Top Five Salon Treatments.

A few months back I went for my first ever spa day and I really enjoyed. It was such a relaxing environment, I definitely need to get planning my next one - we all deserve a treat, don't we?! For today's post I'm talking about my top five beauty salon and spa treatments.
I've never actually had a manicure before but this is something I really want to change! I wouldn't want nail extensions as I find them too fiddly to deal with, but I'd love a simple manicure whether it be a pastel shade or an intricate nail art design. It would be a lot easier than me battling with the nail polish!
Salt Scrub.
I would love to have a salt scrub treatment so much. I've just been reading up about an Elemis exotic lime and ginger scrub which sounds heavenly. There's also loads of different varieties of scrubs available - I think I should make it my mission to get through them all!
Tooth Treatments.
I spent years going through the pain of wearing a brace, forever visiting the orthodontist, and I now finally have straight teeth - Hallelujah! (I used to have teeth behind teeth and all sorts). Harley Street Clinic are now offering a new tooth treatment called Invisalign Lite which aligns the teeth over a course of treatments. It's perfect for any poorly positioned teeth or anything that makes you feel a little insecure about.
A facial is something I've also never had - unless you count myself doing my skincare regime on a good day?! I'd love to choose a specific facial such as a brightening treatment to give my skin the care that it deserves.
Individual Lashes.
Recently my lashes have been disappearing here and there and this has obviously resulted in my lashes not looking in very good condition. For this reason, I'd love to treat myself to individual lash extensions for a more natural look that I can wear everyday as opposed to using false lashes. I'm also really curious to see how they'd look too!
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  1. Ooh sounds like you had a lovely time, its my 21st this year and I think I'm going to treat myself to a spa trip or something!

    alice xo | beautybyalicee

  2. I could do with a spa day and most definitely a massage to help cure my aching shoulders x

  3. I've only ever had one facial in my life and it was pretty nice... I've never been to a nail salon and got my nails done... I was told I'm missing out, but really, if I can do it myself, why pay someone for it? I'd rather spend my money on food or beauty haha