My Christmas Traditions


I thought I would get us all in the festive mood (as if we aren't already?! and write a good old fashioned Christmas post. Christmas and winter is always my favourite time of year, if the world could stay festively decorated with mince pies on sale 365 days a year then I'd be more than happy. I don't think it's actually Christmas Day that I love the most, it's more the build up. I love seeing the shops packed with last minute buyers, houses decorated with lights, children getting excited and the odd Santa's grotto here and there.
I'm always that annoying person who gets their Christmas shopping done early. My boyfriend on the other hand does a mad dash on Christmas Eve to see what he can get his hands on! I love choosing presents that I think people will be happy to open. This year I've got all the presents wrapped up in Frozen wrapping paper, regardless of who's on the receiving end! I don't tend to buy presents for many people;  my main ones are for my mum, sister, boyfriend, dad, stepfather and best friend. So far everyone's presents are done apart from just one little extra thing I need to pick up.  
On Christmas Eve, my mum always puts on a Christmas buffet. My sister will come round and we'll set the table so it's piled high with buffet food and then we'll usually watch a Christmas film or the soaps. Is it so bad that I get excited at all the good TV that will be on over Christmas?! On Christmas Eve, I usually open a small present before going to bed. I'll probably still be too excited to sleep though! On Christmas Day I'll probably be up bright and early, ready to see others get their presents. I will have a few presents which  I will be excited to open. We usually have bacon sandwiches and bucks fizz for breakfast before heading out to a family members house for the big dinner. I love spending the evening in front of the TV, lovely and cosy watching the soaps and the Christmas specials.

How do you spend your Christmas?
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  1. Sounds like a lovely way of spending Christmas :) I actually posted about my Christmas last night if you want to read :) xx

  2. This sounds perfect. I love Christmas traditions :)

    Rachael xo