Rodial Instaglam Highlighter Review.

I think I have found the perfect tool for highlighting. No scrap that, I know I have! Rodial have recently launched a new makeup line alongside their skincare and I was recently sent their new highlighter to review. Before I even began using this, I was already happy with their quirky name of 'Instaglam'. In my makeup routine, only occasionally do I bother to use highlighter or concealer usually because I find it quite hard to blend. This is where Instaglam has become my new best friend.
The highlighter itself is a yellow toned liquid highlighter. I haven't used a pen applicator before, but I find it the easiest to apply - although I think some may say it would be more hygienic to pop some on your fingers first, but each to their own after all, it's all about finding what works best for you. I applied under my eyes, my chin, just above the middle of my brows and straight down the middle of my nose. You can blend with your fingers but I used a brush. It's not everyday that a product really makes me go 'wow' and I was actually surprised at how much I loved Instaglam. I think that the reason I love this is because it not only gives a really natural finish, but it blends like a dream and so quickly too. I often think of highlight and contouring can only be done when I've got more time to get ready but Instaglam can easily be applied in the mornings before work.
As with all good things, there's usually a negative somewhere. The only negative I can find is that it's a pretty pricey product, retailing at £25.00, however in all honesty I would happily pay this as I do believe it's worth it. If you're looking for a new highlighter, I think Instaglam could be the one for you.

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  1. Is it subtle enough for daily wear? Also, is it buildable enough for a more dramatic look for photos?

  2. Really really would like this now :)