Making A Beauty Scrapbook: Part Two.

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Hopefully you enjoyed taking a peek at what's inside my scrapbook in yesterday's blog post. I thought it would be a good idea to create a part two for anyone who's now feeling a little creative. When it comes to choosing a scrapbook, you need something that is going to inspire you each time you look at it. For example, the Candy Club one is so sweet and gorgeous, I'd love to fill it with pretty images and quotes. Then you have the map scrapbook, which would perfect for making into a travel journal. As I mentioned yesterday, there are also plain brown scrapbooks that you can buy and you can then decorate the cover yourself.

Once you've chosen your scrapbook, it's time to get it full of inspiration. I think that the first most important thing you need is a stack of old magazines. I love looking through my Look magazines, looking for fashion themes and make up looks to follow. I'd also suggest looking through Pinterest for ideas too if you're stuck, I've made a board of pins about beauty scrapbook which I look at when I get stuck. You may not just want images in your scrapbook so you could get creative by adding stickers, writing with sharpies and generally adding your own personal touches.

Get creative! x

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1 comment

  1. So many pretty scrap books to choose from. I really want to start collecting memories and keepsakes more now this is a cute idea
    Carrieanne x