My Favourite Beauty Reads.


Since deciding that I'd love to have a career in the beauty and retail sector, I've been brushing up my skills on all things beauty wise. For years now whenever I have a new magazine, I go straight to the beauty pages to see any new releases and what's hot. I'm working as a temporary fragrance consultant this week so I've been learning all about the high notes of perfumes etc and it's the only type of revising I've ever enjoyed! I thought I'd put together a post of where I love to keep up to date with all the beauty news and what I enjoy reading.
Beauty Books.
I've found a brand new love for learning about skincare, fragrances and generally all things beauty related recently so my knowledge is just building up - well I am attempting it anyway! As I mentioned in a recent post, I've found Sali Hughes' Pretty Honest so helpful and I've picked up lots of tips so I definitely recommend that. I'm also fancying lots of other beauty books including Bobbi Brown's Make Up Manual - are there any books you'd recommend?
I get overly excited about the beauty sections of magazines and newspapers. It doesn't matter what I'm reading, I skim straight through to find any mentions of new releases, reviews and any snippets. I've recently started buying Allure since spotting it in my local WHSmith shop - it's pretty pricey at £4.80 but I love getting all the beauty news. What I love most about it is that seeing as it is shipped from the USA, I get to see all then new products that are going to be coming our way sometime soon. There's also good quality articles in there, with plenty to read - so you're not just paying money for pages and pages of adverts. Please can the UK create our own beauty magazine?!
My main love of makeup and beauty spiralled since I started reading other blogs and writing my own. I've learnt so much from others, found products I didn't know existed and love sharing anything I find on my own blog too. Just how can there be so many pretty products for us to lust after?! I also find that blogs are so much more honest than magazines and the products get reviewed in much more depth - so I do tend to choose a bloggers review over a magazine.
I guess this is a pretty strange one and maybe it doesn't quite class as a read as such but I love seeing other beauty tips and tricks on Pinterest. It's so easy to see a quick tutorial in an image, with step by step instructions along as things such as homemade DIY face masks, contouring and highlighting tips, makeup dupes and loads of other things.

What are your favourite beauty reads? Can you recommend me anything? x

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  1. Pretty Honest is an amazing book. I find it really helpful! I get a lot of beauty information from blogs, but I pick up Allure occasionally too.

    Antonia x | Fifi and the Diamonds

  2. Blogs are my favourite place to learn about all things beauty! ^ ^

  3. These are lovely and I have a few beauty books as well and some magazines but blogs have been my main source.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  4. I love the Allure magazine. It's one of my favorite magazines, a lot of great beauty tips and review of new products. But, I do think that beauty blogs are very honest when reviewing a product/products. I mean let's face it, they don't have to sell it to you, but instead just give you an honest opinion. Great post Alexandra!

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  6. Fab post, I am really loving beauty books at the moment. The Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual is a really good read :) I love to mix between blogs and beauty books :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  7. I love blogs, magazines & that pretty honest book too <3 lovely post

  8. i really love your blog, and that's why i nominated you for a versatile blogger award here

    have a nice day xo