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Is 2015 the year that you want your blog to finally take off and start getting the recognition you deserve? As a blogger myself, I know how much you can want your blog to grow and sometimes when you haven't got much time to constantly promote yourself, advertising on a blog can be a good idea. I've been writing Sweet Dreams for almost two years now and I finally think the time is right for me to offer advertising to other bloggers. I also know that it's your hard earned cash you'd be spending, so I'd never overcharge or offer anything that I wouldn't be happy to pay for myself. So, without further ado, here are my prices. All you need to do is email me at and I'll get straight back to you. The advertising will begin as soon as your button is live and will last for 30 days. Payment will be through PayPal. You will also be included in my blog post introducing my advertisers of that month. PS - you don't have to be a blogger, you can be a business (just as long as it fits the bill!). The blog post featuring my advertisers will be published at the end of each month.

The Lion King - £12.
The biggest package of them all because you just can't wait to be king, right?! Too cheesy? Thought so!
ONE available per month.
200 x 200 button in my sidebar, sitting at the top of other advertisers.
Special #FF every week.
Top of the advertising blog post, where you can tell my readers all about yourself.
The Little Mermaid - £8.
TWO available per month.
200 x 150 button in my sidebar below The Lion King.
Part of a group tweet for #FF.
Included in my advertising blog post, where you can introduce yourself.
The Aristocats - £5.
ONE available per month
200 x 100 button in my sidebar.
Part of a group tweet for #FF.
All you need to do is email me at and we can get started! x
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1 comment

  1. would love to advertise on your wonderful blog, been following for some time now. When i get my button done you shall be hearing from mex