Five Places I'd Love To Pamper Myself In London.

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Benefit in Carnaby Street.
I've always been a massive fan of Benefit and their Carnaby Street store is somewhere I'd love to visit. Based solely on Benefit, the store has two floors of gorgeousness, with loads of pampering treatments to choose from. There's manicures, blow dries, spray tans as well as the usual Benefit treatments such as brow tints and waxing.
The Moroccan Hammam at Harrods.
Sounds pretty intriguing right? Based in Urban Retreat of Harrods, you'll find a whole world of luxurious spa treatments. The tradiotonal Hammam treatment is a really popular place to unwind, being a steam bath lit with candles where you can relax with friends and family. First you'll be taken into a hot steam room and then you'll experience a black soap bath, body exfoliation rituals as well as hair treatments followed by a full body massage - sounds like bliss! I don't think this would be in my price range but you even hire a private room for you and friends with comfy sofas, TV's and drinks. And, relax!
Cowshed at Selfridges.
I think it's amazing to see brands doing so well that they have their own flagship stores or spas in massive department stores. Cowshed have a beauty shop and salon based inside Selfridges offering 'Moody Massages', 'Slender Cow Treatments' (See what they did there?!)as well as facials, manicures and lots more. The prices are very affordable too which is always a bonus in my eyes!
Blow LTD Fast Beauty.
I love the idea of this 'fast beauty' bar as it's perfect for busy lives. In twenty minutes you can have your makeup done by a makeup artist, a blow dry in thirty and a manicure in fifteen. You can even get some extra treatment such as false lashes, brows, root retouch and a quick massage. You can even choose from hair styles such as braids and buns - I'm so jealous - why do I not live in London?!
Essie Nail Bar.
I don't know what it is about Essie but just looking at their polishes makes me desperate to try out all the pretty shades at once. If there's one manicure I could choose from, it would be Essie. Based in Harrods, Essie have their own nail bar offering manicures, colour matches and nail art.
Have you been to any of these places? Would you like to? x
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1 comment

  1. I have visited the Benefit Carnaby St boutique and it is as amazing as you imagine!! I want to book in again when I got to London, as it is my dream location. I do, however love the look of all these. London always has the best places! :)