My Top Ten Favourite Posts Of Sweet Dreams.

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Okay, I'm aware that this post may seem like I'm blowing my own trumpet, but I promise you I'm not. I am proud of my blog and love the fact that it is the only hobby I have ever stuck to (other than reading). So, I decided to put together a post of the favourite ten posts I have written in my tine of blogging, I can't believe how fast it has gone! I also thought it may be a good way to show any new readers some older posts I have written and hopefully you will enjoy them! Please leave a comment if you have done this post as I would love to see your favourite posts.
1) My first ever post: My Winter Sale Items.
In terms of photography and style, it's not the best post I have ever written, but it certainly is the most important. This is the first post I ever wrote on a Saturday night last February, where I told my mum and sister that I would like to start a blog, my sister jumped up and helped me take photos of my new clothes and then Sweet Dreams was born!

2) Benefit's Fake Up Launch Event.
Again, in terms of photography, you could say I was still learning! This post is actually so important to me as it was the first blogger event I have ever been to! I remember that I had only been blogging for a month, yet I was then classed as a beauty blogger who could go to a posh Benefit event! It's safe to say I was feeling like cheese. I was so nervous going, especially as I attended alone, but luckily a few of us girls who arrived together grouped up and we stayed together.

3) My Decluttering Tips.
More often than I would like to admit to, my bedroom starts to look like a bomb has hit it. There's clothes strewn everywhere, lots of makeup and skincare products and a general mess. So, when I finally get into 'tidy up' mode, I do it pretty well! I wrote this post after getting rid of lots of unwanted items and it made me feel a lot better after it. Hopefully you may find some good tips.

4) Who says you have to fit in?
I really enjoyed writing this post, especially including the Honey Boo Boo gifs. I decided I wanted to write the post after getting fed up of feeling that we all have to be the same, to pretend we like things that we don't just to fit into society. I also hoped it allowed people to get to know me a little bit more.

5) Blogger Things you don't have to do!
This is a post I really enjoy reading back as I had such kind comments from those who agreed with me! I simply wanted to jot a few things down that you DON't have to do in order to be a 'good' blogger. I remember the feeling of how much I needed an expensive camera - surely it would make my blog better, right?! But realistically, no it wouldn't have as I have no technology skills to use with it!

6) Are you a secret Blogger?
This is my all time favourite post that I wrote. To this day, I am still a secret blogger apart from my mum, sister and boyfriend and I am happy with it that way. I was so happy to see that I am not the only one who likes to keep their blog to themselves. By no means am I ashamed of my blog, I just enjoy the fact it's my own little world.

7) Blogging to perfection?
I think a lot of us bloggers are perfectionists, which is why I was happy with this post. I talked about how I can feel pressured for my blog to be perfect and that then takes the enjoyment out of blogging.

8) How to stop wasting money on beauty products.
I really enjoyed writing this post as I learnt from my own tips. When I first started blogging, I felt the pressure to buy loads of beauty products, thinking it would make me 'popular' and look like I have the knowledge of the new beauty products. That gets expensive and I no longer do it! I now only buy things I really want. You don't need to buy new products purely to improve your blog - but if you want the newest mascara and can review it too then happy days!

9) Why are you quiet?
I was so so pleased with the kind comments I received from this post. I decided to write it after getting fed up of people saying 'She's quiet', 'Oh why are you so quiet?' - as it gets pretty annoying. If you're 'quiet' like me then you'll understand! Just because I don't always want to be the centre of attention and I don't have a booming voice doesn't mean I am boring or invisible and luckily, this post went down well.

10) A Very Disney 21st Birthday!
I'm going to finish off on a rather random post - my 21st birthday! I felt that this is the first post where I started showing snippets of my life, even including the first proper picture of me on my blog!

If you're a blogger, what are your top ten favourite posts that you have written? I would love to have a peek :) x

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