.
Tidy/organise your rooms or wardrobe.
Phone a friend or family member for a chat.
Plan blog posts.
Watch trash TV.
Do some cooking or baking.
Try a new exercise regime.
Watch a film.
Look through old photos.
Pamper yourself.
Paint your nails.
Put together some outfits.
Go outside - go for a walk, go shopping or go to a coffee shop!
Do you ever find yourself glued to the internet?!
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My Top Nightwear Picks

At this time of year it's the perfect excuse to be lazing around in your pyjamas - so you may as well be wearing some good ones! There's nothing like getting home from a long day to getting yourself comfy in your pyjamas. So, in that case you need a favourite pair of pyjamas, right?! There are always so many new pyjama releases that I have to stop myself buying them all. I've rounded up some of what I think are the cutest nightwear items available - perfect for cuddling up and getting some blogging done. It's not just pyjamas - don't forget your slippers and dressing gown too!
Are you a nightwear lover? x

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Lush Snow Fairy Magic Wand


 There's nothing better than a hot bubble bath to relax. Unless it's a hot pink bubble bath that fills the room with the scent of Snow Fairy - now you can't beat that, can you?! I first tried the Snow Fairy shower gel from Lush last Christmas, so I decided to stock up this year. I bought a small bottle of the shower gel and decided to stock up on the Magic Wands as I loved the look of them - I can now use them through the year too - yay! I'm sure you've already heard about Snow Fairy many times, but in case you haven't it's the perfect festive and magical scent which only rears its pretty head at Christmas time - it's amazing. If you haven't tried it, you need to - quick!

The magic wand is a re-usable bubble bar. It comes cutely packaged with a hot pink ribbon and a bell, perfect for a sweet gift. I was surprised at how large the actual bubble bar is! I did actually have a problem the first time I ordered the Magic Wand, as I opened it from it's box, the stick snapped off straight away before I could even use it, which was pretty annoying! Luckily, Lush did send a replacement. It's really simple to use. You hold the Magic Wand under running bath water, swishing through the water and the gorgeous candy floss scent fills the room instantly. When I have a bubble bath, I want a lot of bubbles so luckily the Magic Wand didn't disappoint me there. Not only does it fill the bath with hot pink water, but there's loads of bubbles to go around too. I found myself swishing the water for a few minutes and I was soon happy enough with the amount of bubbles. As I mentioned, the bar is re-usable which I feel makes it good value for money. Obviously, the wand needs to be left to dry after using it, then wrap up safely and store it ready for next time. I'm so glad that I stocked up as I know this is now a firm favourite of mine! The Magic Wand costs £5.25.
Are you a fan of the Snow Fairy Scent? x
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Diet Coke Glam Kit & My Top Ten Beauty & Fashion Trends of 2014.


Phew, that was a bit of a mouthful wasn't it?! Anyway, before I begin I'd just like to point out that this is not a sponsored post but the Glam Kit was sent to me for purpose of review. Now, I'm afraid to say I'm a big lover of fizzy drinks. Yes, I know they're not good for me but I don't drink tea or coffee and I just can't resist. Diet Coke is one of my all time favourite drinks so I was really excited when I received the Diet Coke Glam Kit in the post. I got even more excited when I spotted my Prancer and Dancer bottles - they're so perfect for this time of year - can't we just have them all year round?! The Diet Coke Glam kit is all about getting glammed up for your Christmas and New Year parties. As you can see I was lucky enough to receive a dry shampoo - perfect for some extra volume in your hair, a lip balm, an OPI silver nail polish perfect for the festive season and my first ever MAC lipstick in shade 'Russian Red'. I felt like it was Christmas when I was opening these gifts! So, on the subject of getting glammed up, I thought I'd put together my favourite top ten beauty and fashion trends of 2014. (Also, some of these may have been fashionable way before 2014, but it was this year that I noticed!)
Kylie Jenner's Lip Liner (?!).
Ariana Grande's Half up, half down hairstyle.

Eyebrows got bolder.
 Brows also got blinged up - yes, really!
LIps got darker.

                                            White Eyeliner.
Barbie hit Moschino.
Keeping warm in style - parkas and blanket wraps.
Easy updo - milkmaid braids, plaits and more.
 Frozen inspired the wedding catwalks.
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Cool Clutch Bags


With Christmas and New year just around the corner, the party season is well and truly in full swing. So, what better time is there to treat yourself to a gorgeous new clutch bag?! Clutch bags for me are an essential for a night out - I need somewhere to keep my phone, purse and lipstick safe! I've rounded up some of the cutest and quirkiest clutch bags that are in the shops at the moment - which one is your favourite? I actually can't choose!
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My Christmas Traditions


I thought I would get us all in the festive mood (as if we aren't already?! and write a good old fashioned Christmas post. Christmas and winter is always my favourite time of year, if the world could stay festively decorated with mince pies on sale 365 days a year then I'd be more than happy. I don't think it's actually Christmas Day that I love the most, it's more the build up. I love seeing the shops packed with last minute buyers, houses decorated with lights, children getting excited and the odd Santa's grotto here and there.
I'm always that annoying person who gets their Christmas shopping done early. My boyfriend on the other hand does a mad dash on Christmas Eve to see what he can get his hands on! I love choosing presents that I think people will be happy to open. This year I've got all the presents wrapped up in Frozen wrapping paper, regardless of who's on the receiving end! I don't tend to buy presents for many people;  my main ones are for my mum, sister, boyfriend, dad, stepfather and best friend. So far everyone's presents are done apart from just one little extra thing I need to pick up.  
On Christmas Eve, my mum always puts on a Christmas buffet. My sister will come round and we'll set the table so it's piled high with buffet food and then we'll usually watch a Christmas film or the soaps. Is it so bad that I get excited at all the good TV that will be on over Christmas?! On Christmas Eve, I usually open a small present before going to bed. I'll probably still be too excited to sleep though! On Christmas Day I'll probably be up bright and early, ready to see others get their presents. I will have a few presents which  I will be excited to open. We usually have bacon sandwiches and bucks fizz for breakfast before heading out to a family members house for the big dinner. I love spending the evening in front of the TV, lovely and cosy watching the soaps and the Christmas specials.

How do you spend your Christmas?
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Does High End Beauty Mean Better Quality?


Recently I went on a little splurge and treated myself to some new nail polishes. One was Essie, retailing at £7.99 a bottle, the other was Avon which cost me just £2.00. I was quite shocked to learn that the better nail polish (in my eyes) was in fact, Avon - the cheaper brand and possibly not the first choice you'd think of when it comes to buying a nail polish. It was so much easier to apply, whilst I found the Essie formula quite gloopy and had to remove it all because it wouldn't settle right. This got me thinking of why did I instantly think that Essie would have been higher quality? Well, because it's the higher price. Slap on the wrist for me for judging quality on the price tag.

Sometimes I think it's worth it to splash out on high end products. I always buy Estee Lauder's Double Wear foundation which comes in at just under £30, but I also buy Seventeen's Stay Time dupe which comes in at £6.49. That's a big old price difference and quite frankly, they both do the job as well as each other. You may also have noticed a recent blog post I did where I showed dupes of makeup and beauty that meant just by making a high end to budget swap, you could save a lot of money in one purchase. This has also got me thinking about why we are so willing to pay more for high end products.
Is it because of the glossy, sleek and sophisticated packaging? Take YSL's Black Opium for example, as daft as it sounds I would literally buy it because the bottle is so stunning, same goes for any of Marc Jacob's fragrances too. However, I wouldn't buy a cheap fragrance based on the packaging, it would be based on the price and quality. I think it's important to try and not get lured into the packaging lark. Packaging certainly doesn't equal good quality and poor packaging doesn't equal poor quality.
There is no definitive answer to the question in the title as I can't physically test all the high end beauty products in the world and compare them to the high street - as much as I would enjoy doing that! I have also found some brilliant high street favourites such as Sleek Bronze Block, Rimmel lipsticks, Seventeen Liquid Liner, Bourjois One Volume Second mascara - all of these are firm favourites in my makeup bag - for a much cheaper price. It also depends on your budget. If you have money to burn and want to treat yourself, then what's stopping you?! However, if you need to be more careful with your money, then search around for the best dupes and high street products and find a new budget favourite!
Do you ever found yourself tempted by luxury packaging? x
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Last Minute Stocking Fillers!


Okay, this is the last gift guide of 2014, I promise! I wish I could do these every week, I have way too much fun. So, today's gift guide is for those last minute stocking fillers that you may need to make a mad dash for ready for next week. I also realise I've been rather sexist by making another gift guide for the girls, but I figured I have more female readers over male. I've popped in the perfect Christmas jumper which has a cute little Mickey Mouse from Peacocks Christmas Shop as well as some small beauty gifts, a gorgeous notebook plus three of the cutest nightwear I can find. Perfect stocking fillers!
Have you got all your Christmas shopping done? x
*Collaboration with Peacocks
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Advertise On Sweet Dreams.

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Is 2015 the year that you want your blog to finally take off and start getting the recognition you deserve? As a blogger myself, I know how much you can want your blog to grow and sometimes when you haven't got much time to constantly promote yourself, advertising on a blog can be a good idea. I've been writing Sweet Dreams for almost two years now and I finally think the time is right for me to offer advertising to other bloggers. I also know that it's your hard earned cash you'd be spending, so I'd never overcharge or offer anything that I wouldn't be happy to pay for myself. So, without further ado, here are my prices. All you need to do is email me at sweetdreamsblog1@gmail.com and I'll get straight back to you. The advertising will begin as soon as your button is live and will last for 30 days. Payment will be through PayPal. You will also be included in my blog post introducing my advertisers of that month. PS - you don't have to be a blogger, you can be a business (just as long as it fits the bill!). The blog post featuring my advertisers will be published at the end of each month.

The Lion King - £12.
The biggest package of them all because you just can't wait to be king, right?! Too cheesy? Thought so!
ONE available per month.
200 x 200 button in my sidebar, sitting at the top of other advertisers.
Special #FF every week.
Top of the advertising blog post, where you can tell my readers all about yourself.
The Little Mermaid - £8.
TWO available per month.
200 x 150 button in my sidebar below The Lion King.
Part of a group tweet for #FF.
Included in my advertising blog post, where you can introduce yourself.
The Aristocats - £5.
ONE available per month
200 x 100 button in my sidebar.
Part of a group tweet for #FF.
All you need to do is email me at sweetdreamsblog1@gmail.com and we can get started! x
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Brand Favourites: Smooch Cosmetics.

I've decided to start up a new mini series focusing on beauty brands and my favourite products that I own. To kick off the series, I'm starting with Smooch Cosmetics and just to let you know, I was sent these products for purpose of review! Smooch Cosmetics is a budget beauty brand which I actually haven't tried before and I was really surprised at the quality of the products. Some budget brands can sometimes be poorer quality, but then at the same time they can be even better quality than the high end brands - and luckily, the latter is the case! The outer packaging of the products is pretty low key and simple, but the packaging of the product itself is definitely worth noticing. Both the blusher and eye shadow kit are packaging in a sleek black compact kit containing a handy mirror. I love the sophisticated packaging of these and can't help but compare it to NARS!

 Smooch Blusher in 'Sugar Rush'.*
Now, my first impression of this blush was 'Woah!' - it's a pretty bright colour, right?! I haven't always been much of a blush girl, tending to stick to bronzing instead but after treating myself to Benefit's recent blush kit, I've found myself experimenting more. I was a little wary at first, due to the blush being such a bold shade, but the final result really surprised me as it leaves a natural looking flush which is subtle enough for everyday wear. It's a powder blush, which was relatively easy to blend and also is buildable to get the intensity you're after.
I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this eye shadow duo. Not only is it in cute and handy packaging, it's also cheap and perfect for everyday neutrals. This may sound slightly OTT but in all honesty, these two shades are better than my Naked 3 palette - and just look at the difference in price! My particular favourite of the two is the shade on the right. Both shades are neutral, perfect for everyday wear and very easy to apply. I'm rubbish when it comes to blending eye shadows, but luckily all I had to do was dab a little onto my lids and I was met with a lovely subtle shimmer. The shadows both look perfect with a little winged liner and mascara.
Last but not least, it's the lipstick in the shade of 'Prom Punch'. Prom Punch is described as being a deep and dusky pink but if I had to guess, I'd have said it's more of a plum shade! It's quite a bold colour, perfect for the A/W party season. The lipstick itself is smooth and creamy and was very easy to apply.

Have you tried any products from Smooch Cosmetics? x
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A Christmas Hat Box Bouquet.

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For today's post, I'm going against all thing beauty and talking about a gorgeous Christmas floral bouquet. I was recently lucky enough to receive a voucher to spend on Chuckle Monster - so seeing as Christmas is all about giving I thought I would spend the voucher on a treat for my mum! My mum is one of those people who loves flowers so much, she buys them for herself too. So, when I spotted the 'Christmas Hat Box' bouquet, I knew it would be perfect. It is also my mum and stepfather's anniversary five days before Christmas, so I decided the bouquet could be an early anniversary and Christmas present rolled into one.
Chuckle Monster (the name does make me chuckle, I must admit!) is a gifting website selling items such as flowers, cards, personalised gifts and alcohol. So, onto the bouquet. I decided to choose the hat box as I love the cute pale green box the flowers come packaged in, tied with a red satin ribbon. The bouquet consists of red roses, green santini, red and green carnations, silver ruscus and a pine cone. Look at me pretending to be an upcoming florist! There are also lots of other bouquets to choose from. I feel the bouquets make a lovely Christmas gift, perfect for those in your life who are fond of flowers. Ordering the flowers online, you get to choose the date that they will arrive at the designated address. So, for example you can choose for your sister to receive her Christmas bouquet on Christmas Eve - how cute! As with most floral deliveries, you can add a little message to let them know who it's come from.
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High End Beauty Wishlist


Something about these high end products just make me want to grab them all and go running to put them away in my makeup bag! I'm actually going to be talking about what it is about high end products that seem to lure us in so well, so keep an eye out for a blog post about that coming soon! Recently I was feeling a little down, feeling a little skint and so what better way to cheer me up than going on a pretend virtual spree?! Sometimes it's just the feeling of ordering and receiving a product that's the most exciting part rather than actually enjoying it! Anyway, as you can see I've featured some new and old products in the wish list. I'd love to be getting my hands on a Too Faced Christmas gift this year as they look so gorgeous! I'm also dreaming of a Michael Kors fragrance and even a Dolce one too - greedy, never?!
What's on your high end beauty wish list? x  
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Christmas Decoration Wishlist

I love a good wish list and when it's Christmas themed, that makes it ten times better in my eyes! I've rounded up my favourite Christmas decorations available this year and put them together for you to see if you fancy any new decorations! I'm loving the cute pink Christmas tree and the Bambi cushion is just so adorable. There are some gorgeous tree decorations, like the pink donut, bambi as well as a wooden unicorn and fox - stunning! There's even something for every room - Santa and a penguin in your bathroom, as well as festive snowy bedding to get yourself tucked up into. I can't wait for Christmas!
What are your favourite Christmas decorations? x
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Bourjois Timeless Elegance Makeup Kit

 My mum is such a cutie when it comes to my blog. Not only has she set up her own Bloglovin account just so she can keep updated with mine and my sister's blog posts, but she often offers me her opinions on products she's using so I can blog about them. The reason I'm telling you this? Well, Mum is certainly an avid beauty shopper (I see where I get it from) so after yet another trip to the makeup aisles she came home and showed me this kit.
The 'Timeless Elegance' kit is from Bourjois, one of my favourite budget brands and is FREE when you spend a total of £15.00 on any Bourjois products in Boots. So, it's just a quick post from me to show you what's inside the Timeless Elegance kit. I love the packaging of this too, it's so sparkly and festive - perfect for the festive season. I can't help but think it would make a great Christmas present too! As I mentioned, the total of the kit would only cost you £15 as well as the products you've already chosen, so it's a win win situation. Inside the box you will find: Smokey Eyes Trio Eye shadow, Volume Glamour Max Mascara, Rouge Edition lipstick in shade 'Beige Trench' and a 'So Lacque!' nail polish in shade 'Beige Glamour'. The offer is exclusive to Boots and runs until 30th December.
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Christmas Party Looks.

The Big Night Out.

Nail Polish // Eyelashes // Clutch // Red Lipstick // Heels // Dress // Rings // Headband //  Eyeliner //

Christmas Day.
Boxing Day.

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Christmas Gift Guide: For The Foodies.

Oops, it's another Christmas gift guide! I just can't help myself, I love the thought of people getting lovely gifts on Christmas Day. For today's gift guide I thought I would do something for the 'foodies' such as my dad and step father who both love cooking and eating treats (I definitely enjoy the latter!). As you can see, I've put together lots of food related gifts which would be perfect for pretty much anyone who's on your Christmas list this year. My favourite? Well, it has to be the My Little Pony cupcake set!

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2015 Diaries: My Picks.

Any excuse to buy new stationery and I'm there. Coming up to a brand spanking new year is the perfect excuse for me to go on a stationery hunt for the perfect diary for 2015. At first, I struggled to find any diaries that felt suitable for me but since then I've collected 13 of my favourites (I know, oops!). If you're on the hunt for your next diary, I hope this post will give you a hand and you may spot one that you fancy!
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