Everyday Makeup Routine.

Base & Face.
At the minute I'm dancing in between primers as I can't seem to stick to just one! Some days I use Benefit's Porefessional, then I use Steam Cream's Wendy pre makeup base but so far my favourite is proving to be Bare Mineral's Prime Time primer. It's a silicone based primer which is super easy to blend into my skin and mattifies ready for a day of wearing foundation. I only had a small sample in my Bare Minerals Get Started Kit and I will definately repurchase when I get a few more pennies in. When it comes to foundation, I like a full coverage and matte finish. To do this I apply No7's Beautifully Matte foundation mixed in with Seventeen's Stay Time to give me the complete coverage that I love. 

Before doing my eye makeup, I always start on my brows first! I use my trusty HD Brow & Eye Kit in shade 'Foxy'. Using the little angled brush makes it so easy to actually give my brows some shape - this is a kit I don't see me swapping for anything else! With me eyes, I tend to avoid eye shadow and keep it simple with a quick black liner flick using Seventeen's Wet Look Liner. It has a tiny nib perfect for creating a flick, but still gives a thick, matte black look. I'm all for trying out new mascaras but right not I'm sticking with my trusty favourites. I use my mini Roller Lash which is perfect for lengthening and volumising my lashes and I top that off with Rimmel's ScandalEyes mascara which is super thick and perfect for giving a dramatic look. 

If I've got more time to spend on my makeup, I'll add a few extras in too. I love using my Croydex Pedestel Mirror* which is perfect for applying my makeup due to it's double magnified side meaning I can get a close up of my look (not advised if having a bad skin day!) and it stands up easily for me to get my makeup done and get moving. If I have more time to focus on my makeup, I love using Benefit's Hoola bronzer and my new Rodial Instaglam* highlighter for a quick contour! 

What's your everyday makeup routine? x 
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Best Of The Beauty Competitions #4

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Fancy winning a massive range of Kiss The Moon products? It's full of pampering essentials such as bath and face oils. All you need to do is enter your details! 

Have you been eyeing up the new spring DKNY fragrances? I know I have! To win all three fragrances, you need to follow @ukglam on Instagram and tag a picture that makes you happy using the hashtag #DKNYDELIGHTS. Don't forget to tag them too.

Yours are giving away a massive beauty bundle including this mascara as well as a Charlotte Tilbury palette and brands such as MAC, Philosophy, Chanel and Bourjois. Simply enter your details.

You've seen the hype of Rollerlash, so why not try and win yourself your own full sized mascara?

Another massive beauty bundle is up for grabs thanks to Tatler's Beauty Awards. As well as Chloe's Love Story perfume, you can win lots of other high end treats. 

To win a year's subscription to Look Fantastic's beauty box, simply enter your details.

I don't tend to include blogger giveaways here but this one is too good to miss! Stephanie is giving away a MAC Royal Ball Cinderella lipstick over on her blog. 

Good Luck! x

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My Top Ten Favourite Posts Of Sweet Dreams.

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Okay, I'm aware that this post may seem like I'm blowing my own trumpet, but I promise you I'm not. I am proud of my blog and love the fact that it is the only hobby I have ever stuck to (other than reading). So, I decided to put together a post of the favourite ten posts I have written in my tine of blogging, I can't believe how fast it has gone! I also thought it may be a good way to show any new readers some older posts I have written and hopefully you will enjoy them! Please leave a comment if you have done this post as I would love to see your favourite posts.
1) My first ever post: My Winter Sale Items.
In terms of photography and style, it's not the best post I have ever written, but it certainly is the most important. This is the first post I ever wrote on a Saturday night last February, where I told my mum and sister that I would like to start a blog, my sister jumped up and helped me take photos of my new clothes and then Sweet Dreams was born!

2) Benefit's Fake Up Launch Event.
Again, in terms of photography, you could say I was still learning! This post is actually so important to me as it was the first blogger event I have ever been to! I remember that I had only been blogging for a month, yet I was then classed as a beauty blogger who could go to a posh Benefit event! It's safe to say I was feeling like cheese. I was so nervous going, especially as I attended alone, but luckily a few of us girls who arrived together grouped up and we stayed together.

3) My Decluttering Tips.
More often than I would like to admit to, my bedroom starts to look like a bomb has hit it. There's clothes strewn everywhere, lots of makeup and skincare products and a general mess. So, when I finally get into 'tidy up' mode, I do it pretty well! I wrote this post after getting rid of lots of unwanted items and it made me feel a lot better after it. Hopefully you may find some good tips.

4) Who says you have to fit in?
I really enjoyed writing this post, especially including the Honey Boo Boo gifs. I decided I wanted to write the post after getting fed up of feeling that we all have to be the same, to pretend we like things that we don't just to fit into society. I also hoped it allowed people to get to know me a little bit more.

5) Blogger Things you don't have to do!
This is a post I really enjoy reading back as I had such kind comments from those who agreed with me! I simply wanted to jot a few things down that you DON't have to do in order to be a 'good' blogger. I remember the feeling of how much I needed an expensive camera - surely it would make my blog better, right?! But realistically, no it wouldn't have as I have no technology skills to use with it!

6) Are you a secret Blogger?
This is my all time favourite post that I wrote. To this day, I am still a secret blogger apart from my mum, sister and boyfriend and I am happy with it that way. I was so happy to see that I am not the only one who likes to keep their blog to themselves. By no means am I ashamed of my blog, I just enjoy the fact it's my own little world.

7) Blogging to perfection?
I think a lot of us bloggers are perfectionists, which is why I was happy with this post. I talked about how I can feel pressured for my blog to be perfect and that then takes the enjoyment out of blogging.

8) How to stop wasting money on beauty products.
I really enjoyed writing this post as I learnt from my own tips. When I first started blogging, I felt the pressure to buy loads of beauty products, thinking it would make me 'popular' and look like I have the knowledge of the new beauty products. That gets expensive and I no longer do it! I now only buy things I really want. You don't need to buy new products purely to improve your blog - but if you want the newest mascara and can review it too then happy days!

9) Why are you quiet?
I was so so pleased with the kind comments I received from this post. I decided to write it after getting fed up of people saying 'She's quiet', 'Oh why are you so quiet?' - as it gets pretty annoying. If you're 'quiet' like me then you'll understand! Just because I don't always want to be the centre of attention and I don't have a booming voice doesn't mean I am boring or invisible and luckily, this post went down well.

10) A Very Disney 21st Birthday!
I'm going to finish off on a rather random post - my 21st birthday! I felt that this is the first post where I started showing snippets of my life, even including the first proper picture of me on my blog!

If you're a blogger, what are your top ten favourite posts that you have written? I would love to have a peek :) x

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Themed Wishlist #24: Easter


Seeing as it's Easter Sunday just next week, I thought I'd pop up my Easter themed wish list to get us in the mood! I have fond memories of Easter due to the annual Easter Egg Hunt at my grandparents house. As you know I can't resist making my wish lists, so for today's I've put together pretty much anything you need to have a happy Easter - chocolate first of course, followed by decorations, pastel nails, candles and bunny shaped crumpets. Yes, bunny shaped crumpets. Consider yourself pre-warned to get yours in time for Sunday, although of course you may have to consume before then, just for testing purposes! 
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Top Five Beauty Instagram Accounts To Follow.

'Feeluniquebeauty' - Feel Unique is one of my favourite beauty websites to shop from as they always have exclusive brands and products perfect for any beauty lover. I love keeping up to date with their latest additions, favourite picks and tips. They also have some amazing photography setups, perfect for finding inspiration.
'Escentual' - I love browsing Escentual's website as they have stunning brands such as Elie Saab, Chloe, Guerlain and lots more for me to drool over. I love following on Instagram to get my fix of all things high end beauty as well the odd cute Moschino teddy bear!
'thesundaygirluk' - The Sunday Girl is my favourite beauty blog of all time. Adrienne puts so much hard work into her blog, posting over three times a day and I love to keep updated. When I haven't got time to catch up on her newest blog posts, I'll keep updated on Instagram instead to see any new releases.
'ctilburymakeup' - If you're a beauty lover, chances are you wont need me to introduce you to Charlotte Tilbury. I've never tried any of her products thanks to the hefty price tag, so I get my fix on Instagram instead! Makeup artist to massive celebrities, I think Charlotte's an inspirational makeup artist.

'bourjoisuk' - Last but not least, it's Bourjois. There's lots of Bourjois products that I'd love to try and they're showcasing some cute pastels ready for spring! I love keeping up to date with their products and with over 50,000 followers it looks like it's not just me!

Do you have any favourite Instagram accounts? x

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Joules 'The Big Bag Theory' Review.


Firstly, what an amazing name for a bag! I'm a fan of the The Big Bang Theory show (though not quite as big a fan as my sister -or my dad actually who may be reading this) so I think Joules have done really well with coming up with such a quirky title. I've never tried anything from Joules before, even though i have admired the brand, so I was really excited to try this out. As you can see, the bag itself is a hold all bag which is pretty massive and can pretty much fit anything into! If you've got any clutter around the house you could pop your books and magazines in here and it would still look gorgeous thanks to the stunning design of the bag! It's really up to you what you use the bag for, i think I'll use it as a shopper as it's really sturdy and won't break in my hand like those pesky cheap carriers. Plus, this is much more stylish! 

The design of the bag is called 'Sky Blue Peony' and it's just my type. I love the pastel blue shade, with the pretty floral patterns along with a simple pink handle, finished off with the Joules logo. The bag is available in three other designs of 'Spring Green Dash', 'Pink Wildflower' and 'Blue Zig Zag' but this pattern is definitely my favorite. 
*PR Sample

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My Bluestone Break

Recently I was lucky enough to visit Bluestone with my boyfriend for a free mid week break, thanks to the lovely marketing team. Bluestone are luxury breaks based just an hours drive away from me in Narbeth in Pembrokeshire. I've actually visited twice before with my family on a weekend break so I was even more excited for my Monday to Friday stay, especially as me and my boyfriend don't live together, so it was a bit like playing house! All you need to do is arrive by car, pop your bags in your lodge and what you do with your stay is entirely up to you. 

What's there to do?
What I love most about staying at Bluestone is that the holiday is entirely yours. There's nobody to nag you and encourage you to get up and join in with activities - you can make it as busy or as relaxed as you like. We chose the latter as it's such a cosy and perfect lodge and the weather was so cold and frosty it was lovely to look out at the views from the warmth. We did venture out to the Blue Lagoon water park which is amazing - there's a slide with an outdoor hot jacuzzi and gorgeous views where you can just stop off on your way down the slide! It's suitable for children too with a shallow play area and family slides, with a cafe to visit afterwards. There's loads of other activities such as an adventure centre, a history walk, laser shooting, high ropes, cycle routes and loads of other places to discover. There's also a wellness spa for you to fully relax. If you're looking for something to eat you can choose from the Knights Tavern (pictured above), The Yard, Millers Bakery, The Pavilion and The Wild Wood Cafe. 

Where do I stay?
There's lots of different lodges and studios to choose from for your stay. The premier lodge is 'The Skomer' which sleeps six followed by 'The Grassholm' for larger parties of eight. There's 'The Ramsey' which sleeps four, which I have previously stayed in with my family which is a lovely house with upside down living which gives it a unique touch. We stayed in a 'Cadley' which is two semi detached lodges with two bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms. If a lodge doesn't sound like something you'd fancy, you can choose from two cottages or a studio. Inside your rooms, you'll have free wifi and TV with lots of other facilities that you'll need such as towels and kitchen utensils.

What do I need to take? 
You might want to make a list for this one! Inside your lodge, you'll find all the utilities you need for cooking but you need to take all of your food. Any sauces, snacks and meals, tea towels, kitchen rolls etc you will need to take with you but there's no need to carry cutlery down with you! In the bathroom, there are fresh towels but you might want to take some extras of your own, as well as usual bathroom toiletries as none are provided. You'll also need to take toilet roll with you as you are given some but it may not be enough to get you through your stay. If you forget anything it doesn't matter as there's a newsagent store based in the Bluestone village where you can get any groceries, toiletries and treats. I liked to walk down to the shop each morning to get a paper and some goodies.

I hope you enjoyed my lifestyle post today about my fabulous break at Bluestone! I can highly recommend Bluestone to anyone, whether it be couples, friends or family there really is something for everyone. To find out more information visit Bluestone Wales to see all their prices and you could be staying here this spring or summer! 

Thank you very much to Bluestone for our stay! x

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My Favourite Fragrances.

This is the perfect perfume for the spring and summer months, as it's such a stunning light fragrance. There's no doubt you'll have heard of Daisy Dream and you certainly can't miss it thanks to the beautiful design of the bottle. Daisy Dream is inspired by daisies and clear blue skies, with top notes of blackberry, grapefruit and pear, followed with heart notes of jasmine, lychee and blue wisteria and finally base notes of white woods, coconut water and musks. It's perfect for day and night wear, but you may want to choose something a little stronger for a special occasion.
Inspired by the romantic city of Pairs and the love padlocks on the bridge of the Pont Des Arts. Just like Daisy Dream, it's another stunner when it comes to the packaging with its gold padlock shaped bottle tied with a pretty pastel ribbon. The fragrance itself is much more noticeable than Daisy Dream but is still suitable for daily wear - but personally, I find myself saving this for special occasions. So, onto the scent itself - it's absolutely beautiful! The perfume itself focuses on notes of orange blossom made from neroli and jasmine. The scent has really good staying power too, so this all adds up to it being one of my favourite perfumes!
  I appreciate that some people may hear of a 007 fragrance and think that it doesn't sound anything special. What with all these exclusive designer perfumes being thrown about the place with their exotic sounding titles, it can be easy to get lured in just by a name. I would describe this perfume as being quite unique, it's a dark but fruity fragrance - not something I would normally choose but I think it's gorgeous. The fragrance has top notes of black pepper with rose milk mixed with blackberry, jasmine and bottom notes of vanilla and white musk. I feel that this could be worn as a day or night fragrance, but it definitely needs topping up throughout the day. A 30ml bottle of 007 For Women retails at £24.50 and is available from The Fragrance Shop.
This was a Christmas gift from my boyfriend, so you can imagine my disappoint when I opened the gorgeous bottle to find that the lid had been all glued together. With no receipt, Debenhams told me there was nothing they could do, so I have a gorgeously scented high end perfume - with a lid that doesn't work - rant over! Aside from that, the Glam Jasmine fragrance is stunning. It's a floral and fruity scent which rich deep hues such as plum and berry. It's a perfect feminine fragrance, perfect for any fragrance lover!
What are your favourite fragrances? x
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Pinspiration: My Dream Home - Kitchen.

I just love browsing through Pinterest and planning out what can only be described as another life. I plan to move out in the next few years, so I love looking for inspiration on how to decorate my future home. I've put together a few of my favourite pins, with different themes such as pastel colours, retro themes, pink kitchen, general accessories and my favourite Rose and Ellis range from Dunelm Mill.

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Dare To Be Different.

Career and University.
Right now, I'm not so sure where my career is heading. I'm working in care as I have done for the past three years but I don't know where I'm going to be in ten years time. If you're like me and you're going with the flow then good for you. Just make sure that whatever you're doing gives you some aspect of happiness and reward (I know that we're not gonna jump out of bed every morning screaming with excitement at the thought of going to work, but as long as you don't dread it, we'll be just fine). There's been lots of times when I get asked why I didn't go to university or why I'm not planning to. The answer is extremely simple - because I didn't want to! There's no subject that I want to study for three years and I always hated revising and coursework anyway, so when the time came to join the working world instead I knew that was for me. You don't have to go to university just because your friends are or you'll feel you're missing out if you don't. Find what works for you, forget what everyone else is doing.
Alcohol & drinking culture.
Once upon a time, I turned 18 and thought I was the bees knees thanks to my new found love of partying and alcohol. The novelty pretty much wore off as I realised it was the same places, same drinks every time and I just got bored and stopped. Don't get me wrong, for a friend's birthday or special occasion I am more than happy to go out and have a good time and have a drink - but I don't want to feel out of control. I don't like the feeling of being vulnerable and at risk especially when you're surrounded by others who are pretty much in the same situation - so I just don't bother anymore unless it's for a special occasion. I don't think I'm boring for not wanting to get wasted every weekend, give me a night in any day. Whether you're a massive party lover and drinker, or you'd much rather be in the warm and cosy like me - then it doesn't matter. Just remember that you don't have to do what everyone else does.

Before I even start, you may not even have a hobby anyway - I know I never classed myself as having a hobby until I started up my blog. This is a bit of a strange one to talk about but something that really annoys me is when some people can describe others hobbies as 'geeky' or 'weird. So whatever it is that you do and enjoy, you just enjoy it and don't give a monkey's what anyone else thinks. I'm 22 and I still love spending hours on The Sims - I know there's other bloggers that love it too, but I've heard some people say to me and my sister 'Why would you still play the sims?' - Well who gives two hoots?! Same goes for any hobby such as knitting, reading, drawing, dancing and whatever else - I bet there's someone who says 'Why are you spending so much time doing that, go out there and live life?" Well, maybe this is how we like to live our lives, thanking you kindly.

I think that when it comes to blogging, it can be easy to get caught up in the hype and try to be like everyone else - especially those who may appear 'bigger' than you. I've learnt that it's definitely best not to follow the crowd and just find what suits you best. Write what you enjoy writing, it doesn't always have to be what you think people want to read about such as the latest Real Technique brushes. If you're not even interested in said brushes, then there's not an awful lot of point buying them to blog about them! It's definitely easier said than done not to try and conform, but try and form your own path and see where it takes you!

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New Beauty Releases.


Bit of a mouthful wasn't it?! (How ironic!) Available in five different shades, Soap and Glory have released a brand new plumping lip gloss. It's described as a moisturising gloss with extreme volume lip plumping - I'll be looking out for any reviews on this! The glosses are £10.00 each.
I'm on the lookout for a budget friendly brow kit so this may well be added to my latest wish list. Retailing at £12.95, it's a mirrored compact kit complete with a clear wax, two brow shades, a highlighter and two mini brushes. It looks like there's only one choice of kit available, so perhaps not a lot of variety just yet.
I've always loved Rimmel polishes as they're good quality and really affordable. Rimmel have teamed up with Rita Ora on a new 'Super Shine' range packaged cutely with the little white daisies. There are 12 shades to choose from, with lots of pastels and neutrals perfect for spring.
Introducing a brand new range of cutely packaged hand creams, available in lemon bon bon, strawberry cupcake, sugared violet, sweet as cherry pie and cranberries and cream. Sounds good enough to eat and each hand cream is just £2.66 each.

Marc Jacobs fragrances never fail to disappoint, so I've no doubt that the revamped Daisy sorbet will turn some heads. It's a limited edition fragrance, perfect for spring with notes of pink grapefruit, passion fruit and jasmine petals, it sounds just divine. Of course, that's without me even mentioning the stunning design.
I have an aim in life to own a Zoeva brush set as they are so damn gorgeous! Zoeva are back with the Bamboo Set 2 with it' stunning vegan cosmetic brushes. It has a beautiful eco luxe design with four face brushes and four eye brushes. There's even a brush for winged liner - now, that I'd like to try!
Another mascara for my collection? Oh, go on then! The Volume Glamour Push Up pretty much says it all in the name (Although it's a bit of a mouthful). Having been impressed with the one seconde mascara, I'm tempted to give this one a go.
Last but not least, Barry M have another new item to their makeup range. It's a flawless matte perfecting powder (which is exactly what I want) and is available in three different shades. I'm definitely considering giving this a try.
PS - It's 3 for 2 on makeup at Boots! x
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Mothers Day With Bon Marche.

As I'm sure you all know, it was Mothers Day on Sunday. Luckily for my mum, a few very kind blog treats meant she was spoilt more than she normally would be! I was lucky enough to help my mum pick out a gorgeous dress from Bon Marche as part of their 'Pretty In Prints' campaign. My mum had a field day choosing her dress as she's the definition of a shopaholic, especially when it comes to clothes! After a good hour of deliberating between the dresses, she eventually chose this pretty floral dress which is perfect for day or night wear. My mum was a little conscious about featuring on my blog to model her lovely dress and I know she'll be reading this, so feel free to leave her a kind comment below as it would make her day!

Bon Marche were also kind enough to throw in some extra treats for us including some gorgeous Hotel Chocolat treats which I'm afraid we devoured before a photo could be taken! My mum is also a massive fan of Sanctuary products so I was really grateful for the  'Brimming Full Of Happiness' gift set which included a body wash, scrub and lotion.  To top off my mum's gifts I also got her a Debenhams top which she chose -see she really is obsessed with her clothes!
From Mum to Bon Marche - Thank you so much for my lovely dress. There were so many pretty dresses that it made it hard for me to choose! The colours are gorgeous and I'm really looking forward to wearing it. 
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Ted Baker Large Bowcan Tote Bag.

Who doesn't love Ted Baker? Well, actually maybe you don't but I know for a fact that I love it! Everything is so glossy and sophisticated and I always love items that are topped off with the infamous bow. Introducing my brand spanking new Ted Baker large bowcan tote bag, perfect for everyday wear. I'm thinking it might be a little too large for me to use as a handbag and seeing as it's a tote bag, I think it would be perfect for carrying books to uni or college, or perfect for taking on a shopping date - saves you on a 5p carrier bag if you live in Wales!
As you can see it's a classic black tote bag with a patent texture complete with tote handles, Ted Baker logo and the stunning little pale pink bow. The bag itself is really sturdy, excellent quality and will definitely be able to handle a hefty amount of items!  If you like a little colour with your bags, the tote is also available in a beautiful pastel pale pink with a gold bow.

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Rodial Instaglam Highlighter Review.

I think I have found the perfect tool for highlighting. No scrap that, I know I have! Rodial have recently launched a new makeup line alongside their skincare and I was recently sent their new highlighter to review. Before I even began using this, I was already happy with their quirky name of 'Instaglam'. In my makeup routine, only occasionally do I bother to use highlighter or concealer usually because I find it quite hard to blend. This is where Instaglam has become my new best friend.
The highlighter itself is a yellow toned liquid highlighter. I haven't used a pen applicator before, but I find it the easiest to apply - although I think some may say it would be more hygienic to pop some on your fingers first, but each to their own after all, it's all about finding what works best for you. I applied under my eyes, my chin, just above the middle of my brows and straight down the middle of my nose. You can blend with your fingers but I used a brush. It's not everyday that a product really makes me go 'wow' and I was actually surprised at how much I loved Instaglam. I think that the reason I love this is because it not only gives a really natural finish, but it blends like a dream and so quickly too. I often think of highlight and contouring can only be done when I've got more time to get ready but Instaglam can easily be applied in the mornings before work.
As with all good things, there's usually a negative somewhere. The only negative I can find is that it's a pretty pricey product, retailing at £25.00, however in all honesty I would happily pay this as I do believe it's worth it. If you're looking for a new highlighter, I think Instaglam could be the one for you.

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Beauty Tips I Learnt From Mum.

I'm sure you all know it's Mothers Day today (when is it Daughters Day please? - my mum's response to that is "It's Daughter's Day every day!"). So, this year I was lucky enough to collaborate with one of my favourite beauty websites, Fragrance Direct to talk about all things beauty that my mum has taught me over the years. I should also point out that my mum is my blog's biggest fan so I know for a fact she'll be lurking here! I would pretty much say that lots of things related to beauty, I learnt them all from my mum. Until relatively recently, where I've started to read more into beauty and watch videos but that's a different story all together! My mum is one of those ladies who wouldn't dream of leaving the house without her makeup and hair done. If she's desperately in a rush, I know she'd make herself even later by stopping for a few coats of mascara. So apart from many life lessons, what beauty tips has my mum taught me?

"Don't be so harsh!"
If I ever take my makeup off in front of my mum, I usually get a little telling off for being too harsh on my poor skin. I never tend to think that I was, but she's always reminding me how thin our skins are and how it's so important to be gentle when removing makeup and applying creams.
"Blend your foundation"
It seems pretty obvious to me now but we've all been through that phase haven't we? You've found yourself a lovely new foundation that doesn't quite match your skint one and you're left with a tidemark that you doubt anyone would notice - wrong! Anytime this happened my mum would nag at me until I changed it before she started rubbing it in for me. Luckily we don't have that problem anymore!
"Cleanse, tone and moisturise."
Again, it all seems so simple now, doesn't it? But of course there was a time when I was completely clueless (Now I'm just a little clueless instead) when it came to having a skincare routine. There's been many times I've sat and chatted to my mum whilst she took her makeup off before bed and over the years I picked up her routine thanks to her advice. Her favourite daily skincare product is Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish, which I have used on her recommendation but somehow it just doesn't wow me like it seems to wow others!
What I'd Teach My Mum.
So, after reminiscing about the days when beauty was worlds away from my school homework and best friends, I've definitely learnt a lot. Since my blog, I have picked up lots of tips thanks to reading other blogs and if I'm ever lucky enough to get a PR sample, I always share them with my mum to see what she thinks too. One thing I really want to get my mum to do is to use a micellar water as she's still in the days of makeup wipes. I recently bought a new Philosophy exfoliator which she loved so much she treated herself to one too.
What beauty tips has your mother taught you? x
 *PR Samples

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Themed Wishlist #23: Bambi

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Easy Lunch Ideas: Tortilla Wraps.


The Classic: Chicken Salad Wrap.
Super easy and quick to make! I wanted a chicken salad but having quite the appetite, I thought I'd throw a wrap in the mix. All I did was cook the chicken, prep the salad of lettuce, mushrooms, tomatoes, celery and cucumber and place on top of a grilled tortilla wrap. I added the cooked chicken into the salad, topped with salad cream and I was good to go. I didn't actually 'wrap' the tortilla but used it as a base instead.

Something Different: The alternative to tortillas.
On a serious health kick? Instead of using a tortilla, you can get creative and use something else instead. Make a usual salad of lettuce, celery, tomatoes and mushrooms (whatever suits you) and then wrapped up the salad in slices of ham. You could use turkey, ham, beef or any vegetarian alternative.

The Pizza Alternative: Pizza Tortilla Wraps.
These taste so good, trust me! I'm far from being a good cook but these took just minutes to prepare and bake and would make a perfect lunch or tea. Lay out a tortilla wrap and spread on a pizza sauce. If you don't have a pizza sauce, find an alternative in your cupboard - I just used a plain tomato and basil sauce. It's completely up to you what you want inside your pizza, so feel free to get creative. I added ham, mushrooms and grated cheese. I sprinkled on a few herbs for extra tastiness. All you need to do then is fold up the wrap and pop under the grill for no more than a few minutes. The sauce makes it taste just as good as a real pizza, but will save you a lot of calories.

The Easy Peasy: Peanut Butter & Banana.
Super simple, no explanation needed! Grill for an even tastier experience.

The Indulgent: Nutella & Strawberries.
As with most of the wraps I've written about, this another one really easy to make. All you need to is spread the Nutella (or any other chocolate alternative) over the wrap and top with slices of fruit of your choice, I find strawberries and nutella go together perfectly. For the ultimate indulgence, pop this under the grill for a few minutes.

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L'Oreal Infallible 24HR Matte Foundation Review.

When I first spotted L'Oreal's brand new foundation, I went out and bought it straight away - literally. L'Oreal's Infallible 24 Hour Matte foundation sounded like it could well be the Holy Grail of foundations that I've been searching for. So, what made me rush out and buy it? Well first of all it offers full coverage - other than a good shade match to my skin, that's the number one priority when I buy a new foundation. It also gives a matte finish which is one of my favourites and also claims to last up to 24 hours. The formula of the foundation left me pleasantly surprised. I have used matte and full coverage foundations that can be quite thick and hard to apply, but this was a breeze compared to those. It's lightweight, creamy and easy to apply. At first I would say it gives a medium to full coverage, but I built it up that little extra to ensure I had full coverage. If I was to be extra fussy, it wasn't quite the excellent coverage I need. There are six shades to choose from and I opted for Vanilla. I'm on the fence as to whether this is the right colour for me - it bends to my jawline perfectly but I find that in some lights it can look a little orange.
The problem with the foundation is not with the product but with my skin. I don't believe it's the foundation itself and if my skin was oilier and better hydrated then I think I would have been a lot happier with the result. I find that it makes my skin look a little caked and very dry, so right now I cant wear it as much as I really wanted to love it. So, I'm on a mission to drink more water, moisturise more often and I'll definitely be coming back to this one. The foundation retails at £6.99.
Would you try this foundation? x
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Themed Wishlist #22: Bees & Honey.


Perfume // Nails //  Notebook //  Phone Case // Lip Balm  // Laura Mercier Honey Bath // Sign // Candle //  Makeup Bag //  Shower Gel // Dress // Nail Polish //
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