Everyday Makeup Routine.

Base & Face.
At the minute I'm dancing in between primers as I can't seem to stick to just one! Some days I use Benefit's Porefessional, then I use Steam Cream's Wendy pre makeup base but so far my favourite is proving to be Bare Mineral's Prime Time primer. It's a silicone based primer which is super easy to blend into my skin and mattifies ready for a day of wearing foundation. I only had a small sample in my Bare Minerals Get Started Kit and I will definately repurchase when I get a few more pennies in. When it comes to foundation, I like a full coverage and matte finish. To do this I apply No7's Beautifully Matte foundation mixed in with Seventeen's Stay Time to give me the complete coverage that I love. 

Before doing my eye makeup, I always start on my brows first! I use my trusty HD Brow & Eye Kit in shade 'Foxy'. Using the little angled brush makes it so easy to actually give my brows some shape - this is a kit I don't see me swapping for anything else! With me eyes, I tend to avoid eye shadow and keep it simple with a quick black liner flick using Seventeen's Wet Look Liner. It has a tiny nib perfect for creating a flick, but still gives a thick, matte black look. I'm all for trying out new mascaras but right not I'm sticking with my trusty favourites. I use my mini Roller Lash which is perfect for lengthening and volumising my lashes and I top that off with Rimmel's ScandalEyes mascara which is super thick and perfect for giving a dramatic look. 

If I've got more time to spend on my makeup, I'll add a few extras in too. I love using my Croydex Pedestel Mirror* which is perfect for applying my makeup due to it's double magnified side meaning I can get a close up of my look (not advised if having a bad skin day!) and it stands up easily for me to get my makeup done and get moving. If I have more time to focus on my makeup, I love using Benefit's Hoola bronzer and my new Rodial Instaglam* highlighter for a quick contour! 

What's your everyday makeup routine? x 
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  1. I recently bought the No7 Foundation and im loving it, i also have the seventeen one so i might try mixing them for a fuller coverage like you say! x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  2. I've been loving Roller Lash too! It's been my fave mascara for a while now!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  3. I've got a lot of love for Hoola too xo

  4. I'm dying to try out the new Roller Lash mascara! Heard such amazing reviews. I also absolutley love Benefit's Porefessional since a friend got me a little one for my birthday. I'll have to invest in a full size one soon.

    Olivia - SugarPlumPosts.

  5. I need to try out the Roller Lash mascara!

    Annie | www.drugstoredreamer.blogspot.com

  6. I tend to go for "everything" everyday lol with the exception of bronzer, contour and highlight which I skip if I'm in an a hurry. But most days, I do a full base, blush, eyehadow, liner, brows, mascara, lipstick etc etc. :-)

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl's Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  7. Hoola is one of my absolute faves! It's so good for bronzing all over and contouring if you're off on a night out - great post! :) xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  8. one day, I'd like a vanity mirror..


  9. 'm going to buy a mirror like this but smaller size it's perfect x


  10. I've been loving Roller Lash too! I really want to try Stay Time Foundation.

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog