Brand Favourites: Smooch Cosmetics.

I've decided to start up a new mini series focusing on beauty brands and my favourite products that I own. To kick off the series, I'm starting with Smooch Cosmetics and just to let you know, I was sent these products for purpose of review! Smooch Cosmetics is a budget beauty brand which I actually haven't tried before and I was really surprised at the quality of the products. Some budget brands can sometimes be poorer quality, but then at the same time they can be even better quality than the high end brands - and luckily, the latter is the case! The outer packaging of the products is pretty low key and simple, but the packaging of the product itself is definitely worth noticing. Both the blusher and eye shadow kit are packaging in a sleek black compact kit containing a handy mirror. I love the sophisticated packaging of these and can't help but compare it to NARS!

 Smooch Blusher in 'Sugar Rush'.*
Now, my first impression of this blush was 'Woah!' - it's a pretty bright colour, right?! I haven't always been much of a blush girl, tending to stick to bronzing instead but after treating myself to Benefit's recent blush kit, I've found myself experimenting more. I was a little wary at first, due to the blush being such a bold shade, but the final result really surprised me as it leaves a natural looking flush which is subtle enough for everyday wear. It's a powder blush, which was relatively easy to blend and also is buildable to get the intensity you're after.
I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this eye shadow duo. Not only is it in cute and handy packaging, it's also cheap and perfect for everyday neutrals. This may sound slightly OTT but in all honesty, these two shades are better than my Naked 3 palette - and just look at the difference in price! My particular favourite of the two is the shade on the right. Both shades are neutral, perfect for everyday wear and very easy to apply. I'm rubbish when it comes to blending eye shadows, but luckily all I had to do was dab a little onto my lids and I was met with a lovely subtle shimmer. The shadows both look perfect with a little winged liner and mascara.
Last but not least, it's the lipstick in the shade of 'Prom Punch'. Prom Punch is described as being a deep and dusky pink but if I had to guess, I'd have said it's more of a plum shade! It's quite a bold colour, perfect for the A/W party season. The lipstick itself is smooth and creamy and was very easy to apply.

Have you tried any products from Smooch Cosmetics? x
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  1. the blush looks utterly beautiful, the same with duo eye shadow, haven't actually heard about this brand, but the products seems nice! xx


  2. I love Smooch products. Been using then for a while now. The eyeshadows are great quality but really like their lipsticks too.

  3. I've actually never heard of Smooch before!! But thinking of trying them now after your post! X

  4. Oooh I have never heard of Smooch before but am certainly intrugued! That lipstick especially looks amazing!

    Elesaurus |
    Youtube - Eleanor Rose

  5. I have the shadows and while they are a little chunky in texture, they are so shimmery and pretty! I've never tried anything else from the line, though. x